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Most mentioned stocks on r/wallstreetbets (last 24h): 1. SPY mentions: 800 2. GME mentions: 561 3. AMC mentions: 262 4. ASTS mentions: 155 5. PTON mentions: 145 Source:

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None lol id rather buy real safer stocks instead of most Crypto is just a hype / con cause some you get rich just like you can get rich betting on red or black but I’d rather buy a fundamentally strong company like BODY is a stock that’s around $9.20 it should be EASY above $20 that’s with fundamentals not no pumping this company is easy if not better than PTON go do your DD & give me a follow if you like what you see :) & please also check out EVFM this is more of a risk play but all day is what I would buy both are strong companies & both way way UNDERVALUED EVFM any day now could get its FDA approval for its EV100

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Its so annoying. Like when AAPL or PTON or TDOC or any "stock" falls, whether it's because of increased bond rates, or a recall, or bad earnings, or one calls it a "crash", news preys on BTC........

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I’m going to wait until Friday at least to see how it is performing. I have jumped in too early on a couple of big IPOs (PTON, BYND) and learned that there is always an initial hype price that gets majorly corrected after a couple of trading days. Once it settles down, then it is a good time to jump in.