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Update to "Trying my luck with 2 complete shit coins. Let's see what happens."


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I've played and invested in alot of crypto games over the last few years. I only ever made any money on two, Axie Infinity (AXS) and My First Defi Pet (DPET) - I never made any money on the actual Pet gameplay though, purely from speculating on the token. Lost alot of money on Devikins, Plants vs Zombies, NFT11, and about 5 others that I can't even remember the names of now! They're all mostly scams, but bundled around a genuine game - which is usually a pile of rubbish that nobody of sane mind is ever going to bother playing. Axie Infinity on the other hand, is genuinely a rather entertaining game, and it went nuts back in the day, reaching 1m daily active users, with their market place sales dwarfing any other app on Ethereum in their heyday, and the AXS governance token equally exploded, going from 50c cents to $150 in a few months. Out of all of the games I played, only Axie did I actually enjoy playing, and even now I have around 50 Axies waiting to venture out on the land again, one day! It's still fairly popular so I'm confident it will come roaring back again!

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Found three low cap gaming coins that seems promising. BMON, REVV and DPET