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A personal bullet-proof (hopefully) way to secure your assets


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Just to put it into perspective: The top 0.1% of the wealth and power class have horded the world's resources and done absolutely nothing of significance to bring people out of poverty and advance humanity in a noble direction. Poverty being the breeding ground of most of the world's problems, if we solved that alone we would take a giant leap forward, far beyond the laughably lop-sided imbalance we deal with today. **YET THAT SAME WEALTH AND POWER CLASS STILL INSIST THAT WHAT TRULY PLAGUES OUR SOCIETIES IS POOR PEOPLE HAVING TOO MANY RIGHTS** And people fall for it, over and over and over again...

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If you value BTC more than the fiat price equavilent, it's a no brainer. The value of the potential that BTC has far outweighs any fiat price equavilent. If you trade BTC because you've lost fiat money value. You are not quite there yet. GENERATIONAL WEALTH buying things of scarcity with value and never selling.

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You know you're twisting the point into a technicality of them being accounted for right? Btc may be priced in at 21m, but just because we like to go with the narrative & reassurance from the code that there's 21m btc isn't strictly true in a practical way. It's essentially up to 20m coins with a potential 'unlock' of 1m. And If an entity controls that 1/21ths of the supply it's going to affect how that thing operates on the grand scale, especially if that unlocks at a later stage. Think of it like playing Monopoly & then right near the end another player is added with far more wealth than the top few players in the lead. Has the total supply changed? No, has the usable in game supply changed? Yes. It's going to shake things up. It may affect it in ways we don't even know right now. The price right now of the supply is factored in at 21m yes, but price is not the same as the long term consequences of 1/21ths of the worlds wealth being held one entity. "ONE ENTITY OWNING 1/21THS OF THE WORLDS WEALTH" Just read that over & over & over until it sinks in that maybe it might change things.

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settling a transaction doesn't necessarily entail the delivery of the product or the service for currency. It requires the seller of the good/service to hold money, not a promissory note to value, or a trinket that can be exchanged for money in the market (like a cigarette) using prison or POW camps are not good examples because they are very specific contexts, where holding wealth is less important than currency= in prison your future is secured, in a fucked up way, but day to day you are still precarious. anyone sane in prison is thinking in terms of cash, not cigarette wealth. cigarettes are simply a way of coping day to day. cigarettes are currency, they facilitate transactional activity but DO NOT STORE WEALTH. by their very nature, cigarettes can be inflated (they are mass produced and anyone can roll one) you put up with currency, but you are only satisfied when you receive money, because currency per se could lose its value, not be accepted. money will always increase in value I can accept monopoly money, if I can redeem it right away for legal tender, but I want to get rid of it asap, because its an inherently worthless token. what horrified me is the realisation that we are trading promissory notes, and not money, thus no transactions truly get settled: we are simply trading IOUs for actual things of value. if something obtains its value from something else, its known as a derivative product. we are essentially forced to trade derivatives products that used to be proxy of gold, silver, money essentially, then the underlying asset was removed, and now we are basing a whole economy on worthless derivative tokens you could argue that because sellers are not being paid with actual money, but promises to money that can never get redeemed, we are essentially scamming productivity out of people, and the way it all works is that we get scammed ourselves in return when we sell our services

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My Brothers & Sisters, Please Understand that Crypto(BTC,FCC, FBI or CIA ) its NOT Money Ok it has none of the Amazing Qualities GODS Money has and the Track Record that Amazes . If You would Like to Know what Gives Money it's Intrinsic Value Just ask or Find Out. XoLD Storage or Not if You can't LOG On It's worthless. Again it's NOT Money. YoU Must understand Just Weights & Measires fair trade with thy neighbor here and abroad. IT WILL BE BIBLICAL IN SCALE THIS WEALTH TRANSFER . IT WILL BE ADDED TO THE BIBLE EVERYTHING BASE2 BELONGS TO ✝️ IT WONT HAPPEN EVERYTHING Y'ALL THINK IS GONNA HAPPEN ITS NOT LOL INCREDIBLE THINGS MANS TOIL .

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You've got that right. Why don't they educate people in schools about traditional finance? Because they want you to spend your way into slavery so you work your entire life, pay into their system (taxes, social security, etc), then die shortly after you retire. THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO ACCUMULATE WEALTH. It takes it out of their pockets. It is 100% a means of control.