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Self-regulated a decentralized technology?

Strategy in Crypto - Passive or active income

Best hardware wallet

I’m saying it: Kraken is whack

My coins for 2022. What are yours? No stupid shilling BS please!

Moving coins from CB to stake on Kraken

A beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency

Price analysis 1/14: BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, ADA, XRP, LUNA, DOT, AVAX, DOGE

Never overlook the benefit of staking coins during a bear market, they can be twice what you think they are at face value

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Noob UK user - Most efficient way to buy USDT pairs in CDC coming from GBP?

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I hear stake is delicious

Polkadot's Time to Shine | Crypto Market Update 1.13

You’re given $5,000 to DCA into crypto in 2022, but you can only choose 1 coin.

Where can I find good content to follow the developers instead of the traders?

Polkadot crowdloans are all the rage now so don’t forget that if you don’t keep AT LEAST 1 DOT in your wallet, you could lose everything

Sites where to find low cap altcoins

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PolkaDOGE Public Presale Today at 6pm UTC| 150BNB Hardcap | ✅KYC by Pinksale✅ | 🔬Contract Audited 🔬 | 💰Double Rewards $DOT & $DOGE 💰| 💹 Buy-Back mechanism 💹 | 📣 Marketing Plan fully disclosed 📣 | Long-term Project | Charity Token

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What is Web3 (or Web3.0) and what does it have to do with crypto? A short primer.

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Price predictions for end of the week?

Price analysis 1/12: BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, ADA, XRP, LUNA, DOT, AVAX, DOGE

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US DOT wants to fund research into crypto token incentives for drivers

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Polygon - A Deep Dive

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Bitcoin vs Other Coins

PolkaDOGE Presale 13/01 | 150BNB Hardcap | ✅KYC by Pinksale✅ | 🔬Contract Audited 🔬 | 💰Double Rewards $DOT & $DOGE 💰| 💹 Buy-Back mechanism 💹 | 📣 Marketing Plan fully disclosed 📣 | Long-term Project | Charity Token

Liquidswap in a bullrun

Dips fading...what would you do???

Why do we really need anything else apart from just one general purpose blockchain like ethereum? (Once it moves to POS obviously)

What are Your END OF YEAR(EOY) Predictions ?

Crypto Space TODAY - Not An Expert, A Normal 40K/Year Investor Into The Crypto Space

My portfolio and 2022 Strategy: currently DCAing into BTC / MATIC / LINK / DOT / LUNA. Best of luck to all of view for 2022!

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Which alts do you think will survive the upcoming crypto winter (if it happens)?

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How would you rate my (beginners) portfolio?

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EXCHANGES HATE THIS ONE SIMPLE TRICK! (Seriously do this to avoid fees when transferring small amounts of crypto)

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In which platform are you staking?

Would you rather hold BTC hoping it hits 100k or some other coin hoping that it hits 100x?

Price analysis 1/10: BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, ADA, XRP, LUNA, DOT, AVAX, DOGE

Which of those four cryptos wont make it back to theirs ATHs if we hit another 2-3 year bear market again? And why?

If you were wondering how much money you would have if you had invested money in the top 10 coins at the beginning of 2021

Why I'm not bullish on Ethereum (in the long-term)

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Two truths and a lie:crypto edition

US DOT wants to fund research into crypto token incentives for drivers

To everyone that is new in crypto

Polkadot (DOT) is incredibly undervalued. Tomorrow, its first parachain becomes tradeable! Five chains launching on it this month. Five more every month through EOY. LFG!

Going to invest $50 a week starting in February in low market cap coins. Help me choose how low to go

Ethereum's Layer 2 Scaling Solution Arbitrum Is Down... That's OK.

How many different coins are in your portfolio?

Ethereum's Layer 2 Scaling Solution Arbitrum Is Down... That's OK.

Very Worried - is there any Hopium or should I cut my losses?

Forget the dip - what are your thoughts on where crypto will be in a decade's time?

Ignoring the dip and looking to the future - where will we be in 10 years time?

A year ago Cardano and Polkadot were perceived as rival chains and were similar size. Now, Cardano has a 50% larger market cap than Polkadot. Do you consider these two rival tokens? Do you think Cardano is properly valued relative to Polkadot?

Moonbeam (GLMR), one of the first 5 parachains of Polkadot (DOT), will enable trading in 3 days.

Moonbeam (GLMR), one of the first 5 parachains of Polkadot (DOT), will enable trading in 3 days.

KSM APY on Kraken

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Timing the dip to maximise gains

Is this a double top or double bottom forming, this is DOT daily chart. What do you think will happen?

The one about re-entering

Ethereum is not "declining" just because a few networks like ATOM, AVAX, DOT managed to get more attention.

Polkadot ($DOT) Is ‘Growing Faster Than Ethereum Did at Similar Points in Its History’

Just starting out, any advice? am I too late to the party or is there still hope?

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If this is a temporary bear, see it for what it is: an opportunity to accumulate and DCA at lower prices than you would have accumulated at a month ago.

Best platform for staking

Price analysis 1/7: BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, ADA, XRP, LUNA, DOT, AVAX, DOGE

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DCA, HODL and stake right?

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People always mass-downvote me when I admit that I'm taking profits off my coins when they go ATH. And every single time I'm the last one laughing while I'm buying back more coins in at much lower prices.

How to convince my parents to let me invest in Crypto?

What's your strategy for 2022?

Polkadot bullish bias unchanged despite drop, DOT to hit $50

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Leveraging - a double edge sword: Most "down" tokens are up whilst the rest of the market is down

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I need an advice for you. This is my portfolio. Do you think good movement trade 0.5/6 BNB for ALGO - DOT - SAND or it’s better choice hold BNB? I already have a percent of BTC to. THANKS!

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Taking out your initial investment really helps you stay relaxed during these dips

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$779M got liquidated in the past 24 hours

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Is it smart to buy the dip in order to stake more?

Price analysis 1/5: BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, ADA, XRP, LUNA, DOT, AVAX, DOGE

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Thoughts on coins without market supply cap

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Cosmos price Predictions 2022

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Koto, a big design agency, is giving Polkadot a logo rebrand, via on-chain governance

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Do I need to consolidate my portfolio?

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'Soft Staking' on pays you interest on both the coins AND the fiat in your Wallet with no lockup / staking period - can't believe I never noticed it before.

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“Portfolio Rating” Posts & Threads Should be brought back.

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🦕 has just been listed on PancakeSwap! The Next BlueZilla Project! 🦕IDO Claims 30 Minutes Later!

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Telecom Giant Integrates With Polkadot Blockchain Ecosystem, Purchases DOT Tokens - The Daily Hodl

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Where to stake Polkadot?

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🧬MetaZuckZilla🧬 Just launched 1 minute!!! 50 bnb hc filled in seconds

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New to crypto. Do I have too many different wallets?

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Where would you invest $1,000,000? Which altcoins would you choose?

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My first 6 months of using the visa card. Here is why it might be a great way to earn passive income

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DOT is going to have a great 2022.

Price analysis 1/3: BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, ADA, XRP, LUNA, AVAX, DOT, DOGE

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Followup - If you only had $1000 to invest, what coins would you choose?

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DOT coins haven’t arrived at my Nano X Ledger address

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Which Alt coin will shoot up the most during the next bullrun?

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My First Year on Crypto has finished ! What do you guys think about my portfolio ?

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Most mentioned Coins over reddit in the past 24 hours. Which one are you backing?

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What's a good coin(s) to accept as payment as a small business?

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Why would DOT and ATOM be needed if we have bridges?

r/CryptoCurrencySee Post Tell me I'm wrong...

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Polkadot Price Analysis: DOT Spikes 8%, Heading Towards Crucial Resistance

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Should i invest in loopring


You are talking about cross chain. Plenty of bridges already available in plenty of blockchains. Interoperability is indeed what ATOM or DOT do. MOVR can talk with KSM,GLMR,ACA or any other parachain(which are actual blockchain) without the need implementing bridges

Its crazy how much FUD post are around LRC when its at a price close to ALGO, meanwhile ALGO its on 1.40’s down from 2.80 ATH and nobody says ALGO its dead, sell before its too late. Im a noob on crypto but I seen DOT going from 30 to 10, then to 50 and now to 20’s. This is Crypto. HOLD and DCA if you believe in a project.


DOT literally trying to connect everyone [here]( is an article explaining how parachains are trying to do that.


FTM is my favorite lately. Possibly because of the gains, possible because I believe in it long term and like it’s fundaments… My all time favorite is ETH followed by the OG BTC and MATIC with DOT not too far behind. I’ve had my eye on AVAX too but haven’t pulled the trigger.

Algo, ADA, VET, ... I heard that IOTA staking via Firefly wallet was now live and that you could generate SHIMMER through staking, haven't tried, though. Also, DOT, but unstaking locks your assets for 28 days.


My cat is sleeping on me while I'm watching DOT 15m chart Time to open a 100x leverage long position


LINK and DOT are hodling their support pretty nicely ​​


ATOM seems to be winning in that area right now and DOT is already established, what makes CKB better?


DOT parachains must use DOT main chain to secure transactions, so at present it has more direct value capture. At present, ATOM doesn't secure transactions for other chains connected to it, and it relays transactions between chains for free. The option for new chains to have transactions secured by ATOM (interchain security) and fees for relaying transactions are coming too. This will really increase value capture for ATOM but it is all optional... Chains can choose if they want to handle things for themselves. ATOM is basically a more decentralized solution with more upside but more risk. They've succeeded thus far though so I'm confident. There will end up being far more chains in ATOM overall and ATOM will benefit from only some of them, whereas DOT will benefit from all chains on their system but will have less chains overall. Look how many projects are connected in the ATOM ecosystem already: and new ones are being added weekly.


Ah ok. How is ATOM compared to DOT?


They are trying to solve two different problems. Atom is already solving the L0s, where it's the leadership by a long way. DOT is extremely overvaluated when compared with the real products of the atom ecosystem for example. Algo has a very thorough fight to take a place between a dozen of competitive L1s. And its ecosystem is just starting, meanwhile others are growing


CDC earn is the best available. With Jade/indigo you get 6.5% BTC/ETH, 12% DOT/USD and much more. I got Jade just for the ETH stake. The CRO rewards are just a bonus.

Only keep DOT, trash the rest


Rate my portfolio. DOT, LRC, ADA, LTO, ROSE, CKB, MATIC.

Both are different ways to connect blockchains. As far as I know they do it much better than DOT's parachains, because to interact with DOT, the blockchain deciding to do so needs to be part of DOT by becoming a parachain.


I have been DCA'ing on most of my alts like CRV, DOT and SFP


It’s easy to lose track of performance of some coins. Something that was very outstanding was DOT to me. I created a fun demo account to buy the dip of all kind of coins and it had the same gain as MATIC - just steady +2-5% instead of daily +10%


DOT deserves a 100:1 BTC ratio


My DOT was traded the same day as my ADA. Strap yourself in my good sir.


I never stopped paying attention to DOT tbh


sell LINK for DOT, what yall think


DOT deserves a 100:1 ratio to BTC imo


DOT is finally being talked about again!! :)


Interoperability gonna big these next few years. I wonder which one will prevail, DOT, ATOM, or CKB!!


DOT has a lot of potential this year - Looking forward to it


I'm also heavy on Matic, ONE and DOT. I definitely feel they have a lot of potential. Hope your financial dreams come true too.


So... not DOT.? I just bought more DOT yesterday. Already ruined 2022.


LINK and DOT are hodling there support pretty nicely ![gif](emote|chainlink_emote|chainlink)![gif](emote|polkadot_emote|polkadot)


I've staked my DOT at 12‰ loving getting free crypto


If your talking about DOT I did the same thing, sold at 25.46$ thinking we was going to dump last Wednesday


If ADA goes the way of SOL then I’ll be filthy rich. Yeah. My picks for good runs this year are ADA DOT DVDX EGLD

If you hold DOT you can participate in auctions for new projects to get onto the Polkadot network there one every two weeks atm you stake your tokens for 2 years and they give you free tokens people just got Moonbeam tokens and they are worth double the amount of DOT they locked up 😏


i'm an ETH girl, but I have added DOT to my purse...managed to pick some up during the downturn.


Did you snag some DOT for $23 few days ago? Great deal in my opinion.


My crypto dream is to get enough DOT to put about 200-300 into crowdloans every that every time a lease expires, I can just get roll my DOT from the expired lease into a new one, and get free coins every few weeks


Weekly automatic buy of BTC, ETH, DOT, MATIC, LINK and LUNA. Got a list of coins and tokens I watch out for, and buy when I feel like it, which has been daily for the last month or so. FOMO randomly into shills here.

Smart money refers to Venture capitalists firms and currently there top investments are 1 BTC 2 ETH 3 DOT 4 NEAR Kinda not the same list the OP got.

I think it happened around June of 21 for Eth. Or it was pretty close. I realize this isn’t a very active strategy. I’m not buying and selling all the time. But I managed to pick up DOT in the low teens, Cosmos for $10, matic at $.68, decentraland at .71. Please also keep in mind, I don’t know shit about fuck. I couldn’t put together those graphs you did and present such a cogent explanation. (I’m just random Reddit guy)


It would take exactly $27.61 billion in value to crack the top 10. And knock DOT out of #10 slot.


Ok, lets DCA now. ROSE, DOT, ERG


Nice portfolio! 👌 ETH, BTC, LINK, MATIC, DOT, ALGO, HBAR, BNB, ADA and then several top 100 where I yolo´d 5$ in 😅

I bought ROSE for the 20-30th time and MATIC for the first time. In a few days I’ll auto-DCA into BTC ETH DOT and LINK

Just rebought everything getting ready for the next bull market. What do you guys think about my portofolio: ETH,EGLD,SOL,LINK,SAND,DOT,CAKE.

So I've started investing two months ago and went with obviously loved projects around here - BTC, ETH, ALGO, DOT, LINK, all well timed arpund ATH. A few weeks ago tired of staring at huge losses and never ending crab, I picked up some ADA. The FUD was rampant here and I got in at just above 1$. Today it's the only green coin in my portfolio 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ Sometimes doing the opposite of this sub works I guess.

What cryptos did you buy into, I was able to stack a few units of BNB, ETH, MATIC, PNODE, and DOT; already my portfolio is turning green and this is very sweet atm.

Yup, I'm definitely looking into staking options and even just common stablecoin interest. I'm trying to find a nice entry price into a project like DOT or FTM so I can allocate a huge chunk to and stake. Thanks for the advice Christian! Definitely worth the regard 🙌


Nice bags you got buddy. I'm also long deep into ALGO and MATIC. But currently, my plan is to DCA more into SOL, DOT and RAIL, this year promises to be bullish for this altcoins.

Hahaha.. Everyone has really got that investor's part in them, it's not a thing we can deny or shy away from cos I got it too. I did learnt about crypto through a friend too, started out with BTC in 2018, and now I'm long deep into solid altcoins. Currently got more bags of DOT, BNB, MATIC, SOL and RAIL. These are my solid alts bags anyday.

Yeah, I quite agree with you buddy. The ability to quickly discover what works for you in this space makes navigation more easier and your crypto journey stress-free. DCA'ing and hodl, buying low and selling high are strategies that has practically worked for me in this space. My portfolio aren't overly diversified tho, but I've got very solid bags of ETH, DOT, MATIC and RAIL

CKB is a truly awesome hidden gem. Its not even hidden from people who are paying attention. It is doing what DOT is doing as a zero chain, but it is actually EASY to build on and use. You need a f-ing phd in astrophysics to understand parachains .


Excited for what DOT in store for us this month Charts are bullish and got some interesting catalysts coming up soon. Like parachain auctions


Whether it has potential or not, Litecoin has been around for quite some time and it doesn't look as if it going off anytime soon, I would really love to see more projects build on this kind of reliability; BNB, VET, UNI, eRSDL GTO and even DOT have really been reliable too just like Litecoin.

At this point I bought enough at the dip and was happy to see green gains, bought a lot of MATIC, quite a number of DOT, a very good number of eRSDL, and a large volume of BNB; see you all on the Lambo side.

i swear i have a 6th sense for making bad crypto decisions. yesterday, I: * sold my DOT at a profit but it kept pumping * sold a little ONE because i thought it would keep dropping back to 30 * then hesitated to buy IMX and it went up like crazy


I will keep buying BTC, ETH, DOT, CRO and I will hodl my cardano bag

I dont understand why it matters.. Dont you use your DOT for parachain auctions? If you trade there are defnitely better coins


But what if you believed in the wrong coin and it jus dies? I'm new to crypto, aside from BTC and ETH which will make up most of my portfolio and will just hold forever, I'm not sure what my strategy is for the altcoins. So far I've chosen DOT, AVAX and lookin to maybe add one more out of MATIC ALGO or ENJ. But I wonder what will happen to those alts 10 years from now. will they still even exist? will the ATH be in like 2024 then they'll eventually die out? Maybe I should have an exit strategy and put profits into BTC or ETH. I just looked at the top 20 coins for 2015 and no one even mentions most of them nowadays.

I will BUY and my portfolio will become fat like a bear before hibernation. Nothing fancy, BTC ETH DOT+another one after I do more research. Won't try some low market cap one cause m too dumb. I am actually a closeted bear. I started in Feb, had a good time, still learning the basic, have been waiting for a real bear before getting more deep into crypto (means, more than 10k), didn't expect the second high wave of September but was pleasantly surprised, now perhaps time for a real winter. I believe in the long term development of crypto currencies, the more you consider this perspective the more obvious it appears.


Daily DCA into BTC/ETH/ADA/DOT. I've added ADA and DOT about 3 weeks back, because they look very interesting on their BTC pairs. What do you think?

My bags are packed DOT, LFG.


DOT is actually slowly gaining against BTC. 30% up from the low in December.


DOT follow BTC very closely so will have to wait on BTC to move upwards


Looks like DOT really wants to start the run upwards. I'd love to see that happen.


ALGO is at a great price, DOT as well!


I got 20 bucks left, Algo, ADA or DOT


ONE is for hippies I’d rather buy DOT or CKB


If you are gonna pull the plug on that, please go to something more “”stable”” in its potential. (BTC, ETH, DOT are good ones imo). Jokes I’ve been doing aside, I never really got what LRC was all about so I stayed out mainly because I doubted myself. Lucky I guess, for now. Cheers

Only projects I would hold for 10 years that have a chance of still been around are BTC, ETH, DOT


In the next few years, I feel Metaverse and WEB3 project are gonna take a wide space in crypto community as a whole. WEB3 adoption has not really taken the space, but I feel in a matter of time we are gonna see what it has to offer. I'm currently bullish on some amazing and prospective projects as DOT, FIL, DIA and THETA. These projects are amazing and lot of them are gonna make a big blow in coming years. Metaverse projects are also getting a lot of hype and I see a lot of new projects coming up. Bullish on some amazing games which are coming up as Legends of Elumia and Mecha Morphing which has a lot of amazing in game graphics and well designed in game characters.

Polkadot, period. Buying, putting them in Parachain Auctions[Parachain Auctions](, and will keep them for couple of years. The new projects will give free tokens for locked DOT, and couple of them will provide fantastic returns. I will get my DOT back after two years and put them again. DOT - all the way!


Whoever thinks ADA is still overpriced below 1.3$ is most likely just an ignorant hater. For me ADA below 1.3$ is as much of a safe deal as DOT was below 25$ or MATIC below 2$.

If a bear market isn’t around the corner, I think ONE will be on the same tier as DOT & ALGO in a year.


What is interesting about XLM is that it pumps when others dump. So, for example DOT might head down while XLM heads up. If you swap XLM for DOT, you will make out better than if you used USDC trading pairs. Always have some XLM laying around…


Dexit (DXT). Its a new project that's trying ti create their own blockchain and mainnet. I believe what they are trying to achieve is similar to matic and ftm. If they are successful. It will be my greatest investment ever. If not I will lose $500. For safer bets I'm going with CRO, Enjin, DOT and sushiswap.


Get some DOT and stake it .. ….


All I've been reading are comments about DOT in the daily for the last few days.


DOT doesn't get talked about near enough. Interoperability is gonna be huge

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