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Why are the XBI and BTC correlated to such a high degree?

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EGEM - from one of the devs view


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If you're trading charts go back and look at how things like crude oil, XBI, NDX, and SPX behaved in July of 08 because its eerily similar

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Bitcoin Incognito ($XBI) if you want to bet on the future of privacy protocols

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Anyone who enjoys conspiracy theories should join the Bitcoin Incognito telegram. Some real whack jobs in there throwing around theories about an $XBI partnership with Twitter’s Blue Sky initiative

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My quality of sleep definetely improved after I sold my china holdings. I'm looking for some china FUD to drop the share price and try to find a swing. I bet we get something before BABA or JD earnings. the P/E of KWEB is below all time lows. But, IWM and XBI are both at levels of undervalued not seen in decades. It's not like China is the only play out there.

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Hopefully. Especially XBI my biotechs have been getting crushed lately lol