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How do I stop FOMO?
I FOMO’d into Jasmy
I’ve been looking for a house for 3 months now in the San Francisco Bay Area and I’d like to share my learnings. If you been there, done that, you can skip this, otherwise, feel free to continue reading. 1. Your agent is not your best friend. They want to establish trust so they can sell you a house, that's it. Don't trust your agent too much, do your comparative market analysis. 2. Comparative market analysis: is a tool that real estate agents use to estimate the value of a specific property by evaluating similar ones that have recently sold in the same area. Guess what? They make mistakes! I corrected their analysis several times for more than one agent. 3. Teaser price: that's the deceptive asking price in the listing. They underprice the property to drive more foot traffic during open houses as a marketing strategy, so buyers think there's a lot of competition on these houses, and you end up paying more. Keep in mind that the sale price might go higher than the Redfin estimated price. Too much money in the market! 4. The offer deadline is usually a few days to a week after the open house. Obviously, this is a seller's market, so they can do that, and it's also a sales strategy to drive the price and competition higher. So don't rush and panic. Only place an offer if you're comfortable and have thoroughly read the disclosures and inspection report. 5. Developers are ramping up building, and interest rates are going up, so expect the hot market to cool down late 2022 to 2023. 6. Don't rush to buy a home and don't feel the FOMO. You will get your house when the right time comes. Save and invest wisely. In the meantime enjoy your life!
how do you resist FOMO?
Perhaps the most important in all of this is that Parsiq is not being adopted. It will not be adopted. They have 50 employees and couldn't even clear 1 million dollars worth of revenue. Not profit. REVENUE. That is a horrendously unproductive company. But it's not their fault entirely. Crypto adoption is a meme. iExec is fully functional and has had zero users for years. VeChain is worth billions of dollars and generates less than a couple dollars revenue per day. All of the pilots being built on Ethereum and IOTA by large enterprises are all dead. Hashgraph CEO is leaving the project. Even Chainlink abandoned all of their original goals. They were supposed to connect legacy finance to blockchain. Remember SWIFT and docusign and oracle? All that is gone now. Chainlink's only usecase is serving as a price feed for other projects. I could go on. The only form of adoption available is crypto adoption. There's literally nothing else. All of these Layer 1s with "billions" of TVL and all the rest, they are just insular casinos. They do not interact with the real world in any meaningful way. Because there is nothing meaningful occurring within crypto, there is very little desire to pull on-chain data off-chain. Which is what Parsiq does. Imagine investing in "middleware" for a glorified ponzi scheme. You are exposed to all of the downside risk and almost none of the speculatory gains. I've spent four years in crypto and treated it as a job for two. I made less money than I would have liked, but more than I ever could have imagined. I've studied countless projects and in the end they were all disappointments if you are interested in hard numbers and true value. It is just MLM speculatory bullshit. There is nothing serious going on here. Which is why every project is so eager to FOMO into the latest trend (currently GameFi and NFTs). The team tries their best to paint a rosy picture but it is always the same story. "Next year will be the year of adoption".