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$BYND Seems To Be Setting Up For A BreakOut. Cost To Borrow Double Digits and Millions Of FTDs

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You can trade profitably, but most of the time it isn't worth it.


I sold 1 stock in my life at an ATH it was BYND I also sold a stock the day before it blew up …NIO.

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Where would one go about buying BYND?

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Because the market doesn't give a fuck about legitimacy. ERGO, NANO, LUNA, FLOW might be the most life changing projects on the planet, but all it takes is 1 tweet from Elon or something and boom, to the moon. The sooner you start looking at crypto as just another way of investing money the more it makes sense. I keep hearing "You have to think of it like a currency!" OK, but currencies don't have the kind of instability you see in BTC or ETH. Nobody is becoming a millionaire off a pizza they sold 10 years ago with a legitimate currency. Another is "Well, these projects have legitimate uses!" So do millions of products that are ignored; without adoption that's irrelevant. BYND has a great product that sells well yet investors are afraid of it because "it's a processed food" and "Tyson is veggie burger mixed with beef that will compete." The market doesn't care how good your product is; only if they think it will make them money. So you want to know why? Coinbase is trying to get ahead of the next pump and give people an opportunity to buy a shitcoin in case Elon tweets about it. They make a ton of money on transaction fees, people don't have total FOMO and start seeking out other wallets to use so they can get ahead of the next pump. If Coinbase had DOGE in January, I would very likely still have most of my shit there.

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Same i used to enjoy wsb i remember lurking that sub back in the BYND days. It was a completely different sub. I think the pandemic crash was the beginning of the end for that sub as it used to be.

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Ahh still posting baseless claims in a few subs to get maximum exposure before filling your bags again huh? Lmao love how to attack legit projects like BEPRO with paying clients and who may I remind everyone reading this are backed by HUGE venture capitalists like Blockground Capital, Moonrock Capital, Utrust, NGC, and BYND just to name a few! People just do a modicum of research snd you’ll see the OP is full of shit and just has something against the project for some unknown reason. The team had literally addressed everything OP said **point by point** in your last work of fiction you posted yet you still come out of the woodwork to make up more nonsense lol. Give it a rest you have lost all credibility when you stated yourself nothing the team says would change your mind haha! You’re beating a dead horse at this point give up kid you got absolutely destroyed in the comments last time save yourself while you still can and delete this trash....

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I’m going to wait until Friday at least to see how it is performing. I have jumped in too early on a couple of big IPOs (PTON, BYND) and learned that there is always an initial hype price that gets majorly corrected after a couple of trading days. Once it settles down, then it is a good time to jump in.

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Most painful thing for me, is when everything crashed last year. I watched ADA hit 2 cents, BNB $6 and ETH around $98, literally watched them hit their lows. Thing is, I was too busy buying puts on SPY and BYND that I didn't buy anything. In fact, I debated selling all of my crypto holdings to gamble more on options. Luckily I didn't do that but even at least $100 into each at the time could have been significant now! Obviously though, even if I did buy, there's no guarantee I would hold up until now. The bear market of 2018 was pretty scarring so I'd say that definitely clouded my judgement lol.

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ROFL, BTRX:BYND Must only have 2 shares, and a guy sending them back and forth to two accounts to see if he can get someone to buy the 3rd on a sham