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He’s HAL 9000


I love $KMI. It's my 3rd largest stock holding behind and a long term hold with the compounding dividends being reinvested back into more shares with a 5.75% dividend. It's more of a natural gas pipeline stock than Oil pipelines stock but they have both. The volatility in $KMI has been a lot lower than my holdings in $PSX, $HAL, and $BP.

You can never time the bottom, but in 2020 I started buying $HAL at $15 and $MOS at $20. These have been my 2 best performing stocks as no one wanted oil stocks or agriculture fertilizer stocks once Covid lockdowns started. Today I just opened a position in $PYPL and $NFLX. This may not be the bottom; but I didn't time the bottom correctly in $MOS or $HAL either. It's time to plug your nose, close your eyes and start buying stocks that no one else wants, but stocks that have positive earnings and cashflows.

Well everyone is buying puts. I put in opening buy orders for $PYPL, $SONY, $HAL, $MOS, and $AG for market open. This market is going to eventually tank. But everyone is so bearish we are soon to get the mother of all short squeezes and the biggest blow off top everyone has ever seen.

There is so much blood in wall streets rn. So of course I'm buying at open. Every transaction in life is a contract from b/w a buyer & seller. I prefer to buy when everyone wants to sell. I'm buying $SONY, $PYPL, $GOLD, $MOS, and $HAL at open. My opening buy orders are already in. Good Luck everyone.

Tomorrow I am buying $SONY, $INTC, and $PYPL. I am debating on adding to $PSX, $HAL and $GOLD too. I will be spreading the cash around into multiple stocks/sectors. I will be researching more ideas tonight.

Since Crude Oil futures are Green, I say I love beautiful green energy. $XOM, $HAL, $PSX, $CVX, $KMI to the moon.

Good pick up on the OXY. I snagged some HAL calls today-already up 40%


"Human abuse liability (HAL) studies to determine labeling claims for PF614 are scheduled to initiate in the second quarter of 2022." That's the last piece for this phase 2 and why is shows still recruiting. The BE portion is completed and will be available by the end of the quarter.


VTI - 33.81% GOOGL - 19.17% AMZN - 13.17% WFC - 12.02% BRK-B - 8.64% HAL - 4.98% AAPL - 4.34% Cash - 3.97% Would be more comfortable with 10% cash but it’s hard not to be a buyer at these levels.

Energy is the place to be, but there are better plays. I just picked up some HAL $36 calls. There’s also a reason Buffet has a hard on for OXY.


Mine did the opposite over the course of the last few months. HAL & XOP had me up 20% over the last two quarters or so, then poofed down 10% in like 3 days


OXY, MRO, CVN or HAL are all better plays in oil. DVN is the single most incompetent group of employees ever assembled in any industry. Source: trust me bro

OXY - 49% HAL - 17% MicroCap stock called reconafrica- 19% FTCH - 2% Cash - 13% Million dollar portfolio at the moment.


$MOS, $HAL, $PSX, $T, $KMI, $BP, $GOLD, $VZ. Those are my inflation stocks. 5 of the 8 are up big, 1 is even, and 2 are down. A sale is only a sale if you consider your entry price as fair value. $MOS is up over 100% the last year but it is still cheap considering it's forward P/E is 5.15. $T is fairly priced despite being down 30% YOY. People need to ignore their entry price. That doesn't mean the stock is on sale as Cisco and Intel investors learned after dot com.

$MOS, $BP, $HAL, and $PSX are making me a lot richer during this transitory inflation. I'm soo glad I have been BTFD and ignoring the CNBC peak inflation noise. $MOS and $BP are up over 8% today alone after crushing earnings from over a year ago.

I think you need a more coherent strategy. If you want to pick stocks you need to keep up with developments in the company, its competitors and its sector. I think these companies are a bit too random to do that comfortably. My advice would be to create a set of companies with wich you're already somewhat familiar, interested and in the loop. Other sectors you want exposure to but don't want to stay up to date on you could target by specialized funds and the rest just sits in a broad fund potentially available for oppertunities in the sectors you follow. I think most people don't enjoy staying up-to-date on companies like SCI, AWK, UNH, HAL. To understand their situation you need to know the management and the sector, which nobody does for fun. MSFT, AMZN, NVDA are also to random for you to stay interested in I guess. So maybe go for defense companies and retail to start with and add the Nasdaq or more specialized ETF to cover tech. And keep an eye out for the Price/Earnings (PE), because stuff like AMZN, NVDA and COST are just too expensive to casually hold.

There is a lot of tech earnings posted here, but $PSX had a nice beat today. This is my 3rd largest oil holding besides $HAL and $KMI. EPS $1.32 per share actual vs estimate of $1.22 Revenue $36.72 billion vs 34.89 billion estimate A very nice earnings beat for Phillips 66.


DXY YTD Return: ~7% OXY YTD Return: 92% HAL YTD: 57% CF YTD: 37% Was I wrong to open positions in these at the beginning of the year?


I was accumulating XOM, PSX and HAL back in April 2020, started accumulating XLE back in Jan 2021.. it was a buying opportunity of a lifetime ESG, resource constraint, global inflation, transportation issues, geopolitical tension, changing weather patterns My man

I bought XOM calls for May back in March. Honestly all the analysts are prepping for the best earnings they have had since like 2017. I think they will blow it out but theres still the chance that they blow it out but not as much as expected and it stays flat. HAL had decent earnings last week but didn’t pop too much.


GUSH, XOM, HAL they’re all good. XOM has the bonus of ER coming up and rumored record profits.


I just added to $GGB (Brazilian Steel) to go along with adding to $MOS, $HAL, and $GOLD. $MOS forward P/E is 5.2. $GGB forward P/E is 0.16. This peak inflation story is way too early. These companies are printing cash and hiking dividends.

Good thing I got rid of my HAL puts wth is that ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4276)?


I added to $HAL, $MOS, and $GOLD. I am nowhere near convinced we have hit peak inflation; and I am trusting that Gold futures support at $1800 holds, and Crude Oil futures at $95 holds and both become support.


HEY ALGOS OVER HERE! I think tesla is going DOWN and can't wait to buy lots of PUTS! * WINK FUCKING WINK YOU GREAT VALUE HAL 9000 MFKER *


HAL after it dropped 75%. Of course it decides to head up right after I sell after years of heading lower.


Will Halliburton “HAL” get the contact to rebuild Ukraine after the war?


short CVNA or OXY Long into XOM or HAL Long NFLX and TWTR

Wall Street didn't like the forward guidance that Alcoa and Freeport-McMoRan reported in the earnings call this morning; so the suits sold a lot of commodity stocks today. I am staying away from copper, aluminum, and steel stocks until China manufacturing kicks back into hyperdrive again. But people still need to eat. I added to $MOS and $HAL along with some $FSM silver today.


No moves for me tomorrow as I made my moves today. I BTFD in $MOS, $HAL, and $FSM heavily today. I am expecting a commodity blow off top while everyone here is distracted with tech stocks.


Cramer verified! 😆 I think I'll grab a little HAL tomorrow though! Thanks


The $WBD position will balance out all the shares of $MOS and $FSM I bought today and the $T, and $HAL I bought yesterday. I feel like I can't be all in on just commodity stocks and dividend stocks.

Here comes the big money buying into the market the last 30 mins. I just added to $MOS, $HAL, $FSM, and $WBD.

Crude oil climbing but all stocks are down $HAL $BRK etc. I have position in $GUSH as well, double pain.


Upvoted. Concur and also say that I have been following energy services earnings and: * HAL was good but the management was non-committal. They say that projects will be shorter-cycle going forward meaning there may be more projects going forward but each of smaller amount and shorter duration. * BKR was just rubbish. SLB is tomorrow.


Since I am overleveraged commodity stocks, and many here are prolly not looking at the sector; it appears that the poor guidance given by $AA and $FCX after earnings are tanking most commodity company stocks today. $FCX is down nearly 10% and $AA is down 16%. Tomorrow $CLF, a stock I no longer own, reports. If Cleveland-Cliff also reports poor guidance the bottom may not be in for many of these stocks so tread carefully. In full disclosure I added to $MOS today and $HAL the last 2 days. I am willing to admit I might be trying to catch a fallen knife like many tech investors here have since November.

$HAL is still a buy. $GOLD prolly not.


Is HAL still a buy?


I do not disagree. But the market trades with momentum and technicals. I think some of the stocks you mentioned will be worth way more in 5 years than today. And in full disclosure I own both $NOK and $WSD which you mentioned. However $HAL, $GOLD, $PSX, $MOS where crazy undervalued 3-4 years ago. It took 4 years before they became winners. And patience as made me very wealthy in those stocks. But be careful. Some other stocks I bought 4 years ago never recovered. We always think fair value for a stock is the price we paid to open our position. And as $NFLX and $PYPL stock holders feel now, you might be just be buying on a dip in a bubble.

Funny you mention HAL. It was the first trending ticker on my yahoo finance app


And a brand new 52 week high for $KMI. Yesterday it was $HAL hitting another new 52 week high. The narrative that we have hit peak oil or peak inflation is not reflected in the actually stock prices.


I sold out of $CNHI and reinvested that cash into more shares of $HAL. Haliburton & Schlumberger are getting beat up because $BKR missed on earnings this morning.


I suppose mostly the new partnerships/technologies and that more drilling will occur. Was between them and HAL and i basically flipped a coin.


If you are using a no fee brokerage account to buy stocks, than I say 1 share. I have 1 share of $SONY and 1 share of $VZ I bought just to dip my toes in each stock and so they are on my radar in my brokerage account. I am prolly in the minority but I do not like investing more than $500 into one stock in one day. I would much rather buy $500 worth of $HAL, just as an example today, and another $500 next week based on the price movements than all $1k at one time.


Same. Well 60% cash and 40% in $HAL, $PSX, $GOLD, $AG, $MOS, $CLF, etc. Cash and commodities.

I just added to the Holy Trinity of non transitory stocks. $HAL, $GOLD, and $AG. Have fun with those $NFLX earnings tonight tech investors.

Another new 52 week high for $HAL which beat on earnings. No peak Crude Oil juts yet.


Another new 52 week high for $HAL which beat on earnings. Peak Oil isn't here just yet.


Lockheed down Johnson and Johnson down HAL down These earning looking pretty grim


My HAL calls looking at the chart like... *"What can profits do against such reckless algos."*


Looks like a good thing too, HAL is dropping


HAL will print 🖨


My $HAL calls waiting to print ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)


SLB and HAL are suppliers of equipment for the oil industry and I’m bullish on them


HAL 🥵🍆💵🖨


Will HAL go up tomorrow?


Calls on HAL, BKR, SLB, NEX 🖨🖨🖨

HAL call JNJ call TSLA puts


$HAL is a horrible enterprise, but with the rise in oil and natural gas prices combined with the relative cheapness of the symbol, I'll buy a few calls. If I lose my money it serves me right.


Anyone playing Halliburton earnings $HAL ?


Into today w... HAL calls Netflix straddle Twitter puts ARQQ calls from last week... crazy stale =/ *lol*


Bought in HAL at 27 before last earnings, that stock is a beast. They may have some downside though, they pulled out of Russia and Im pretty sure they were heading up the power of siberia 2 pipeline.


Only earnings that will be good this week are $HAL (oil) $LMT (missiles&war) $AA (aluminum/commodities) and $TSLA is a coin toss. Everything else is going to hell

$HAL and $JNJ for tuesday 4/19 ER $TWTR tomorrow $50


Screw TSLA and NFLX this week, I’m going all in on HAL (oil rigs) and AA (aluminum) war and commodities boom is going to makes those last two PRINT for Q1. Unless they pump too much leading into earnings

Energy services stocks. Yes, energy prices may remain high for quite some time. However, it appears that energy companies are gunshy to invest heavily in new energy capex until it is apparent that higher energy prices are here to stay and not a mere fluke due to the Ukraine War. Longer term though, they may be good. Shorter-term, we'll see if I'm right next week with HAL and SLB both announcing earnings.


Theory for my 430 friday spy puts: Monday: Banks are doomed because Covid isn’t propping them up anymore so I expect monday BOFA/Schwab earnings 📉. Puts are safe. Tuesday: $HAL Oil Rigs and $LMT war tycoon report on Tuesday so war stocks and oil 📈 then there’s $NFLX which I’m not expecting anything special from and another bank failure from J&J. Spy flat to down. Wednesday: $TSLA- will show retard strength, or tank due to people thinking elon commited to twitter (which reports next week) $ALCOA aluminum will 📈 because war and commodities TLDR: Dump puts at Tuesday dip for fear of TSLA

Yeah $XOM and $HAL are paid me well this year.


Until commodities pullback? The selling could go much much farther. My biggest winners in 2008 where the Ag stocks like $MOS and the Oil Stocks like $XOM and $HAL. Once they fell than everything in the market tanked.


And another new 52 week high for $HAL. I am so glad I am buying the small pullbacks on Commodity stocks that are running and not BTFD on tech.


I am sure I bought at the top; but I added to $T, $HAL, and $GOLD today. Those 3 stocks will make or break my portfolio. But instead of constantly BTD I am buying stocks that are running on a daily pullback. Barrick announced a 17% reduction in gold mining production so there are some risks there. But I am trusting technical analysis on all 3 purchases as all 3 have price support and I believe all 3 will continue to run.


Guys, just buy LMT, RTX, HAL, NOC and Boston Dynamics

Another 52 week high for $HAL. Buy Haliburton as the Global push for pumping more Crude Oil is in the 1st inning.

r/stocksSee Comment

If you own $USO yeah maybe you need to be concerned. If you buying the company stocks that are about to raise their dividends you are going to be ok. The forward P/E of most of the Oil stocks I own is below 10. $HAL, $KMI, $PSX, and $BP would have to drop 50% before I would be at my cost basis. I respectfully disagree.

r/optionsSee Comment

Dang sorry. For HAL I bought $37 ITM Calls (they were In The Money on Thursday) for $1.86. I thought I overpaid but on Friday buyers came in strong.

r/optionsSee Comment

I know this is early but HAL (Haliburton) reports Tuesday April 19th premarket and KMI (Kinder Morgan) reports on the 20th. Thursday before market close I got kind of lucky buying the HAL CALL Expiry April 22 for 1.96$ but unless we get another dip I think stuck with what I have.

r/stocksSee Comment

HAL + MOS behaved the opposite of most stocks. They rallied when most were falling. KMI too much debt + low Current ratio.


If you believe in wedges and shit the following energy stocks are in rising wedges (bearish) XOM, HAL, EQNR This lines up with resistance for XLE @ 80. If XLE cannot close the day above 79.25 this is a HIGH probability short here. [CVX]([XOM]([EQNR]( [HAL](

New 52 week highs today for $MOS, $HAL, and $KMI. Thank gawd I own those stocks and don't take investment advice from WSB. I'd rather buy stocks that are running over BTFD in the same tech stocks since November waiting on a tweet from Elon or Ryan Cohen announcing a stock purchase for a pump up.

r/stocksSee Comment

I own 3 stocks that hit new 52 week highs today. $MOS, $KMI, and $HAL. I also added to $HAL and $KMI this week. You can't always keep BTD on same stocks that keep going down. Sometimes you have to buy stocks that are running. If you aren't fighting the Fed when the have a loose monetary policy, than you shouldn't fight the Fed when they tighten. This just means there are different stocks that will be winners now.


**Ban Bet Created:** **/u/drew-gen-x** bet **HAL** goes from **39.35** to **44.0** before **2022-04-29 11:47:27.019599-04:00**


!banbet HAL 44 3w


A new 52 week high for $KMI. $HAL is a 25 cents from a new 52 week high. People need to realize some of these Oil stocks are making bank without Crude Oil prices continuing to make new 52 week highs.


$CLF, $MOS, $HAL, and $GOLD. I love commodity stocks. Their gains have 3x inflation. I'll happily continue to pay for more at the pump and grocery store if I keep getting these returns.

Im loaded up on HAL and XOM shares as well as calls for next earnings. Why would oil drop when the summer is historically a high demand time?

r/stocksSee Comment

$HAL, $GOLD, $XOM, $PSX, $BP, $CLF. Or just buy $SCHD, $XLE, and $GDX if you don't have strong convictions on a particular stock. All are trading above all DMA support levels on the 3 month charts.

I'm grabbing LMT with HAL


This is feeling like a post-Soundgarden Chris Cornell day in the markets. So I am listening to Audioslave & solo Chris tunes while buying $HAL, $KMI, $GGB, and $GOLD. Those type of stocks did well in 2002-2008. This may NOT be the best technical investment advice thou.

r/stocksSee Comment

Well If I waited 1 more day I could have sold $MOS for another 6% profit. Bad move on my part. I am done waiting. I just added to $KMI, $GGB, $HAL, and $CX. My purchases are in for the day. Cemex might be a mistake as it has no support.

It's nice to see $MOS run and hit another 52 week high the day after I sold it. What stock do you want me to sell next so it'll run and hit another 52 week highs? $HAL, $PSX, or $GOLD? Jezus.

r/stocksSee Comment

I just added more to $HAL. I like the Oil equipment / service stocks more than pure Oil stocks like $XOM, $CVX right now. I will prolly also add to $KMI today as well as I like natural gas & oil pipeline stocks as well. None of my stocks are moving in the right direction except crude oil stocks and $GOLD and commodity stocks to a lesser extent.

r/stocksSee Comment

I don't blame you. I have very few stocks I consider long term holdings right now. $INTC and $GT might be it. I have absolutely no tech or growth stocks right now. Most of the stocks I own are either commodity or short term plays. $HAL, $PSX, $GOLD, $CLF, and $MOS. If this AT&T merger doesn't work with Discovery in a couple weeks I will be selling AT&T as well. The Crude Oil, Gold, and Agriculture stocks have saved me, but even there I sold all long term cap gain tax lots in $MOS today. This market is moving from dot com to 2008 in an accelerated rate. This's the problem with living thru 2 market crashes in your 40's and seeing the 3rd market crash just right over that horizon. We know how bad it can get and we ain't there yet.

r/stocksSee Comment

$XOM is a buy. All the major Oil stocks are a buy until we have a recession caused by demand destruction due to Oil prices going too high. These stocks are going to reward their shareholders with increased dividends. Once it is clear we are in a recession sell all Oil stocks. Actually sell all stocks once we are officially in a recession until the Fed goes from a tightening monetary policy back to a loose monetary policy. Disclosure - I own $PSX, $HAL, $KMI, and $SHEL.

r/stocksSee Comment

No, but I am hoping this bet pays off. Every stock I have dumped a ton of cash into besides 2 has paid off. Goodyear & AT&T have made me a HUGE bag holder so I am betting that being patient will pay off. If I only put half as much cash into $MOS or $HAL as I did into $T I would not be on reddit chatting with you all but either be in Malibu or I would have bought the entire fucking state of Montana. Good luck.


Buy $HAL or $BKR, or $SLB. I prefer $HAL. If everyone in the world is drilling than the Oil Equip/Svcs stocks will 3x $XOM or $CVX. Besides they haven't hit 52 week highs yet.

In a positive twist, HAL 9000 has found employment after a long time ‘between jobs.’


I hate getting old. But investing in the stock market is sooo less stressful if you just buy & hold boomer $XOM, $HAL, and $GOLD. And maybe you take a couple risks buying $CLF and $MOS. Instead of worrying about popcorn $AMC short squeezes or blockbuster video tape $GME Ryan Cohan stock can just chill and count your cash. Good luck everyone.