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What's the highest AMC will hit by September of 2022?


Can someone help me? Need a fucking nerd that knows how to scrape Reddit data.

Great DD about what happened today with the Fed and the market and how it will impact GME and AMC

You sell what you can, not what you want

How many of you angry bulls in this sub have been eating these recent AMC dips?

My days is done just bought 3 shares of GME and 3 shares of AMC today!!!🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

How to make $1,000,000. I made a time lapse from last year from my AMC Holdings back then. If I can give advice, it’s patience and never panicking. One thing though you can’t be taught, you have to have gut instinct! Remember, make your money work for you instead of you working for it!

My first attempt at the stock market - buying AMC?

Just got permanently banned from ShortSqueeze for posting AMC and BBIG!

Hedgefunds right now shorting AMC,GME

On a 1.5% green s&p500 move, AMC and GME move over 10%, during a bear market.

Funniest/Most degenerate stock subreddit

They try to take us down 🤔. AMC GME PLTR 🚀

Unpopular truth: GME and AMC are being manipulated, but it's happening in both directions.

Comparing short interest

If you have money invested in the stock market AMC peeps, read this and share it.

Buy the Dip: Ford, Citigroup, AMC

The "ultimate trailer" for interest rate hikes will be released soon? Which asset class stocks can be the first to break out?

Decibel and Organigram: The Next AMC and GME?

New Data Shows AMC and GME Stock are Manipulated

I think we're going to rattle around at this level for a few days: Jim Lebenthal. BAILOUT GME AMC

Robinhood buy button + Jan 28th + AMC = ???

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Are we allowed to talk about GameStop yet?

AMC reportedly in advanced talks to refinance debt

One retard at a time... don't read, its about AMC and GME. I have a problem.

Down 40%, past week in AMC call options…

Pessimistically speaking, will the AMC squeeze happen in the next 12 months?

DON'T FORGET WHAT THEY SAID. AMC Stock Is Worth 28% More Based on Forecast Sales Growth

AMC reportedly in advanced talks to refinance debt

AMC in Advanced Talks to Refinance Debt as Meme-Stock Luster Fades. News From WSJ 🤡🤡🤡

RETAILS ARE NOT SELLING 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍 New Data Shows AMC and GME Stock are Manipulated

Apes ruined WSB as we know it

Advanced Talks to Refinance Debt

New Data shows AMC and GME are being manipulated

Serious Question?


I am an Ape who went all in on GME options!! Second year apart of WSB. To the mooon!! I would do it all over again. YOLO everything AMC IS STILL MY BEST TRADE. 🚀🌙🦍

Spreed the News the DIP in GME/AMC is officially over! 🤡 #inversecramerstrategy

Retards ! Spreed the News the DIP in GME/AMC is officially over 🥳 #inversecramerstrategy

Real question. Why would a market crash benefit us?

Great Depression 2.0 = $AMC 🚀?

What will happen with GME/AMC if the market crashes??? Speak ape to me…

Are we still holing on AMC?

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Retail Traders Bailed on the Market Right Before Stocks Rebounded

Growth stocks will hit bottom once feds finnally admit 4 silly hikes are not enough.

Good DD on AMC and GME and the overall markets under current conditions. Great banana fuel for all apes!

r/wallstreetbetsSee Post

Why is GME and AMC dropping?

r/wallstreetbetsSee Post

I guess you can say this is the final AMC YOLO update since I got margin called for like the 100th time 😂 but I am still holding 4k shares, wanna see me make my money back?

AMC Time Lapse - 0ne Million in holdings for all the naysayers

POV of an AMC youtuber

Looks like I’m going balls deep on GME and AMC. Always do the opposite of what Jimmy says.

I am here for my fellow Apes to the tune of 24,000 shares! AMC - GME - DWAC

AMC Bought 12,000 @ $14.26

Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered

New Short Squeeze Target $PIXY Stock/Could This Be The Next AMC/GME Shor...

Call me when GME and AMC are cheaper than a Subway footlong

AMC Stock Hedge Funds Plan To Cover Position/ Turn 1k To 100k In 15 Trad...

AMC and GME: A year after being restricted on Robinhood

AMC bag holding cult.

Why is the financial media spreading FUD about WallStreetBets and all the meme stocks?

Reddit’s WallStreetBets Was the GameStop Kingmaker, but Longtime Users Say the Thrill Is Gone: The group was once the engine that powered rookie traders, but now veteran members say only tired-out ideas remain

us at $AMC holders anonymous

If all AMC Apes hodl’ing, then why?…

🎨🧤The Infinity Gauntlet is now Fully Gemmed🧤🎨- Under the 'veil' of Pandemic 🦠, Inflation 🎈, Market Crash📉, and a World War ✈🚀

$AMC Stock, $BBIG Stock, $PIXY Stock, $SOFI Stock, $SEAC Stock: Stocks T...

AMC Volume On Friday Worked Look @ This Chart, We Got This... SEC Attention 💯🚀🚀

r/wallstreetbetsSee Post

There are subreddits that hate on AMC, those bag holders make AMC more relevant. + PLTR is building an empire.

Astra Space ($ASTR) to the moon

The squeeze has not occured, the consistent unusual extremely high short interest oF AMC and GME compared to any other given stock is the evidence. The idea that it will never squeeze "again" is misleading, it is also the same type of idea being spread during the February 2021 crash.

Our time has come to propel this movie to the World's #1 Box Office. Gamestop: Rise of the Players releases this Friday.

BRING BACK SOME POSITIVISM THIS WKD. 3 Reasons Why AMC Stock May Bite Short Sellers in 2022

Retarded AMC Ape proves nobody would pay to watch a movie (see 2nd pic)

Super Bubble Popped - Sell All Rallies

Super Bubble Popped - Sell All Rallies

Market’s Anticipation of Continuous Rate Hikes Is Wrong: Calling Out the Fed’s Bluff

Market’s Anticipation of Continuous Rate Hikes Is Wrong: Calling Out the Fed’s Bluff

Since joining this sub I learned about dollar cost averaging. On average everything I buy costs a dollar cause I spent all my money on AMC.

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Do u guys want me to tell you the next GME / AMC? I’ll post it at 9pm.

U guys promise AMC still going to squeeze right 🥲

AMC supporters?


German Ape needs advice [eToro] [Computershare]

Coins and stocks are bleeding? Isn’t it bcoz yesterday 3.3trillion In ETFs expired. I see so many of you getting giddy as if there liquidating for us. Not they are not they will keep shorting us till they are forced to cover go on with your normal life’s please and just HODL.

The Second “Great Depression”

“AMC to the moon”

We Got Cucked….and not in a good way!!!

I bought my favorite fund and its now 40% of my entire portfolio... Nothing can go wrong!

#AMC #GME now you fukced up! 🤣 snatched this from @Bossblunts discord credit to who made this 🔥😎🤫🤙🏽 Market crash inbound.. Margin Calls inbound 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀LFG‼️

I’m down 60% on AMC tell me how retarded I am.

AMC apes dinner tonight

Trey's Trades Exposed Himself He Don't Own AMC: Did His Selling Of AMC S...

r/stocksSee Post

When buying the dip goes wrong


Speak for yourself I have been running AMC puts since it was at 42. One of the few things keeping my portfolio green.


Because AMC keep fucking investors. No issue with gme


AMC going back to 2$


I did a little 18%... Mostly on long SPY C (up 6%) When AMC hit like 17.25 I went 1/28 $15P and those rounded me off nicely. Gratz on the quarter pounder though


>Today's five most talked about tickers on /r/wallstreetbets are TSLA, GME, MSFT, QQQ, and AMC. ^/r/wallstreetbets ^[@Official\_WSB](\_WSB) ^at ^2022-01-27 ^05:00:23 ^EST-0500

its my AMC anniversary today. Price is almost the same. What a ride it's been. Payday today - might buy some more.


Whatever DFV initial purpose was for WSB I don’t know, BUT they did a great job after GME of exploiting the stocks WSB was following pumped them up over a month or so and slowly bled them all. GME, AMC, ROOT, WISH, Tilray, SDC, SPRT, IRNT. All met with -60% from ATH.

Apes really did destroy this subreddit. Crazy how they are still bagholding GME/AMC after a year. They are almost as pathetic as the antiwork mod.


I don’t have a long thesis, I’m not in AMC. All I’m saying is I wouldn’t bet against it that’s all.


!banbet AMC $420 in 2 days


Negative op CF, trying to refi debt which doesn’t look promising, max dilution equity offering during 2021, back rent due.. does not look good at all fundamentally or technical. And tbh listening to these AMC calls I like the counter party I’m betting against


AMC is shitty as shit covered shit comes fundamentally. I see Ch 11 BK creeping around the corner. LEAPs are still cheap if you think equity goes to zero. 🥸


I wouldn’t fuck with shorting either of those. If you’re trying to find something to short because you think the market is bearish tomorrow, you need to short companies that are actually shitty. Yes you could argue AMC is shitty on a technical basis, but it has huge retail support and these prices are the best AMC apes have seen in a long time.


AMC puts have been my biggest winner YTD already. It’s just a winner winner chicken dinner gravity bringing it down


As much as I love Tesla the company, the Tesla and Elon maximalists are just as bad as AMC and GME apes


Nice try you fuckin idiots, RK is who y’all should be listening to and watching his old streams. Do you think he was “buying the dip” on AMC at $17 per share? No. He was buying shit at a discount, if you don’t do that, you WILL lose money long term. If you bought after a huge run up, you are the greater fool. Save your account, don’t gamble, do your own research (don’t buy unprofitable bullshit)


All in on stupid plays is what made me my cash. My NVDA,MSFT and apple make small gains- AMC, PROG and CEI made me a fortune, bought 2k $BBIG hoping for another big payday

Bro he outdid the hedgefucks from Ivy League schools. Not a fan of the echo chambers of AMC and GameStop, but respect the fuck out of him for having diamond hands throughout that whole ordeal


Tomorrow is January 27th. GME shorts MAY try to crash the entire GLOBAL ECONOMY to cover their AMC shorts. F


I mean, Netflix might be more miss than hit but it's such a wide variety of stuff that there's almost always something to watch. Like Tiger King wasn't going to be winning any Oscars for Best Documentary but it was entertaining as fuck. Same goes for a lot of their stuff from Squid Game to You. Again, they might not win Emmys but they are enjoyable. When you compare that to any other network from CBS, NBC, Showtime, ABC, AMC or whatever, you kind of get the same miss-hit rate but with far less content hours. I left out HBO because I think they are unequivocally the best and almost always hit.


AMC makes popcorn. Fuck it's going down again


because it ended up always being GME AMC WISH CLOV SOFI PLTR

I don’t have a football app. So can’t bet on the games. Might as well just keep putting into GME and AMC And yes, I am retarded


What if, just hear me out, they’re so fucked cause of AMC and GME they rather burn the whole thing down all together. No?


Proceeds to buy WISH, MILE, AMC and GME.

This was the worst January ever for SPY ever, including dotcom and housing market crisis Still much better than bag holding AMC or GME


PLTR is barely better than GME and AMC and roughly on par with WISH. Fnd something else.

I often think about the person that bought AMC for $70 from me. Is he still holding, praying another pump and dump happens. Ya know? Even AA sold.


I got some AMC today


GME =/= AMC ​ One has a CEO buying 14% of the company, the other has its CEO sell "some" shares because of "retirement"


For this Friday AMC at $12 🦍🦍


Hold up tho, Where did all those AMC and GME people that came out the woodwork today


Aron (AMC) DeepFuckingValue Cohen (GME)


You'll be fine. Short AMC and get tendies.


AMC squeeze next week


The CEOs of AMC and GME


Fair value imo: SHOP: $350 TSLA: $152.37 AAPL: $110 NVDA: $140 AMC: $-4.37 GME: $0.32 SPY: $325 QQQ: $275

Too little too late. Look at AMC PRICE the hedge funds won look at amc's price


He aped into AMC with his college fund after so you tell me.


The Federal Reserve bought “stocks”? lulz. Here is what their balance sheet looks like: [Fed Balance Sheet]( Probably not going to find shares of GME, AMC, and such, but worth a look. The Committee intends to reduce the Federal Reserve's securities holdings over time in a predictable manner primarily by adjusting the amounts reinvested of principal payments received from securities held in the System Open Market Account (SOMA). In the longer run, the Committee intends to hold primarily Treasury securities in the SOMA, thereby minimizing the effect of Federal Reserve holdings on the allocation of credit across sectors of the economy.


Lol I bought AMC and GME sold it when it started coming down barely in time to make $5 profit between the two. Seems like something that since then I could have made $$ on but also very high risk. I’m trying to stick with more long term positions since my attention span (You know us ER people lol) and the amount of time I can actually pay attention with all our required over time makes it hard to do sudden moves when the market shifts.


I sold my AMC to buy GME 🤷


did you forget to mention AMC?


He went in on AMC and multiple small caps and lost his QQQ short profit plus more. $600k in total


A good inflation hedge is mining stocks at all time lows in comparison to major indices with precious metals begging to break out as inflation picks up. Big time short squeeze in silver. Largest concentrated short position of all time 800,000,000 ounces held by Bank of America short on the Comex ... Makes the GME AMC short squeeze look like a picnic. Mining stock is way more volatile so If precious metals Break out like they’re bound to do it’s going to be a moon shot and Lambo season


Fellow ER nurse here. Left the hospital 5 years ago. I still believe in AMC/GME, but I wouldn’t put your whole savings into it, only what you can afford to lose. I have a feeling things are about to get ALOT worse.


AMC looks like a hedge for toliet paper shortages right now at the rate its stock price is falling. GME keeps trying to show signs of life.


Change my mind: GME is a hedge against 🌽 and AMC is a hedge against GME


Sorry was referring to AMC, but GME is now over 20% not 11% which is the highest its been for a while. Numbers coming from Ortex.


Economists have been saying this for months. The fall will be sequential: SPY and big tech invested by boomers listening to and respecting experts, small tech like ARKK invested by some retards, and lastly GME, AMC, SNDL, and other meme stocks invested by apes who can't count and have never heard of monetary policies. There are lots of money to be made on the meme stock puts now.

The problem with this is that the likely candidates for a price drop trade with high IV, so their far out of the money LEAPS puts are not cheap. For example, look at $AMC. The 1/20/23 5p is offered at $1.03. That's not a small amount of money to take on a flyer on a stock trading today at $16. Maybe look at the other end of the volatility scale and look at $T, a perennial underperformer. The lowest strike traded for 1/20/23 is the 15p, offered at $0.46 (trading today at $24.25) Now maybe you've discovered a great candidate for a drop where you're looking at $0.25 puts one year out with a $5 strike that will pay off, but it's hard to evaluate without knowing what name you're looking at. Now, if you're trading very short term options (dailies and weeklies) there are true fortunes to be made (look at the r/wallstreetbets postings of people who bought same-day puts this week). But making lots on out of the money LEAPS puts is not very common.


Just do AMC c50 weeklies sure loss


I keep buying AMC cuz I think it's fun and for no other reason whatsoever


This is what happened to AMC , a good earnings report but the stock just dropped , it is all manipulation and mostly by Citadel


Got my first shares of GME at 88 and will buy more , I was all in on AMC but I am fully loaded so now all my buys will be GME , will hold till they cover


Please do, I love every AMC spike as it is an oppo for more shorting.


It is Citadel cheatings Americans , they do it everyday , they own the dark pool , they own the brokerage , they own financial media , the decide where to send the buys , they decide when to borrow AMC shares , list them as a sell and give them back all with the blessing of the SEC and FEDs


Not at all. I bought them for .08 at 8:52:21 am pst. AMC weekly 60c 2/11 expr Current price is .10 And when amc was 18 the contracts were 0.16


So much attention towards AMC and GME, that who really knows longterm. Not a bad idea to hold a few shares just in case.


I’m just curious, but what apes got fucked? GameStop up $5 (5%) and AMC is down 2 cents. Man they got fucked so hard!


FFS I can't wait until AMC goes out of business and is never mentioned again.


#AMC $0.5p 1/21/23 $5000 ——-> $20,000 All in 12 days


I bet that retard invests in GME and AMC


Buying more #AMC. & #BBIG


how are your AMC 60 C in the money? straight lyin.


Why do people still think AMC and GME are still relevant?


It was actually 12,000 @ 68.79, I just checked the old file from last year, but I thought it was 82, I was probably thinking of GME and not AMC.


This has bugged me too. I’m not in the WSB community but I am in the market, and I have seen the WSB side be destroyed by the GME/AMC/APE nonsense and the desperate need to be constantly affirmed. I was going through Twitter and found a non-market identifying trader complain that when they told their primary school level kids about their identity, ONE ~7 year old child said that they were still a trader and they went OFF. Like... you had a class of kids who genuinely don’t need to know or have any idea what you’re talking about who just went “ok” but the one kid that didn’t provide validation is a “GMEAMCAPEphobicly raised ass” and I just think... how did it go from “I post in WSB which makes me more comfortable presenting as a different trader to other investors” to “FUCKING VALIDATE ME CHILD, IF YOUR MOTHER WONT HODL LIKE ME SHES A SHILL” like... I have met so many wonderful WSB individuals who are nothing more than normal people who want to get away from the loud, attention seeking, validation needing group. It’s torn the WSB community apart and made an eruption to the rest of the community and its genuinely heartbreaking.


#Haha, ok, got it, gonna Yolo some more into amc and gme! Who’s with me?! Shout with me: AMC / GME let’s fackin gooooo 💎🙏🏽🚀🚀🚀


Retail move shit stocks with low outstanding shares/float like AMC and Nokia. Saying retail moves powerhouses like Intel and MSFT is like saying my farts affect tidal waves.


Honestly I'm not that disappointed with GME or AMC performance, I bought in at 40 and 10$ respectively after WSBs blew up and they're still my best performing stocks at current prices. If they crash and I have to stop loss at my buy in price then no big deal, the ape movement was interesting to be a part od.


Buddy if you dont realize the millions hedge funds are making shorting GME and AMC now I cant help you - they are down 50% the last 60 days - shorts could get out of any positions 10x over - anyone falling for moass is a sucker


Someone throw some water on me, for a second I almost felt bad for the ape who is now down 70% for buying AMC calls I sold them


You probably new in stock and you listened some Youtuber telling you AMC is going to 100k a share and you bought with the promise of becoming rich overnight by buying 10 shares, is that?


called having patients, then we can dump all the shares on people wanting to get in just like AMC & GME😁😁😁


Me right now shorting AMC,GME 😜


Apparently in order to make money I need to just copy the trades of my friend who does yolo trades on AMC swings. He's gone from $1500 to 45k this month so far.


Bunch of morons in here. Pumping shit stocks ...AMC IS THE PLAY


At the time of your screenshot, GME was at 103.26 per share and AMC was at 15.94