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tldr; One year after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticized the suggestion to invest in Bitcoin, it has outperformed inflation and the S&P 500. Despite Trudeau's negative stance on crypto, several Liberal Members of Parliament in Canada own digital assets. Bitcoin has seen a 15% increase in value over the past year, while inflation was at 6.5%. The CoinDesk Currency Select Index (CCYS) and the CoinDesk Currency Index (CCY) also showed positive returns after inflation. However, some tokens, such as MANA and AXS, have experienced significant losses. Several Canadian politicians from both the Liberal and Conservative parties own digital assets, including Bitcoin and Ether. *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.

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All the countries you mentioned still raise foreign CCY denominated debt in USD. I see more countries with bigger currency problems than the US. Look at Turkish Lira, South African Rand, British Pound, Most of South America. The world is short pounds and eurodollar interest rates outside US seem to be spiking suggesting demand for dollars is high. So I get the theory of USD demise but don't see any factual data, economic flows, that illustrate it happening.

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Eh.. sorry but this is 100% on you. If you didn't agree in principal to exchange in BTC they absolutely have no obligation to settle that way. No different to you saying "Bro, you OK with Korean Won eh?" I work in finance where the settlement currency of expiries features strongly in the settlement premium cost... there is effectively a hefty fee to settle in a currency not of the originating denominated CCY of the trade, (For Ex : I want an option on a USD stock, but Cash settled in CNY) They could have just charged you a markup to accept a cross currency settlement, but they didn't feel the risk was worth it. The market decides... And this time it decided BTC wasn't a good settlement method.

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Reduce spending and cut taxes? Nope, just cut taxes and destroy the value of the dollar across the board. How much more of this until people give up on USD being a reserve CCY?? It impacts other counties as well with this behavior.