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Hey gurls! I was hoping anyone with some experience could help me out, or give some kind of tips or guidance. So I'm house-sitting for a friend out of town next weekend, and I'm super excited! I'm gonna spend the whole weekend in "girl mode", something I've never been able to do because of my roommates. I'm gonna do my make up, wear cute dresses, panties, and lingerie around the house and I'm gonna stay plugged when I'm not using any other toys :) I even ordered some new lingerie and toys specifically for my time over there I've also been making sure to toy my ass a little bit every night so I don't get too sore over the weekend, and constantly edging so I'm always horny and can have a massive release. I've been dressing and getting off to sissy porn stuff for a while now but have always been too timid to actually hookup (partly out of fear of being recognized in my town). But being out of town presents a golden opportunity. I think I might actually try to hookup with someone when I'm there. I've flirted and traded pics with some guys on Grindr and thats about it. I've never sucked a real cock or been fucked before. I've topped women, but never bottomed for men... yet So anyway, does anyone have any tips or advice or anything? Do's, don'ts, things to look out for? I want a fun weekend of pure debauchery, but I also want it to be safe, enjoyable and pleasant. Especially for my first time, cause if it goes well I'd probably like to do it again. Thanks in advance <3 I also hold LINK btw…
Bought LINK at $37
>LINK pumps >BTC crabs
>As previously discussed, the cost of financial market and other forms of data should not decrease substantially over time. As adoption of smart contracts grow, Chainlink network revenue is going scale almost linearly with number of calls. This is opposite to Ethereum and other L1s, as previously discussed, as over time the cost per transaction is going to decrease. >With respect to number of transactions, as a blockchain-agnostic oracle network, the Chailnink protocol has exposure to every enterprise system backend, L1 blockchain, L2 blockchain, and permissioned/private blockchains. >Nearly all smart contracts require access to external data or some service Chainlink provides. Their surface area for smart contracts is necessarily greater than any single L1 blockchain. I fully expect Chainlink to perform as many or more transactions than any blockchain in the future. >Although the total fees generated by all Layer 1 and 2 protocols could very well be greater than the fees generated by Chainlink, I think it is a very strong bet that Chainlink will generate more fees than any other protocol. With future advancements to Ethereum (EIP-4844 and Danksharding), fundamental advancements in L1 blockchain technology or other protocols (such as Multi-Party-Computation), I could very easily be underestimating how deflationary trust-minimized computation is as well. >Not only will Chainlink likely generate more cash flow than any L1 or L2 network, but the staking yield for Chainlink node operators does not diminish as more entities stake. One’s ability to access the future cash flows of the Chainlink network is directly correlated to the % of the network one owns. This dynamic will inevitably incentivize network participants to sparingly sell their LINK tokens.