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Best approaches to passive income and staking in DeFi


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I use Changex for staking and not only , also ITHEUM is nice token for me, i watch it closely ,because at all i like Elrond blockchain.

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I think some factors to be considered include the yield involved, the risk level, stability of the APY if its fixed or dynamic. I also like to stake on a DEX so I retain control over my assets and so far I'm staking RIDE and ITHEUM on Maiar DEX for over 20% so things are looking good.

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Human emotions have been responsible for lots of losses accrued to many with highlights drawn to trading. Sticking to a strategy always, it is that simple. DCA on your bags while waiting for a recovery, with a little leg up, one can break even on losses faster. IDOs of good projects are good for quick profits as well, the likes of RIDE, ITHEUM have good numbers already, looking at KOLnet to make a good flip as well. This bear market won't be long, a recovery is imminent