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SkyPath Token on Avalanche: This token is linked to DePin in a way no one is utilizing yet. SkyPath the company has real world technology that will revolutionize public safety and security. The token will integrate key features such as, but not limited to, gas token on private client subnets for building blueprints/schematics for first responder access during a crisis or emergency. OSHA/MSHA safety policies and procedures for all safe work on practice HSE programs. It's a monitoring infrastructure that will be able to help protect corporate and consumer assets during an emergency. With experienced members of the board and advisor team from FEMA, DOD, Retired State Police Captains, House of Representative Speakers from Rhode Island, and given their track record this company will move mountains, and the token will be right along side helping to bring Web 3 with it. Check them out on X (Twitter) @SkyPathSecurity to see their team! 🌟Peter Gaynor - Emergency Management Advisor (Former Acting Secretary of DHS, Former FEMA Administrator, and more) 🌟Captain Derek Borek - Chief Threat Assessment Officer (Retired Captain Rhode Island State Police) 🌟John Harwood - Chairman of the Board of Directors (Former Speaker of the House for Rhode Island State House, Managing Partner at Harwood and Garland LLC Law Firm) Down below is a brief synopsis taken directly from their website. 👇🔽🔽🔽🔽 Skypath Security Inc. Skypath Security Inc. is a world leader in developing advanced mobile defense technologies that save lives. Skypath Security Certifies schools, retail stores, restaurants and all public, critical infrastructures or spaces against threats with its mobile defense platform linked directly to first responders with live and interactive data during any active threat event. Skypath Security makes public places SAFER! Skypath Defender Interactive Mobile Defense Platform™ Skypath Defender will save lives, reduce the number of victims, safeguard our first responders, provide a deterrent and bring to justice the perpetrators. Customizable To Your Application And Organization Easily upload and markup 2D blueprints and floor plans, 3D BIM files, or panoramic photos directly to the App Provides First Responders With Live Data Access to live and interactive data including voice and video communication, teachers and students or patrons locations, and up-to-date floorplans Features A Multi-functional Panic Button Integrated wearable device, key fob and SmartPhone Personal Alert System linked to first responders

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Just say: SIM SA LA BIM .. the magic words will open it. #magic