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Key Takeaways: Nest Protocol's NEST is the best-performing crypto with a net gain of 243%. Trust Wallet's TWT is the second-best-performing crypto in the top 300, with a net gain of 129.5%, due to the shift in favor of self-custody and a boost from Binance CEO, CZ. GMX, Shardus's ULT, PlatonCoin, SSV Network's SSV, and Gains Network's GNS round up the list of the top 7 best-performing cryptos of 2022.

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Tldr: Nest Protocol (NEST) Trust Wallet (TWT) GMX (GMX) Shardus (ULT) PlatonCoin (PLTC) SSV Network (SSV) Gains Network (GNS)

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I feel ya. Most of the NFT stuff I see seems pretty lame and uninspiring to say the least. The ULT project I'm founding combines NFTs and a land based real estate portfolio. The Universal Land Trust is a Universe Spiritual Ministry land based portfolio with a crypto backed treasury of [TELOS](, [HYPHA](, and [SEEDS]( The ULT can be staked in individual land based projects within the trust for rewards, perks, gifts, NFT airdrops, access rights and dividends. Each land and project within the trust has its own native token on TELOS, a DHO, accepts SEEDS as payment and is a social enterprise, focused on conscious living, regenerative principles and spiritual practice. Radical transparency and collaboration is at the heart of every member.

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The golden ULT coin

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First of all, this project has been planned for several months before finally launching the 12th September. Within 24 Hours it was already listed on Hotbit, LBANK and another exchange, without prior agreements. Ontop of that the team has pre-agreements with asian markets Cointiger and another big exchange! (DYOR - The information is out, but I wont share it here) The team has already managed to create a staking launchpad with the impressive 110% APR if you lock your tokens for 365 days, but there are alternatives down to 14 days! The idea of the project is to create a NFT Incubator marketplace, for gamers, game developers and artists. Ontop of that 52% of the token supply is allocated to the revolutionary "proof-of-gaming" concept, where you can earn $ULTI tokens to play your favourite games, like Dota2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Valorant, League of Legends, Rocket League among others. Besides this, the team has their own game, which I think will be bigger than Axie. Its custom and called "Ultimate Battle Arena"I suggest, you read the whitepaper, roadmap, do your own research and finally decide if you want to be a part of the fantastic Ultiarmy. Contract: 0x42bfe4a3e023f2c90aebffbd9b667599fa38514f Network: Binance Smart Chain DEX/CEX: PancakeSwap, 1InchSwap, PooCoinSwap, HotBit, LBANK, ZT (Incoming Cointiger & Binance Q1 2022) Pair: $ULT / $BNB Launch price: 0.001 Current price: 0.0033

r/CryptoCurrencySee Comment Literally my feed right now, gotta love this sub

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Yes, sir. HBAR will rule them all. They don’t call it the ULT coin for nothing. We are investing in tech, right? That’s what crypto is, I thought. The best tech hands down by a landslide is Hedera Hashgraph

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ULT is about to pump