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Own equity in a feline! Invest in PepperCatCoin today. Reply with a BEP-20 address and receive free PEP tokens

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Why Defi cant go mainstream yet

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My best attempt to simplify the math of a 5 million to potentially a 50 million dollar Bitcoin [1₿=50million]


Hey, founder of Pepecoin $PEP here, just thought I'd chime in. Pepecoin was made to be a trustless blockchain and fairly launched so that people could have confidence when buying. When you buy Bitcoin or Dogecoin, you don't have to worry that someone is going to blacklist your wallet or disable your ability to sell. The same is true with Pepecoin. The second reason we made a layer 1 blockchain for Pepe is because we believe cryptocurrencies should be used as...well currencies! Many tokens come out with no real intention behind them other than to trade them on exchanges. We think it would be cool to buy a pizza or a cup of coffee with Pepecoin! Pepecoin has extremely low fees making it suitable for making payments online and offline! Network security was a serious concern of ours when we started this project. If this was going to work, the network had to be secure. Memehash is funny, but when no one is securing the blockchain, nobody's laughing. So we decided to make Pepecoin merge minable with Litecoin and Dogecoin. This means that the Pepecoin blockchain takes advantage of the already existing Dogecoin hashrate to secure its network. Meaning as long as people are mining Dogecoin they will also be mining Pepecoin. Lastly, we are genuinely focusing on building a community. It's not a "nice to have" it's a core focus in everything that we do. Because of this, in the first 6 months since launch, we are the largest Pepe cryptocurrency community on Reddit with over 6,400 members. Keep in mind, this is with zero advertising. We are a community of people who love Pepe. Even if you don't buy Pepecoin, we would love to have you in our discord and subreddit. We try to focus on making our community a fun place to be for everyone, not just holders! And if you don't have any money to buy Pepecoin, don't worry! We have lots of fun events where we give away free Pepecoin to the community! Check my bio for more info!


Community value is huge. Taking my bets with PEP


Essentially Pepecoin is a coin based on the Pepe theme. However, there are also many Pepe tokens on the market. Ticker symbol is PEP because 1) it's difficult to list the coin on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap as well as exchanges with Pepe ticker. All tokens can do it but Pepecoin is a coin with own blockchain. 2) BTC, LTC, PEP. 3 letters, a widely used ticker standard. The coin will be listed on all exchanges but currently there are only 2 cex listings. Ledger support is being worked on. There will be a social media push soon. I'm guessing if all things go well 10000X is easy to hit.


There are no smart contracts though it has ordinals and inscriptions built in it just like Doge. It is merged mineable with other scrypt algo coins like Litecoin and Dogecoin. In fact Pepecoin (PEP) is part of the BTC, LTC, DOGE family. It's open source published in Github. There is still no guarantee that it will hit top 50 but the fact that it's a POW coin based on PEPE meme could help it get a super traction.

But it's a coin, shitcoin >>>> shittoken PEP will be like DOGE if it reach a critical mass