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> GBTC has a lot of different crypto holdings - not just Bitcoin You're confusing Grayscale with Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is only comprised of Bitcoin. [Other trusts are different products with different names.]( For example there is Grayscale Ethereum Trust (GET) and Grayscale Litecoin Trust (GLT) The whole point of these trusts where that they allowed accredited institutions to get exposure to the underlying asset and that alone. Given this misunderstanding (thinking GBTC represented a whole bunch of assets rather than just Bitcoin), you need to re-evaluate your analysis of why GBTC is trading at such a massive discount, given its literally just a trust that owns Bitcoin and does nothing else, so there's no risk of some underlying business unrelated to Bitcoin crashing and devaluing the shares. >So, I'm inclined to believe that, despite his problems with the SEC at one point (and which successful businessman doesn't have a long history of problems) he is sincere about wanting to only buy, and not dump, BTC. Do many successful businessmen also lie about how much money their company makes in order to pump and dump their company stock?

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Asscoin ASS Cheeks CHK Bum Token BUM Glute GLT

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you're not wrong, but keep in mind some of my coins listed (AIB, ARG, BCN, BTM, GLT, LEAF, NYC, PTC, SXC, VIA, VTHO, XMY) were merge mined and may only be worth a few bucks. Still would like to take advantage of any opportunities regardless!

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BAT, OXT, XRP (lol) , GLT only ones I can think of right now that hasn’t shot up too crazy.