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I'm no expert, but I think it's because of hypocrisy. The IRS wanted some kind of information from them, and they said they don't have it to give to IRS. And now they're threatening people, claiming to doxx them to the IRS, so apparently they do have the information. Meaning they lied to the IRS. As well, if I understand correctly, people don't like that the compound CEO has that much power. Crypto is supposed to be decentralized, not have a central point of failure. As an aside, I don't know if they stole the money. I heard it was accidentally sent out. And if you returned it you got to keep 10%. Or else they would doxx you. TAKE EVERYTHING I'M SAYING WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. I am no expert in any way. I just happen to spend more time on Reddit than I probably should.

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XLM is a good project for transactions. The downside is... I haven't seen other use of XLM other than transactions due to its ridiculously (current) transfer fees compared to the other altcoins. Long-term prospect from Stellar project (indirectly tied to Lumens, AFAIK) would lie on its interoperatibility aspect as mentioned in [Anchor basics]( page on their site. So far, I have yet to find the feature for Anchor and I just knew of this after reading about Anchor and the token standard for the blockchain (SEP24). Stellar nodes had experienced one shutdown before; it has been fixed in a timely manner and I have yet to read the analysis on the cause and future mitigations for these occurrences; I'll hit it up later for further research. [Stellar Mandate]( for token distribution seems awfully similar to the "hated" XRP, the lumens are very centralized. If you want something to transact that is not as centralized (**THIS IS AN OPINION AND INVALID OBSERVATION, SO TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT**), I think LTC has something to offer. While it is true that there are nodes on Stellar protocol, the nodes are "selected", so I cannot ascertain whether it is decentralized or not. Jed McCaleb is in the project. Every cryptocurrency veteran (I'm not a veteran though) that had been burned by the Mt.Gox scandal would be very hesitant to invest on the project. Of course, I do have my own hesitations if the face of the Stellar protocol had been implicated in a such high-profile screw up. That's also why my use case of Stellar had been willfully limited into transactions, not investments. I'm thinking of it as a cryptocurrency with the closest function to currency as today.