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Look at RWA tokens like RIO, LEOX, PROPS, PROPC, LTO, TOKEN. Its the new hype, so will be popular for this bullrun. BRC tokens like SATS and RATS are good too, and can give much more than just 10x. I want to say buy some gaming tokens, so you kinda cover a few narratives (when one is ranging the other will be pumping), but I'm not sure what to recommend there... Good luck! :)

If you like LTO, then LEOX, RIO, PROPC are other good RWAs to buy. The idea is to sell at the top though. Don't hodl for 20 years

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Launchpads are my favourite place to find new cryptos as most of them go on to do very well. My favourite launchpad atm is Fundrs and i have been able to pick up KREST, LEOX and DUA over the last year. I missed out briefly on NAI but I will get it as soon as it launches as its a promising AI project.

Rwa is a thriving sector and I believe it will be winners of the bull market. I am stacking up Rio, NXRA and LEOX as my bull run bags.


RWA narrative is strong, no doubt. I just think it hasn't happened because of regulatory barriers. SEC is not going to let some rando crypto startup offer tokenized RWA's. Its going to be some tradfi operation that gets the greenlight for that. RWA's is one of the ultimate endgame use cases for crypto tho. Such a game changer. For those coins, I haven't looked into NXRA or LEOX, but will do. I definitely looked at RIO tho cuz its all the rage with crypto twitter influencers. Its done really well, gains wise. I didn't buy tho cuz 1 thing. Token. Not. Needed. From what i could tell the rio token has no utility. Just looks like a money grab to me.

Embracing diversity adds a flavorful dimension to life, and it's a principle I wholeheartedly endorse. The cryptocurrency space is currently experiencing a robust boom, generating widespread excitement. While I appreciate the projects you highlighted, I believe true fulfillment lies in expanding into the realm of real-world asset tokenization (RWA). It's worthwhile to explore this niche and consider investments in projects dedicated to it, such as NXRA, RIO, LEOX, PROPC, and more.

Exploring active involvement in project development within the RWA sector could be beneficial during the upcoming bullish trends. The RWA narrative is expected to yield significant gains, and it's crucial not to underestimate the contributions of projects like NXRA, RIO, and LEOX in this domain. Their noteworthy roles in the space make them worth careful consideration.

This is awesome one I must say. But what is your take about embracing the RWA narrative. The likes of NXRA, RIO, LEOX are doing pretty job.

I actually see RWAs as a game changer for TradFi and this is one of the reasons why I have been actively investing in RWAs projects like NXRA, RIO and LEOX.

The Fed will pump BTC but that will be after the halving because it has always happened like that, but before then we might experience a pre bullrun this year which is why I’m accumulating promising alts like RIO, LEOX and NXRA before it starts

This is a real advice for newbies. I really appreciate the knowledge even though I already know this. I always do my due diligence while researching and make the best in my investment. For example, I have got bags of NXRA, QNT, AZERO, LEOX and RIO. I'm ready for the bull run.

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>Where do you all find out about new crypto projects? When I am looking to invest in new projects I get on Fundrs, and it has always been a great ride as I have been able to pick up LEOX, DUA and KREST over there.

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Before we get into the bull market it’s best to prepare for it now and buy tokens like RIO, GLMR, LEOX and NXRA that are working on narratives that will be among the top gainers in the bull market.

This question is always asked in the bear market, but in the bull market, it’s those that are not showing interest now that will be asking about crypto when they see people around them make easy money, so I believe that we are still early and projects like NXRA, RIO, LEOX and others that are working on RWA which is estimated to be 16Trillion in few years time can still be invested in. Also, don’t forget that crypto is poised to be the currency of the future.

You missed the RWA narrative which is estimated to be worth 16Trillion in 2030. Projects like NXRA, LEOX and others that are working on it shouldn’t be ignored.

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I feel like everyone is talking about a rally happening in 2024 or 2025. If anyone thinks it will come sooner, they might be a bit too hopeful, sadly. Another question I have is, do you really think a bullrun will happen when economies are crashing, wars are being fought, inflation is still sky high, and countries are collapsing? It seems unlikely, doesn't it? I'm still in the process of figuring out my alternate investments portfolio, I think ETH, BTC, ARB, UNI, and MATIC have a good chance of staying relevant in the years to come. RWAs(Real world assets) might get some attention so keeping ELAND & LEOX in my watchlist. I think DeFi yield strategies needs some innovation, MakerDAO has started including RWAs in in their treasury. Some new projects like bumper finance is working on strategies to provide 3-18% annual yields for put sellers. Metavers and NFTs looks dead to me, blockchain gaming might pickup some tractions.

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I don’t know about December but I’m sure about next year after the halving and that’s why I’m buying not only MATIC but other promising alts like RIO, LEOX, NXRA, and others with working products.

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Way too many, but Kaspa, Radix and TAO are the ones I'm the most bullish on, and some riskier plays with low mcap like LEOX and NXRA

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Absolutely, and I think it’s best that we position ourselves into the projects that are working on the narrative like RIO, LEOX and NXRA

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LEOX is quite an exciting one, i recently got in during the Fundrs listing another RWA project I have eyes on is Artbanx.

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Generally, RWA projects are good investment for long term, and that’s why I’m also considering the likes of RIO, LEOX and NXRA.

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The list is literally populated with memecoins, whoever wrote this just copied trending coins and shared here. If the list was in anyway based on quality projects then I expect to see tokens like FET, NXRA, CREDI and LEOX which have been trending lately.