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$PROPC and $PLANET are two that I'm in


I haven't read your post closely enough to fully understand what you're looking for but I'm just going to say that $PROPC and $PLANET are two that I know of that you could look into.


Look at RWA tokens like RIO, LEOX, PROPS, PROPC, LTO, TOKEN. Its the new hype, so will be popular for this bullrun. BRC tokens like SATS and RATS are good too, and can give much more than just 10x. I want to say buy some gaming tokens, so you kinda cover a few narratives (when one is ranging the other will be pumping), but I'm not sure what to recommend there... Good luck! :)

If you like LTO, then LEOX, RIO, PROPC are other good RWAs to buy. The idea is to sell at the top though. Don't hodl for 20 years

SMT, PROPS, FACTR. They are all uo around 100%. Gkt PROPC, BKN, BST and DIONE a bit later on price drops which are up around 25% Had TOKEN and NXRA before. They are up 200%.

It’s no news that narratives like Data, AI, DePIN and RWA will lead the next bullish charge and that’s why I’m getting myself positioned in alts like NAI, PROPC and CGPT.

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Maybe PROPC (propchain). It's a fractionalized real estate token that seems juicy to me.

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Just bought $PROPC. 17m cap and fits in the RWA category for next run. I’m looking for shills to tell me why it’s good


We patiently waiting for Btc ETF while we keep building our portfolio. I am adding more COTI, CYMi, UTK and PROPC.

Embracing diversity adds a flavorful dimension to life, and it's a principle I wholeheartedly endorse. The cryptocurrency space is currently experiencing a robust boom, generating widespread excitement. While I appreciate the projects you highlighted, I believe true fulfillment lies in expanding into the realm of real-world asset tokenization (RWA). It's worthwhile to explore this niche and consider investments in projects dedicated to it, such as NXRA, RIO, LEOX, PROPC, and more.

I wouldn’t be too concerned with getting in early. Take time and research well established projects and DCA in. With the present state of the market you will be spotting good entries. I have been DCAing into projects lNJ, RIDE, IMX, PROPC and MLT