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this is a big dead cat bounce ... are you guys ready for another leg down ? my bags are PACT and getting bigger.


PACT is an open source programming language built for Kadena. They just started a 100m fund to bring more Devs over to it and use it.


Once more people develop on PACT then people will realise how easy and amazingly secure it is.


The lesson here is DeFi on PoS is crap. DeFi on PoW would not allow for this type of mishap. The day the first audited Dex built on PACT comes alive in June That'll mark the beginning of the end of the fake decentralization we know as PoS


the banks are the biggest bastards and that is why we need DEX's and no kyc's imo The legal issues with Uni, got me leaning towards Kaddex, but first June needs to come for it to launch, till then, i'm going to dive into PACT and their staking with LP approach, since it is not the same as everywhere

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well if btc hits 100k, then you did a good 2x from today. That is why i hodl and stake my btc, and got a bigger bag of KDA and KDX. KDA did me a 20x in september last year, and now i'm taking advantage of the acumulation zone! and kdx ... well after NCC audit house is done with the PACT contract audit, than we are ready for the dex launch !

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I believe they developed a new coding language called PACT which is much safer than others (according to will martino) and has an AI integrated that can pinpoint bugs in the code - this might be beneficial. I do understand what youre saying. I don't know if decentralization is best to develop a product/idea/project. Once its developed, decentralization should be implemented (obviously this is all very nuanced). Nonetheless, im in crypto for the money mainly so if it runs like solana, all good.

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Tough call asking reddit for recommendations can be dangerous, can also be a luagh - take all suggestions lightly.. Check out Kadena, it's yet to build, it's entirely new, it's solved the problem of scalability for the blockchain, yes - developers will have to learn PACT a new code language, but infinite scalability is going to be fundamental in the future, im excited by it.