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Gridex Protocol’s Native Token, GDX, Surges by Over 422% in 24 Hours After Listing on D5 Exchange

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Crypto asset manager, Grayscale, overtakes world's largest gold fund

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My post today is about my investments into stocks where I want to get exposure to crypto and blockchain in legacy markets


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Recently there are so many people talking about the Gridex protocol, probably this will be due to the surge in price after listing on D5 or the listing of GDX on mexc global. This is just the beginning of the protocol considering its use cases.

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The rising of the token will continue a little longer. MexcGlobal listed the token today, and ever since the $GDX/USDT pairs are trading on the Cex, it has done considerably well. IMO, the price is consolidating for a major pump to $1.9/ $GDX. This project shouldn't be ignored.

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D5 Exchange D5 Exchange is the first fully on-chain order book exchange developed on the Gridex trading protocol, designed to provide counterparties with the best trading strategies possible. However, $GDX now trades on MexcGlobal. You can check it out there.