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What's Happening in the Cosmos Ecosystem?

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A look on stablecoins fully collateralized by physical deposits: e-Money!

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How do you keep track of a large portfolio?

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How do you keep track of a large portfolio?

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Timing is everything in Crypto. I’m wondering if centralized exchanges might NGM working like this.

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Timing is everything in crypto, centralized exchanges NGM imho.

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A Solana ETP (stock-like product) just went on sale on the NGM market 🚀🚀🚀 This is SEK

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The Expanding Ecosystem of e-Money

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Only 1 hour Until Today's Grand Reveal |It's almost time for the The Biggest Mystery Presale | Massive 7 Digit Presale | Devs Doxxed |The Biggest Launch in DeFi on July 1st

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🚨 2 Hrs Left Today Until Reveal: July 1st at 2 pm PST Biggest Launch in DeFi this summer ⚡️ Team is trusted and will doxx ⚡️ 7 Digits Presale | Mystery Presale Revealed🚨

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🚨Biggest Presale in this season ⚡️ Team is trusted and will doxx ⚡️ 7 Digits Presale | MysteryPresale will be revealed tomorrow🚨

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🚨Biggest Presale in this season ⚡️ Team is trusted and will doxx ⚡️ 7 Digits Presale | MysteryPresale will be revealed tomorrow🚨

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🚨Biggest Launch in DeFi this summer ⚡️ Team is trusted and will doxx ⚡️ 7 Digits Presale | MysteryPresale will be revealed in 1 more day!! (July 1st at 12pm PST)🚨

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🚨Biggest Presale in this season ⚡️ Team is trusted and will doxx ⚡️ 7 Digits Presale | MysteryPresale will be revealed (July 1st) 🚨

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Biggest Presale of The Year is coming! | Team is trusted and will Doxx | Potential 7 digit presale | A Mystery will be solved on July 1st

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List of Today's and Tomorrow's Upcoming Events

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Swedish Stock Exchange, NGM List Polkadot (DOT) Exchange Traded Product (ETP)

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Anyone getting on the NGM? Seems like an interesting coin that may make people some money

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Research and Thoughts on the Upcoming Cosmos' Gravity Dex

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Cosmonauts!! The Gravity DEX testnet competition starts in one day for COSMOS/ATOM!


I'm upbeat because this isn't my first bear market, I know how things work, and I'm only investing what I can afford to lose. Staking my long-term tokens such as ATOM, NGM, EVMOS, and JUNO while profiting has also helped me stay positive.

What keeps me going is knowing that in 1, 2, 3, or so years things will be different as it has always been the case. I'm using the time to DCA ETH, BNB, MATIC, etc., then stake coins like ATOM, NGM and EVMOS for more rewards.

Holding and staking to increase my bag before the next bear summer. I have ATOM, NGM, EVMOS, JUNO, OSMO, and many other Cosmos based projects staked. The APYs vary from 20% to 135% which is very good.

While I will say DYOR, the only projects I can recommend are BNB, DOT, NGM, OCEAN, BRKL, etc. NGM because payment is still the holy grail of the massive adoption of crypto. My choice is e-money because of the transparency of the project. I think the quarterly audit by E&Y is something to speak of. Also, the sets of European stablecoins which are regulatory compliant shows how much of a gem the NGM is.

I keep saying it, the next bull run will be insane and the earlier one starts preparing for it, the better. Most altcoins are at an outrageously low value and might reach new highs in the next bull. The best time to plan for the bull is yesterday, the next best time is now. That's why I keep DCAing on my easiest buys like BTC, ETH, NGM, and BNB because of the tremendous potential to outdo the previous ATHs. It's been an easy buy to keep stacking NGM holdings because of the dedication of its team.

Large caps: DOT, BNB, ETH, MATIC Small Caps: CARD, NGM, BRKL, DAFI. I already have a roadmap of accumulating as much as possible because I’m here for the long term. For example, my holdings in NGM increased significantly with the new e-money partnership with Nord Finance which is a decentralized financial ecosystem.

Every dump presents investors with the rare opportunity to at discounted prices. Imagine spending $100k on BTC when it was $30k, you will get the same volume of BTC now that the price is ~$15k if you invest $50k. The same goes for altcoins, which have dropped much further than BTC. Some altcoins are 95% from ATH e.g CARD, NGM, etc, presenting investors the rare opportunity to accumulate at ridiculously cheap prices.


I agree with you. Personally I stake most of my coins which include ATOMZ EVMOS, JUNO, NGM, OSMO, etc., using Keplr wallet which is a Cosmos and IBC based wallet. I have sole access to my staked coins and I can undelegate/redelegate at any time.

The only problem with this is that you don't own the staked ETH and stETH is not real ETH. This is why I mostly stake Cosmos based coins because there's no minimum cap. Delegating ATOM, EVMOS, NGM, OSMO, etc., for staking rewards is very simple with any IBC or Cosmos based wallet. This year has taught me "not your keys, not your tokens".

Staking ATOM is very lucrative. Apart from the staking rewards, you also qualify for potential airdrops in the process. Some of the previous airdops like OSMO, JUNO, STARS and EVMOS were worth thousands. I have all of them staked in addition to NGM, CRE, REBUS, CMDX, etc.

POS staking is the way for me, if it's liquid then even better. Got ATOM, SCRT, NGM, JUNO, EVMOS, bit of a cosmos lover here

Most projects on Cosmos have been doing well in terms of building and expanding. Take a look at the likes of EVMOS, NGM, JUNO, etc. E-money is featuring new NGM staking options with the latest being Superfluid staking on Osmosis. Super Fluid staking directly increases the opportunity for NGM and OSMO token holders and validators to earn rewards, as tokens can simultaneously earn transaction fees from providing pool liquidity and earn staking rewards for helping to secure the network.

Good catch, I’ll have a look. What’s your take on NGM (e-Money)? It’s been garnering traction lately given how fast the suites of stablecoins like ENOK, EEUR, etc are growing. JUNO also keeps popping up everywhere.

This would be a better time to buy solid low market cap projects that could have huge roi during the next bull run. I would recommend STARS, DIA, NGM, and CMDX for you to check out.

I prefer staking as a form of passive income. I have ATOM, EVMOS, NGM, JUNO, OSMO and many other coins staked for decent rewards. I have no doubt it will pay off once the market is back to being bullish.

To buy as much dip as I can and find work outside of crypto. The last year, I missed out on some opportunities due to a lack of funds, and this year, I have a job that allows me to buy more dips of my favorite tokens such as MATIC, NGM, ETH, ATOM, and others with my paycheck.

I'm hoping for a good investment return after investing heavily in OCEAN, NGM, MATIC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies. The next run will determine whether or not I will have financial freedom.

I'm hoping for a good investment return after investing heavily in OCENA, NGM, MATIC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies. The next run will determine whether or not I will have financial freedom.

Good picks, I’m a big fan of the cosmos ecosystem so I’ll like to add JUNO, NGM, and EVMOS. All are fundamentally solid and offering relevant use cases to the crypto sphere.

Cosmos remains my favourite blockchain ecosystem. I have many Cosmos coins, I bought some and earned the rest via aidrops. My favourites are ATOM, EVMOS, JUNO, NGM, OSMO, CMDX and SCRT.

I use Osmosis too because of low fees and high yields. It's the only Dex I know with $0 transaction fees. Liquidity mining rewards are very good on the DEX especially pools with superfluid staking enabled such as EVMOS/OSMO, USDC/OSMO, NGM/OSMO, WBTC/OSMO, EEUR/OSMO, and so on.

I will keep 30% in EEUR stablecoin DCA in case the market drops further. 20% will go into ETH, 15% will go into ATOM, 10% will go into OCEAN, which I will also use to participate in data farming, 10% will go into NGM, 10% will go into MATIC and 5% for degen into low cap gems.

I've never used a lending platform before for yields. Proof of stake chains like ATOM, NGM, JUNO and OSMO where I can stake and manage my assets from my wallet are my only source of yields right now.

25% stablecoins (for future DCA), 25% BTC, 25% ETH, 25% Alts: MATIC, OCEAN, GMX, NGM, CHZ (World Cup around the corner).

Nothing changed for me, instead, I compounded all the staking rewards I harvested from ATOM and NGM these past few days. Hard to ignore these cheap prices tbh.


Until I see BTC above 30k before I become bullish again. Because BTC over 30k means massive profit for me on coins like ATOM, JUNO, EVMOS, and NGM due to a lot of DCA I have done.

There's no point in selling at a loss right now. Don't let the fud get to you; simply leave it in your wallet if you don't intend to buy more. They might turn up the next run. I've been buying all deep discounts for myself. I recently added NGM and ATOM.


I'm excited about the future of the data economy and crypto payment processors. This year, these two fields have grown a lot. I believe these 2 industries have a bright future, and I have investments in OCEAN, UTK, and NGM, which are all from these industries.

I do use Osmosis Dex for liquidity mining and Keplr for staking ATOM, EVMOS, NGM, and JUNO. Staking is the less risky option and their APYs are also very decent.

Selling is not even an option. That would be like shooting myself in the leg. With the market tanking, I'm adding more of my favorite and long-long bags like OCEAN, ATOM, BNB, MATIC, NGM, and EVMOS.

I agree on staking on Keplr. I have these coins ATOK, EVMOS, NGM, JUNO, OSMO and more staked on Keplr and the rewards are very good. This is one of the benefits of PoS blockchains like Cosmos.

The whole market can feel the bearish impact and it keeps getting worse by the day, but the market is bound to always recover because that's how its works in the cycle. Now, What next? Next is to hold on to my solid projects and DCA as much as possible just in time for the looming bull market where sacrifices are rewarded. That's why I am hodling coins like NGM and some Web3 coins. With the new e-money partnership with Nord Finance, I know I have a solid coin on my hands.


Lol, you don't actually leave things on a DEX. You connect to it and use the exchange, but your coins/tokens always remain with you. This is just the case with everything that is truly decentralized. The only thing that looks like giving up custody is Staking/farming. But it's transparent and on-chain so you can see where the tokens are. For everything I stake on-chain, there is a CEX staking alternative that I duly ignored. ATOM, DOT, NGM, CAKE can all be staked on exchanges like Binance and AscendEx but I dare not try leaving my funds there.

I think more than as means of exchange, cryptocurrency is better as a store of value, especially in this period of unprecedented global inflation. This explains why the standards for stablecoins must be top-tier. This explains my obsession with NGM’s set of European stablecoins like ESEK, EEUR, and EDKK which are regulatory-compliant. I think regulatory complaince should be minimum standards for stablecoins.


It's not FOMO to me if I am DCAing on a favorite project because I already have a roadmap of accumulating as much as possible but a looming pump could motivate me to buy more from time to time. For example, my holding in NGM increased significantly with the new partnership with Nord Finance which is a decentralized financial ecosystem. I see potential in that and that's why I can’t regard it as FOMO.


Sold whatever wasn't my long-term hodl. Will be looking to add to my positions in the next coming weeks, my EEUR bags just growing fatter. Opened a short on FTT on Kucoin which I should be using to load up on ATOM and NGM pretty soon.

I sometimes struggle to get the value proposition for OSMO as a coin. I also have the rest you mentioned staked, plus SCRT and NGM. Secret is a privacy project, not the finished product but progress has been made. NGM is e-Money's token, e-Money is a stablecoin issuer (European stablecoins: EEUR, ECHF, ENOK and a few others). Their stablecoins are fully backed by fiat 100% they release periodic audit reports for transparency.

I like to stake ATOM, EVMOS, NGM, JUNO, OSMO and other Cosmos based projects. They all offer very good staking APYs.

Well, it depends on what you are staking in the community. I get 20% staking ATOM, 26% on NGM, and 40% on JUNO. I don't think those coins you mentioned are part of the Cosmos ecosystem.

My favourite POS cryptocurrencies are ATOM, EVMOS, JUNO, NGM and OSMO. These are Cosmos based projects offering real utilities. ATOM enables sovereign chains to communicate with each other, EVMOS is a bridge between Ethereum and Cosmos, JUNO is an interoperable smart contract platform, NGM is a stablecoins payment platform while OSMO is an interchain AMM.

Taking part in testnets and possibly qualifying for airdrops is one of the best ways. I have also gotten airdrops from staking coins in Cosmos such as ATOM, OSMO, NGM and JUNO.

Staking is really good if you are lucky. Unfortunately I got burned staking in Anchor Protocol. These days, I moved on to staking BUSD on Binance for about 8% APY, ATOM for 19% APY, NGM for 25% APY, EVMOS for 155% APY and so on. Hopefully the bull run will shine on us.

Staking: You can earn a small % by staking certain coins, the accumulation over a long period will be worth it. You can try staking ATOM and NGM om Keplr wallet. Bounty: You can earn tokens by participating in bounty campaigns. Usually, you’ll be required to carry out certain tasks to qualify.


I have bags I can't wait to sell, and bags I'm accumulating. Some I know I'll never break even on, like ROWAN, sold all for EEUR months ago, and slowly DCAing the EEUR into ATOM and NGM. It's my worst loss, keeps me up at night. I've had many rugs but at least for those, I was aware of the risk and probability. Since the turn of the year, I've dumped nothing less than 10 alts, a lot at dusty prices.

It looks more like a bull trap, given that the volume is still low, and BTC dominance keeps dropping. I'm keeping stablecoins like EEUR & BUSD with the plan of gradually accumulating the likes of DOT, CARD, NGM, CARD, BNB, etc gradually in case the prices drop further.

Staking, Farming, Airdrops Cosmos projects have some of the best APRs around, not high enough for you to run for your life. ATOM 19%, SCRT 23%, OSMO 23%, NGM 26%, JUNO 40%, EVMOS 155%. And all solid projects, but DYOR.

I have been asking myself the same question today after seeing the bullish movement on coins like BNB, MATIC, NGM, ATOM, TRIAS, LINK, etc. I just hope it's not another bull trap. >But what about the rest of them? Can we say the same about every altcoin? I don't think the recent bullish movement is just about Meta partnering with AR and MATIC because most altcoins are generally up at the moment.

My cashout season begins whenever the bull season returns. I've been stocking up ETH, ATOM, NGM, MATIC, and BNB in preparation for the next bull run. If it comes next year, that's fine; if it comes in 2024, I'll be ready.

Since the bull market is still months away, my plan right now is to continue staking ATOM, EVMOS, NGM, JUNO, OSMO and some tokens to increase my bags before it arrives.

This is a very informative article. However, two methods that I frequently use were not mentioned: "Scrutinize its Tokenomics" and "Gauge its Market Fit." These two methods, along with the ones mentioned in the article, have assisted me in identifying tokens such as MATIC, OCEAN, NGM, TRIAS, LSS, AZERO, and others early.

It really depends on the inflation rate and other factors, most of the top projects on cosmos ecosystem have APRs above 10%. Even ATOM is 19% currently. Some like NGM have APR of 26% but this is that high partly because interest from their stablecoins are used to support it as well as burn NGM. But generally, bar some rare cases, you're right, higher APRs are usually unsustainable.


150% is on the high side. I get 18% APY from ATOM and 26% from NGM. These are what I consider to be reasonable.


But are they sustainable? Because any staking of more than 40% raises a red flag for me. I get 20%, 26%, and 40% on ATOM, NGM, and JUNO, and they are quite sustainable.

This is why crypto is the future. I can instantly transfer funds or make payments using UTK and NGM seamlessly which is a big win to me.


ATOM, NGM, MOONS, MATIC to name just a few. Memecoins for the now. Elon has triggered something.

I don't joke with defi features in the bear. I'm also a big fan of Cosmos ecosystem tokens. I hold and stake the likes of OSMO, ATOM, NGM, and EVMOS to earn passive income.


I’m staking ATOM and NGM on Keplr wallet. Also providing NGM & EEUR liquidity on Osmosis.

I'm in Cosmos as well. Apart from participating in liquidity mining on Osmosis and Junoswap, I also stake ATOM, NGM, JUNO, EVMOS, CMDX and many other Cosmos based projects for decent APYs.

DeFi mainstream adoption is already happening. I prefer to send funds using either UTK or NGM's payment platform which is very cheap, instant and transparent. Banks take longer time and charge more fees in comparison.


NGM is my favorite in cosmos. They really got the stablecoin model right. The staking APY is also juicy for the bear market standard.


Day one Anon holder here, minted two back then, sold both then bought another I've been eyeing. Also minted a few Anon Army and sold all, so I'm left with my one OG Anon. I got NFTs in about 6 other chains but Anon is my most valuable. Good diversification for me. I really like Cosmos ecosystem, it really feels different and refreshing, some of my favorite projects reside there currently: ATOM, SCRT, NGM. I liked Polkadot ecosystem too but it was a bit too complicated for me, still got OCEAN from in there anyway, unarguably one of the most solid projects in the space. No one who gets in-depth into it ever has bad words. I don't know what's happening in Smartchain recently, but CAKE remains a solid pick.

It looks like everyone is joining the cosmos train. I’m also a big fan of Polkadot. I keep my diversified portfolio in NGM, BNB, OCEAN, DOT, CARD, etc. If you are in for the long term, it's time to DYOR & explore these projects considering the relevance of their use cases. For OCEAN protocol, I can’t wait for Web3 decentralized internet to become mainstream, that's when we will understand the importance of data efficiency and monetization. NGM, New Generation of Money, is built on Cosmos SDK. e-Money is a global financial services payments network in which NGM token holders directly benefit from the adoption and use of e-Money’s unique interest-bearing stablecoins.

Whatever I already have, I DCA. What I want but don't have yet, I'm reluctantly waiting for lower prices🤦🏽‍♂️ Wanted to start buying NGM after I started using EEUR when UST crashed. Couldn't bring myself to until ROWAN messed up and I switched places. Now I just compound staking rewards. It's the only new project I've added this year, not for lack of candidates though. It was just easy to just switch over to it on Osmosis. That confidence to start buying generally isn't there yet.


**VRA** is a major target for me, but I'm not buying yet. **NGM** is another I'm already DCAing in plus compounding staking rewards, the stablecoin sector has so much ahead and the potential is highlighted by bear markets. 12m mcap is a steal imo for one of the top stablecoin issuers. **OCEAN** is already a major part of my portfolio. The number of updates and developments they've had in this bear market so far has got me bullish beyond normal, there's almost a major news every month🤯 **ATOM 2.0** and the cosmos ecosystem in view, already staking a couple there.

I’m currently buying but not as much as I would have loved. Why? Because I’m not having access to as much money as I did during the bull market. I’m keeping stablecoins like EEUR & USDC and gradually taking long-term positions in coins like ATOM, NGM, CARD, etc. I’m happy to keep DCAing as the prices fall further.

The play has already begun and it involves buying at discounted prices and holding for the long term. I’m also exploring ways to earn passively during the bear market. So far, I’ve tried staking NGM on AscendEx &, locking OCEAN to earn veOCEAN rewards, staking BRKL on the native platform, staking ATOM on Keplr wallet,

The bull market strategy is already in the works. During this bear market, I've been accumulating NGM, ATOM, NEAR, AZERO, MATIC, EVMOS, and JUNO. And I believe I'm ready for the bull run.

Cosmos is a good platform for DeFi. NGM, OSMO, ATOM, and JUNO are suitable for a start.

Cosmos keeps gearing up and getting stronger with time. It also has some very good projects to show for that, the likes of EVMOS, NGM, JUNO, etc. Keep close tabs on Flow and Partisia blockchains, they're looking solid as well.

Quite a good list. However, I will choose ATOM, SCRT, EVMOS, JUNO, NGM, and FET. These are the cosmos treasures I'm paying attention to.

A well-diversified crypto and blockchain portfolio can benefit from the sector's growth while potentially experiencing less price volatility. Diversifying my bag has helped me in the past and in the current bear. I'm also a big fan of the Cosmos ecosystem, where I hold and stake projects like NGM, ATOM, OSMO, EVMOS, and JUNO.

Cosmos has been getting a lot of love recently and it's not surprising considering all the developments going on in the ecosystem. My current Cosmos bags include ATOM, NGM, EVMOS, JUNO, OSMO, CMDX and many other smaller bags. The best part of Cosmos is that these tokens can be staked for passive income.

Almost all my favourite Cosmos based projects are in the list but you missed NGM which I believe has a big potential. Stablecoins adoption in Europe is inevitable and NGM could become one of the biggest stablecoins payment platforms with it's fully backed and audited EEUR, ECHF... stablecoins.


According to the article: ATOM EVMOS SCRT OSMO KAVA BAND JUNO. Me: list.append(NGM)

The best one for me is staking. I have been staking ATOM, JUNO, EVMOS, NGM, BUSD and so many other tokens since last year and I have enjoyed every bit of the rewards. Staking ATOM, JUNO, EVMOS, NGM and other Cosmos tokens qualifys you for airdrops which makes it even much better.

Top 6 1. ATOM 2. EVMOS 3. NGM 4. SCRT 5. JUNO 6. SCRT

Most of the projects I am holding right now are due to their strong track record and the continuous development of the team despite the bear and the passive income some offer. That leaves me with $NGM which has continued to partner and integrate with other crypto ecosystems despite the bear market. Also, the passive 24% APY by staking $NGM on Citadel is another great thing in this bear market.


I use it moslty for payments. My country limits monthly FX transactions but with crypto payment platform such as Vella Finance I can make purchases in FX at will. I also use NGM's EEUR stablecoin to send and receive payments across border.


This is true. A number of crypto payment platforms like UTK and NGM are already disrupting the payment space with low fees, cross-border payments and instant finality in the case of NGM.


I'd prefer a portfolio of altcoins, they will provide better returns. And my portfolio of altcoins will inlcude ATOM, EVMOS, BNB, MATIC and NGM.

I'm not a fan of memecoins but Ethereum is a good project to have in one's bag. There are other projects with massive rewards to keep an eye on such as ATOM, EVMOS, NGM and JUNO.

The bear market is far crazier than I thought, I keep DCAing on coins like BTC, BNB, and NGM while a good % of my holdings are in stablecoins till the market shows signs that the bears are gone. Take a look at e-money’s suite of European stablecoins such as EEUR, EDKK, ESEK, etc. They are also interest-bearing and fully collateralized.

It's ATOM, BNB, and NGM for me. They are my hope in the upcoming bull run.


Not all holders. Someone like me prefer Decentralized exchange and I have my NGM, ATOM, JUNO, and EVMOS on Keplr wallet and my MATIC on Atomic wallet. The only thing I do on CEX is trading and on-ramp and off-ramp.

I'm not familiar with these coins. My plan is to continue to DCA and stake known projects like OCEAN, ATOM, NGM, JUNO and EVMOS until the next bull run.

I work and put a tiny bit of my paycheck to DCA at the end of each month to build my long-term bags. In addition, I have staked NGM, JUNO, ATOM, BNB, and NEAR, and I claim the reward weekly to buy the dip.

It's not a bad thing. They are a number of blockchain-based projects such as NGM which is currently scaling financial institutions. I believe banks will benefit from it's instant settlements, low fees and cross-border payments.


I'm mostly staking ATOM, EVMOS, NGM and JUNO to earn more tokens. I'm also DCAing and converting some my staking rewards to other tokens.

Finance is one thing the crypto market has revolutionized and with Web3, there is like a second wave of revolution with projects improving the flaws of the traditional banking system and giving more control to users. A payment processing platform like e-money is bringing that desired transparency with its quarterly audits by E&Y. E-money also offers financial freedom by way of passive earnings through staking $NGM on Keplr & Citadel for a 24% APY.


All Cosmos ecosystem tokens use this mechanism. I've also staked coins like NGM, EVMOS, and JUNO, and I'll have to wait 21 days before I can unstake them without getting a reward. That is the rule, and in my opinion, it is just to make it more secure.

1. ETH 2. BNB 3. DOT 4. OCEAN 5. NGM All are fundamentally solid and their prices are about 70-90% down from ATH.

The bull market can be confusing because multiple projects are mooning, but nothing is as confusing as deciding what to do with your $$ in a bear mark. The trick is still to DCA. I am DCAing on my CARD and NGM bags now and I probably have to double up my NGM holdings. Payment processing is one fast route for massive adoption and I am glad e-money’s product is in that direction.


I always knew that banks are not my friends. Having crypto projects that enable me to send money across border with low fees and instant finality like NGM is one of the reasons I believe crypto is the future.


I always knew that banks are not my friends. Having crypto projects that enable me to send money across border with low fees and instant finality like NGM is one of the reasons I believe crypto is the future.


SOL should be replaced by ATOM. People are really sleeping on the Cosmos ecosystem but I have no doubt that the ecosystem will get traction during the next bull season. There are many interesting projects on Cosmos. My favourites are EVMOS, JUNO, OSMO, NGM, KUJI and STARS.

This. I've got for instance NGM or MITX, none of them are on the big exchanges (yet). Only Kucoin or Ascendex have a lot of coins, but also a lot of bad reviews...


Majority are vaporware, its easier to sift through during bear markets, there's less noise and distraction in the market then. Obviously BTC and ETH are the top coins, closely followed by BNB thanks to Binance's restless round-the-clock works. I'll give MATIC a huge shout as the most used Ethereum sidechain. Huge shout for oracles like LINK and DIA, their use in crypto and defi cannot be overstated. OCEAN is gradually establishing themselves as masters of data economy on the blockchain, integrations and use transcends even beyond crypto to traditional/enterprise usage. Layer 0s like Cosmos and Polkadot is making a good case for interoperability also and will play major roles in the future. Then I'll say adoption of crypto depends a lot on how comfortable mainstream will be using it. To that end, stablecoins will play huge role, so issuers like Circle, Pax, Tether, e-Money should perform relatively well(for those with governance token like NGM for e-Money). Also on this last point, payment platforms like Utrust, CDC, Binance pay, bitpay among others are also good for research.

I see the real use of crypto in projects like BNB, UTK, OCEAN, and NGM. BNB, UTK, and NGM all help with easy onboarding and financial inclusion. Individuals can send/receive money with Binancepay, UTK, or NGM. And a project like OCEAN: is freeing up data and giving power back to an individual. We can store/share/monetize our data securely with it.

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I will love to see it flourish. All the qualities a good stablecoin should possess are present in NGM stablecoins.

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Ignoring Cosmos will be very dangerous. NGM is just one of the numerous undervalued projects in Cosmos ecosystem. I believe the stablecoins have a chance of taking over the European market.