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>>48166942 Weak FUD. >>48167088 Exactly right. >>48167116 ICP is also good but this is a QNT thread fuck outta here. >>48167181 >works >the bare minimum criteria of existence kek most shit in this space doesn't even work or is vaporware. >>48167221 Shill your stupid ass shit elsewhere nigger. >>48167248 Based. >>48167531 Based that you bought at $3 but you are a fucking retard for thinking that this isn't going to be a top 10 coin someday. You didn't understand what you were holding then and you sure as fuck don't understand now. >>48167542 Weak FUD. >>48167573 There is still time to accumulate more but you probably won't because you're a nigger. >>48167583 It is you who is the jeet fag. If you were smart enough to do some research you would see the amazing opportunity you have. >>48167588 Roody poo >>48168408 An ERC20 token because ETH is still the most popular smart contract platform by far. QNT is/will be blockchain agnostic and will create its own QRC20 standard that will blow your dick away faggot see >>48168528 >>48168690 Weak FUD. Price performance doesn't mean shit. You will see soon enough, even though it might take a few years. >>48168705 Weak FUD. Again, QNT is issued on ETH because it is very popular, but it will definitely not execute on that expensive ass chain. >>48168706 Based OP you are doing God's work. >>48168732 Weak FUD. Overledger. And that is only the tip of the iceberg. >>48168821 Based. >>48169061 Based. QNT will flip probably flip Ethereum in price. Maybe not marketcap but who knows? >>48169142 Closer to 14.6 million but with all the lock ups required to do pretty much anything it makes QNT that much more scarce. >>48169167 How do you figure anon?
I think this is undeniably one of the most popular coins on this board. Every single day, there are multiple threads about it. Whether it’s fud or not, people on this board talk about it. In fact, biz is one of the only places where ICP has any form of attention, it’s pretty much non existent on YouTube and hated on Reddit. When it first came out, I remember all the old people falling memes, it seemed kinda coordinated. Then Moonman came back and really brought a lot of attention on it. At this point, it feels like biz is getting on this because it almost parallels this board’s history with chain link and assblaster, while everyone else ignores or calls it a scam. That is to say they have good reason to. The chart is literally the WORST in the top 100, I’m pretty sure it is the single worst charge in the top 100, maybe top 300 in all crypto. Literally everyone is a baggie and in red. Moonman isn’t even in much profit lol. There’s a boatload of fud for this project, maybe some misinformed and some rightly so. I’m really not smart enough to know if this will succeed, I just find it interesting when this parallels biz and chain link quiet heavily, but is so hated or not cared about outside this site, and has so much fud. At the end of the day, I am definitely a bagholder, at 50 dollars a pee. I really need this to moon, my life sucks bad, I really need this to be chain link 2, I really need this to be NWO coin, but I myself find it hard to believe Dominic is going to entirely replace the internet
Previously on /jpeg/ >>48052071 [/biz/thread/48052071#p48052071] >NFT showcase >NFT market report >upcoming NFTs >NRI database >marketplace >wallets >how to buy NFTs >weekly ICP NFT market review PODs, the first NFT endorced by dfinity since Motokos was released yesterday. Roughly 2000 PODs have been airdropped to handpicked users so far. They will use the same burning mechanism pioneered by Dino Eggs which means they will also be deflationary and people will want to gamble to open rare insides, whatever they are. >The distrikt team will continue to asses and verify accounts and airdrop new PODs in batches of 500-1000 every 7-10 days. What's inside? Nobody knows. But it was confirmed that holding PODs will have utility within the distrikt app. In other news, the whole market has been consolidating for weeks and floors are very stable. Many projects are about to take snapshots for the next airdrop stages which should be a catalyst for future growth. Internet Humans are deciding on their future neuron reward spending via the Spectral Council, Dinos are about to let you grow your Babies, etc. As always, god speed and keep your pees safe. General discussion, etc.
I start >ICP
Non ICP believers btfo
ICP is rugging... Again