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The (((COVID))) narrative was obviously losing its efficacy and they were unable to instill fear in the public at previous levels, not to mention all the anti-COVID/anti-NWO uprisings that were springing up worldwide. Thus, now there are endless (((media reports))) of WW3 and possible nuclear war to monger fear and to force a false two-sided narrative... "Ukraine is good" and "Russia is bad". Classic division and conflict strategy. To (((fix))) this "conflict", they will provide the solutions to these fears. They will involve citizens giving up even more rights and the sacrificing what's left of their sense of nationalism for globalism. One of their biggest current moves... they want high gas prices. As high as possible. This will kick-off their orchestrated push to get the populace into either electric vehicles or public transportation so that the government can fully control freedom of movement. All the non-stop Ukraine and WW3 (((media))) coverage serves not only to distract from the leaked WEF video and the anti-COVID/anti-big brother uprisings that were previously springing up etc. it also handily distracts from Biden's and other leftist Western leader's insanely low approval numbers, the vaccine passports that are quietly getting approval in multiple states and the BLM communist Biden just nominated for SCOTUS. Klaus Schwab stated on video that the WEF has infiltrated governments around the world with their globalist agents. For example, he stated that OVER HALF of Justin Trudeau's cabinet has been "penetrated" by WEF "young global leaders”.... along with many other Western nations. They are also destroying the US bio-labs in Ukraine to cover up their crimes against humanity.
I don't get it. I got laid off late last year (complex situation, nothing to do with my performance but more to do with COVID and massive business restructuring i.e. everyone got fired except the new CEO & the lowest rung people despite our leadership team being extremely high performing). Had plenty of severance and money aside from crypto and waited until February to start looking for a new job. I have applied now to 100 jobs and gotten ONE interview. I am almost 40, have over a decade of high growth startup experience & obviously other experience prior to that. I have a LOT of achievements under my belt including launching successful multi-million dollar products from scratch, managing teams of more than 100, building out tons of intricate operational processes and then some. I am really a generalist and can basically do anything, and most things once I get to them I do them exceptionally well. All the people I have worked with respect and admire me, several of them immediately reached out to me to try to get me to work at their companies (sadly not interested in any of them plus I like carving out my own path). I had tons of my lower level reports reach out to me after I was gone telling me I was the best manager they ever had. By all means, I am a "catch" for any company. But I can't even get a fucking interview, so I am guessing my resume is the problem. I hired a professional company to re-write it, but it hasn't helped any. My only other hypotheses are either I'm too old and ageism is affecting me, or being a white male is a death sentence for any non-engineer role in this day and age, but I am trying to think more positively about those things. For anons who are in NON engineering roles and have had strong resume responses during job app phases, how did you go about putting together your resume? Where should I go for help at this point?
Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 can lower your risk of getting and spreading the virus that causes COVID-19. Vaccines can also help prevent serious illness and death. All steps have been taken to ensure that vaccines are safe and effective for people ages 5 years and older. If you already had COVID-19, you should still get a COVID-19 vaccine for added protection. When you are up to date on COVID-19 vaccination, you can resume many activities with proper precautions (e.g., mask wearing in indoor public spaces). Getting sick with COVID-19 can cause severe illness or death, even in children, and we can’t reliably predict who will have mild or severe illness. You may have long-term health issues after COVID-19 infection. Even people who do not have symptoms when they are initially infected can have these ongoing health problems. People who are sick with COVID-19 may spread COVID-19 to others including friends and family who are not eligible for vaccination and people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 Hundreds of millions of people in the United States have received COVID-19 vaccines under the most intensive safety monitoring program in U.S. history. A growing body of evidence shows that the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination outweigh the known and potential risks. CDC recommends an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna) in most circumstances based on an updated risk-benefit analysis. COVID 19-vaccines are effective and can lower your risk of getting and spreading the virus that causes COVID-19.
Stake Hex, that being said... >COVID DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE >REPORTS OF JAB SIDEEFFECTS WENT NUTS >The goverment which makes you poor supports Ukraine >Globalists who want to seize your crypto supports Ukraine >WHO SUPPORTS UKRAINE??? >Nato >Soros >Rothschild's >Obama >Biden >Bush >Macron >Boris >Elon musk >All major European leaders support Ukraine >The same politicians who have been filling their countries with millions upon millions of Africans and Arabs for the past decades support Ukraine >The same politicians who tricked the Western population into believing there was an ongoing pandemic support Ukraine >The same politicians who told you that you were going to lose your job if you didn't take an experimental deadly vaccine support Ukraine >All of Western media supports Ukraine >Facebook supports Ukraine >Twitter supports Ukraine >Reddit supports Ukraine >All the Western social media that bans nationalists and conservatives from social media supports Ukraine >All the Western social media that allows child pornography, blatant homosexuality, and anti-White content on their platforms support Ukraine >All the major anti-White celebrities that have told you that you're a racist for being White support Ukraine >All the major institutions of the West that have been systematically racist against Whites support Ukraine >The Western militaries that slaughtered millions of innocent people in the Middle East, created tens of millions of refugees (which were then taken into Western countries) support Ukraine But Putin posed with a Kippa once, so now it is time to ally with all of the above and fight on behalf of Jewkraine, right? The best is, zelensky could've negotiated peace with russia BUT HE DIDN'T. I see people on /pol that publicly say that you can die for ukraine. "YEAH JUST MESSAGE UKRAINE, THEY PAY THE FLIGHT, YOU GET A AK-47. COMEE AND KILLLLL OR DIEEER". I'm ashamed to call myself a human atm.
Testimony before Polish MPs by a seemingly very VERY well informed lawyer on behalf of the Nuremburg 2.0 project confirmed the exact nature of what going on, with the events later taking place in Canada serving as stark confirmation. The WEF under the direction of the Rothschilds, Soros, and a "Mr. Globa" initiated a project called "Young World Leaders". Most of the current who's who of corrupt leadership were apart of that program which seemingly inculcated these people to steer their nations to whims of the WEF. In conjunction with this subterfuge via infiltration, Soros deployed his NGOs to Europe. Moving from East to West over the past few decades fomenting support for globohomo initiatives paving the way for their operatives to take positions of power. In Europe those operatives include Macron, Merkel, Boris Johnson many of their cabinet members (those left are bent ideologically) and tendrils extending into Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine. Canada as has recently been revealed suffers a similar infestation with Trudeau, Freeland, other cabinet members and MEPs. Even the USA has an infestation of their operatives including Dan Crenshaw (a man they desperately wish to position to ascend to the presidency on a Republican ticket). Wherever these people operate they do so to further the WEF/IMFs ongoing agenda, that is the "Great Reset" and presumably a one world government. You may observe that COVID-19 and the vaccine play directly into their various agenda and indeed their monetary interest in the project is partially reflected by Peter Daszaks donations and assistance in laundering funds for the Wuhan labs. This of course implies strongly that nothing about COVID-19 is accidental, thus the vaccine and virus are but additional tools of global oppression. A sbiological and chemical war waged against all citizens of the world in an attempt to conquer and weaken their economy's for the banks to feast upon their assets and resources.
There are around 4 types of USD. And usually it is possible to convert between them. When the convertibility fails we get the Great Financial Crisis or the COVID-19 crash in March 2020. The different types of USD are: Type 1. Cash: These are pieces of paper with people’s pictures on them. When ATMs or banks run out cash, they can ask the government who will ship it to them in armored vehicles. Type 2. Bank deposit: This is what you see when you login to your bank account online, or on ATM or on a bank statement. Bank deposits are FDIC insured up to a limit (e.g. 50k USD). So even if a bank fails you can claim up to 50k from the insurer. The insurer is itself backed by the government. Bank deposits are just numbers on a bank’s balance sheet. Banks hope to be able to honor your deposits when you need it (e.g. when you transfer it to another bank). Type 3. Central bank reserves: This is what your bank sees when they login to their account held at the central bank. These days it pays a small interest (0.1% IIRC). Even though these reserves are USD, they cannot be used for anything and everything. In some sense it is not a real USD and it is more like a USD voucher. It can only be used to settle interbank debts (e.g. when you transfer money from one bank to another), buy government bonds, “create” bank deposits against these reserves as part of issuing loans. In other words central bank reserves never “leave” the central bank. Type 4. Government bonds: These are also a type of money. But they earn interest paid for by the tax payer. Any high net worth individual (HNI) or corporation uses government bonds as their “bank account” because regular banks can only insure about 50k USD (iirc) and corporations and HNI have a lot more money than that. This is also why there is so much hand wringing about interest rates of bonds. Big corps and HNI want at least “inflation + growth expectations” from these bonds.