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Evmos has raised over $27 millions to expand in Development of Decentralized Applications(EVM)!

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What's Happening in the Cosmos Ecosystem?

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Atom has moved into the Top 20 coins by market cap, why is that?

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NEED HELP PLEASE Sent ETH to EVMOS now cannot figure out how to swap for EVMOS

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Will a Queen Elizabeth NFT be minted anytime soon?

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Time Is Running Out To Claim EVMOS

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EVMOS validator tries to cheat in PoS to get slightly higher revenue and gets slashed. Now asking people to delegate to its new validator.

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If you used Ethereum network pre-2021, claim your Evmos!

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We, the Financial Revolutionaries. (plus crypto daily recap)

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The Internet of Blockchains - June Update

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SafuEVMOS APY 382,945.41% || Autostaking and autocompounding|| First Safuu fork on EVMOS || Launch on 7th May at 20 UTC

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SafuEVMOS Biggest APY || Autostaking|| The Only One Safuu fork on EVMOS Chain || Launch on 7th May

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SafuEVMOS Great APY Holders Heaven Safe Token Great Potential First Safuu fork on EVMOS Network || Launch on 7th May


I'm really a big fan of Cosmos. I believe interoperability of Cosmos will be key to blockchain dominance in the future. ATOM, EVMOS, JUNO, NGM, OSMO, SCRT and CMDX are some of my favourite Cosmos based projects.

How can the CEX platform be the best staking platform in 2022 with everything that's happening? Good luck to those who use it. I don't have to worry because my staking tokens ATOM, OCEAN, and EVMOS are better suited to the Dex platform.

I don't know why anyone would prefer to stake their coins on a centralised exchange with everything happening. My favourite staking platform is Keplr app for staking ATOM, EVMOS, NGM, JUNO, OSMO, SCRT and other Cosmos based projects.

Cosmos is my favourite blockchain network. Building on Cosmos is a smart move because Cosmos allows for application specific soveriegn blockchains to be built on it. Some of my favourite Cosmos based projects beside ATOM are: - EVMOS which is bridging Ethereum dApps into Cosmos. - JUNO an interoperable smart contract platform. - NGM a stablecoins payment platform. - OSMO the interchain Dex.

Looks like the EVMOS exit I made a month or so ago was the right play after all. And to think people were trying to clown me. W


I'm upbeat because this isn't my first bear market, I know how things work, and I'm only investing what I can afford to lose. Staking my long-term tokens such as ATOM, NGM, EVMOS, and JUNO while profiting has also helped me stay positive.

What keeps me going is knowing that in 1, 2, 3, or so years things will be different as it has always been the case. I'm using the time to DCA ETH, BNB, MATIC, etc., then stake coins like ATOM, NGM and EVMOS for more rewards.

Holding and staking to increase my bag before the next bear summer. I have ATOM, NGM, EVMOS, JUNO, OSMO, and many other Cosmos based projects staked. The APYs vary from 20% to 135% which is very good.

I myself stopped buying in January, had a lot of luck with airdrops that i have been converting to ETH. Now that that has run dry (EVMOS) I am trying to force myself to buy. But it is not easy TBH, even if i go BTC/ETH only.

I agree with you. Personally I stake most of my coins which include ATOMZ EVMOS, JUNO, NGM, OSMO, etc., using Keplr wallet which is a Cosmos and IBC based wallet. I have sole access to my staked coins and I can undelegate/redelegate at any time.

The only problem with this is that you don't own the staked ETH and stETH is not real ETH. This is why I mostly stake Cosmos based coins because there's no minimum cap. Delegating ATOM, EVMOS, NGM, OSMO, etc., for staking rewards is very simple with any IBC or Cosmos based wallet. This year has taught me "not your keys, not your tokens".

Staking ATOM is very lucrative. Apart from the staking rewards, you also qualify for potential airdrops in the process. Some of the previous airdops like OSMO, JUNO, STARS and EVMOS were worth thousands. I have all of them staked in addition to NGM, CRE, REBUS, CMDX, etc.

I will stake EVMOS


Atom, Osmo, INJ, EVMOS, the cosmos ecosystem is looking good. ORN, decentralized exchange agregator on BSC. Coti. DAG if you have the required tokens.

>Knowing the differences, which one would you pick to survive the bear market? I pick staking over lending. I'm doing that mostly with ATOM, JUNO, EVMOS, and CTSI. I DCA into my long-term bags monthly and honestly? I would not take out a loan to buy crypto for any reason. \[Invest what you can afford to lose.\]

POS staking is the way for me, if it's liquid then even better. Got ATOM, SCRT, NGM, JUNO, EVMOS, bit of a cosmos lover here

Most projects on Cosmos have been doing well in terms of building and expanding. Take a look at the likes of EVMOS, NGM, JUNO, etc. E-money is featuring new NGM staking options with the latest being Superfluid staking on Osmosis. Super Fluid staking directly increases the opportunity for NGM and OSMO token holders and validators to earn rewards, as tokens can simultaneously earn transaction fees from providing pool liquidity and earn staking rewards for helping to secure the network.

I prefer staking as a form of passive income. I have ATOM, EVMOS, NGM, JUNO, OSMO and many other coins staked for decent rewards. I have no doubt it will pay off once the market is back to being bullish.

I sort of feel similar. Personally I’m loading up AVAX ATOM EVMOS MATIC and LRC. That being said I’m also putting half into BTC after conveying my Coinbase debit card rewards and buying ETH. Also don’t play around with custodial platforms. We all know how that turns out.

Good picks, I’m a big fan of the cosmos ecosystem so I’ll like to add JUNO, NGM, and EVMOS. All are fundamentally solid and offering relevant use cases to the crypto sphere.

Cosmos remains my favourite blockchain ecosystem. I have many Cosmos coins, I bought some and earned the rest via aidrops. My favourites are ATOM, EVMOS, JUNO, NGM, OSMO, CMDX and SCRT.

I use Osmosis too because of low fees and high yields. It's the only Dex I know with $0 transaction fees. Liquidity mining rewards are very good on the DEX especially pools with superfluid staking enabled such as EVMOS/OSMO, USDC/OSMO, NGM/OSMO, WBTC/OSMO, EEUR/OSMO, and so on.

>So what is everyone buying and what are you holding through the bear market? I'm not buying anything for now. I'm holding BTC, ETH, ATOM, MATIC, EVMOS, DOT, OCEAN, and CTSI. I buy with DCA monthly. I believe my L2 bags \[Cartesi and Polygon\] will pay off massively, plus the projects are building despite the bear market, so that's a bullish sign, right?

Until I see BTC above 30k before I become bullish again. Because BTC over 30k means massive profit for me on coins like ATOM, JUNO, EVMOS, and NGM due to a lot of DCA I have done.

You are not far from the truth, I think from experience, what really matters most is not just buying any asset, but also buying assets that ensure passive earnings, for the pass few years, this has been my target, and it has been working for me, most of my long term assets like ETH, ATOM, LOOP, JUNO & EVMOS are staked, and I'm earning from it while holding, this method basically has helped me so far to grow my portfolio over the years.

I do use Osmosis Dex for liquidity mining and Keplr for staking ATOM, EVMOS, NGM, and JUNO. Staking is the less risky option and their APYs are also very decent.

I'm neither selling nor buying at the moment. I plan to monitor the market for another week while continue to stake stake and earn more ATOM, EVMOS and OCEAN.

Selling is not even an option. That would be like shooting myself in the leg. With the market tanking, I'm adding more of my favorite and long-long bags like OCEAN, ATOM, BNB, MATIC, NGM, and EVMOS.

I agree on staking on Keplr. I have these coins ATOK, EVMOS, NGM, JUNO, OSMO and more staked on Keplr and the rewards are very good. This is one of the benefits of PoS blockchains like Cosmos.

I’ve been personally loving ATOM and its DeFi ecosystem (namely OSMO, EVMOS, and JUNO). I only recently started getting into its DeFi with liquidity pools, and its airdrops are pretty frequent with some being pretty decent. I have some high expectations for the project but easily my biggest alt bag followed by ALGO

Selling some and holding some using DCA techniques. My long position on Binance has been liquidated but my short position on TakePile is still holding strong haaaaaa. Looking at buying some more #OP and #EVMOS at this current height.


I probably sell half of the drops I get. I research projects and find ones I believe in when they drop. So far I still have some STARs. EVMOS I like, but I sold to seal profits and stay afloat during the tumble.The only JUNO coin that I kept is GLTO, because they have a great team and solid ideas.


For those new to Cosmos ecosystem here's what one should be staking to anticipate some decent value airdrops. $ATOM $OSMOS $EVMOS $JUNO $SCRT $TORI $REBUS $AKT

Cosmos folks, check to see if you got the Jackal airdrop. I just found I had $44 worth waiting for me. I swapped it for ATOM and EVMOS


Just staking ATOM, OSMO, JUNO, EVMOS and SCRT should get you the majority of the airdrops.

I like to stake ATOM, EVMOS, NGM, JUNO, OSMO and other Cosmos based projects. They all offer very good staking APYs.


My favourite POS cryptocurrencies are ATOM, EVMOS, JUNO, NGM and OSMO. These are Cosmos based projects offering real utilities. ATOM enables sovereign chains to communicate with each other, EVMOS is a bridge between Ethereum and Cosmos, JUNO is an interoperable smart contract platform, NGM is a stablecoins payment platform while OSMO is an interchain AMM.

Staking is really good if you are lucky. Unfortunately I got burned staking in Anchor Protocol. These days, I moved on to staking BUSD on Binance for about 8% APY, ATOM for 19% APY, NGM for 25% APY, EVMOS for 155% APY and so on. Hopefully the bull run will shine on us.

Hai guys, buy EVMOS! /s


Thanks for the Nomic tip! I have some ATOM, OSMO, JUNO, and EVMOS staked, so I'll keep DCAing there. Any other Cosmos projects you particularly like?

It's a PoS chain and these are the block rewards for the amount of EVMOS staked on the chain. It will go down as more people stake on the network. It was also recently launched so block rewards are super high.


Just got to 100 EVMOS with staking!


Staking EVMOS is so rewarding, every day I get a big bunch of staking rewards


I believe that Juno will come back to the top 100 eventually. Didn’t realize Kava was in the top 100 too, it’s not talked about as much as the 4-5 usual suspects in the cosmos. I hold ATOM and OSMO and I’ll get some JUNO soon too so I’m bullish on the cosmos, I’m just saying that I don’t believe in a high ROI in EVMOS right now, and because I’m keeping a very lean portfolio it’s not something I want to add. It’s a good project in a great ecosystem though I’m not denying it

tldr; Bitcoin reached a daily candle above $20,000 for the first time since September 17. This is the highest daily close for BTC in almost 24 days. GMX, the native token of GMX cryptocurrency, proved to be the top performer among the altcoins over the past 24 hours. EVMOS emerged as the top loser, losing over 4%. *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

Looking at it from the different category of crypto assets, I will say that for: High cap, BTC, ETH are good bet, for medium cap, I will say AVA & EGLD, and for low cap, I will say EVMOS, TAKE, GMX & SCRT.

Staking, Farming, Airdrops Cosmos projects have some of the best APRs around, not high enough for you to run for your life. ATOM 19%, SCRT 23%, OSMO 23%, NGM 26%, JUNO 40%, EVMOS 155%. And all solid projects, but DYOR.

Any point: ATOM rewards activity, so if u stake, vote, collect airdrops is hard to be in red with ATOM+airdropped coins. I think first ATOM 2.0 will go sideways for some time. And 2 things need to happen: 1. Stargaze name service,,, 2. EU regulatory compliance, TGRADE; REBUS ... trying to build that Easy to use, plus regulatory safety , i can see big institutional money coming in. Since most new cosmos hub chains are based on EVMOS, it shouldn't be so hard to migrate your favorite Eth App to a cosmos hub chain, this is when things will go crazy.


ATOM ecosystem is massive and is being mostly slept on. Projects like EVMOS and JUNO could be big one day.

currently staking NOMIC, Rebus, Jackal-Osmo LP, and the best of all EVMOS. and the best thing, they were all free airdrops. Cosmos ecosystem is a god send


Many thanks, early on EVMOS had insane staking rewards, I was getting like $50-60/day in rewards. It's slowed now but I'm still pulling about $8/day without increasing my initial holdings (this has beeb since April too). Different airdrops require different things and scale with more ATOM. Head over to r/cosmosnetwork to get your feet wet!


ATOM is promising and you can stake it and receive some great airdrops. I got over 600 EVMOS dropped to me and it's now worth $1.84 ea atm


One of the best ways is to stake what you have already accumulated for more rewards. Personally I have ATOM, EVMOS, OCEAN, JUNO and many other tokens staked. Their rewards are also very good, ATOM offers 19% APY, EVMOS 161%, OCEAN up to 125%, and JUNO 40%.

Yes to staking in the bear market. One of the, if not the best ways to earn passive income in these harsh conditions. I'm staking ATOM, EVMOS, JUNO, and SCRT on Keplr, CTSI on the Cartesi Explorer via pools, and a few assets on Binance for decent yields.

There are numerous Crypto that are better than Gold aside Bitcoin because of their compatibility measures and utilities. ETH, BNB, TAKE, EVMOS, and many others.

Since the bull market is still months away, my plan right now is to continue staking ATOM, EVMOS, NGM, JUNO, OSMO and some tokens to increase my bags before it arrives.

Staking is a yes for me and I have been staking many coins since last year. Recently I started staking OCEAN because of the high APY which is up to 125%. in addition to OCEAN, I have ATOM, EVMOS, JUNO, CMDX, and OSMO staked.

Pancakeswap; I'm in some stablecoin pools at 2% yield \[not much, but honest work\] Evmos: Single staking EVMOS for 170% APR, also farming on Diffusion \[2M tokens from the community pool funded that\] POS staking; Cosmos in Keplr wallet at \~20% APR, Cartesi at 20% as well via its decentralized explorer.


EVMOS? What do you like about it?


If ATOM and EVMOS do well I have high hopes for DIFF


Lot's of projects in the cosmos ecosystem look promising. I like EVMOS a lot atm


EVMOS ftw 🙌


One trick Pony here (full into COSMOS) JUNO ATOM OSMO EVMOS ​ Iam enjoying a bunch of airdrops with this (selling these for BTC)

Also hold ATOM and OSMO, also a large chunk of EVMOS. Considering just switching it all to BTC.

The most reasonable step to take in my opinion is to continue to DCA now that prices are low. Solid projects like ETH, BNB, OCEAN, ATOM, MATIC, APT, OP and EVMOS should be considered for the bull season.

I'm in Cosmos as well. Apart from participating in liquidity mining on Osmosis and Junoswap, I also stake ATOM, NGM, JUNO, EVMOS, CMDX and many other Cosmos based projects for decent APYs.

If you focus only on catching the next big thing instead of investing in already proven projects, you might end up with the wrong alts. My bag is a mix of old and new projects such as ETH, BNB, OCEAN, ATOM, MATIC, EVMOS, APT and OP. I'm confident in all of them and will add more along the way.

r/BitcoinSee Comment

No one will ever attempt keeping all his earnings in BTC, it's never a good idea, although the future is bright, but diversification is necessary, only 20% of my worth are on BTC, 30% on Alts like EVMOS, TAKE, & GMX, 30% on real estate, and 10% on stable coins should in case of emergency, and I'm staking the stable (USDB) on Takepile for a whopping 30% APY.

Yes. My tip is to focus on building your ATOM holdings along with Juno and EVMOS. Use Osmosis as your DEX and Diffusion if you are on EVMOS. Good luck with the staking!

EVMOS and JUNO golden goose for next bull!!


Got airdropped around 400 EVMOS originally


Reached my goal of 2000 EVMOS by just compounding my airdrop, think I’m gonna start converting my rewards into ATOM and BTC now

The bull market strategy is already in the works. During this bear market, I've been accumulating NGM, ATOM, NEAR, AZERO, MATIC, EVMOS, and JUNO. And I believe I'm ready for the bull run.

I mean, you have to look at where the interest is coming from. It’s not just the number, lending at +2% is still lending. I’ve had some insanely high yields for like a day or two just from staking a microcap in a distribution pool giving a fixed amount every day to the whole pool when it must have been like me and one other guy lol and then you just cash out into a coin you actually like. Staking’s pretty solid, if it’s a temporary distribution schedule and I like the project I’ll take some fairly high yields for that before I start getting nervous. Hell, last I checked EVMOS has like 170% for staking lol just from cashing out staking rewards strategically during pumps I’ve already got my initial out of that bag and I’ve only been staking for like 4 or 5 months. That’s just through a wallet and a validator so in the sense of giving someone else control of your coins, it’s not as risky as parking your coins on a lending service and letting someone else do whatever they want with them. We can argue about whether or not that’s sustainable long term (although I’m likely to agree with you, that one really did make me nervous lol), but I 100% own those coins. Unless something goes wrong with the chain itself I can and have sold them no problem.


Cosmos keeps gearing up and getting stronger with time. It also has some very good projects to show for that, the likes of EVMOS, NGM, JUNO, etc. Keep close tabs on Flow and Partisia blockchains, they're looking solid as well.

Holy crap!!!!!! $EVMOS trading in some exchanges for $2.07!!!!!!


Quite a good list. However, I will choose ATOM, SCRT, EVMOS, JUNO, NGM, and FET. These are the cosmos treasures I'm paying attention to.

A well-diversified crypto and blockchain portfolio can benefit from the sector's growth while potentially experiencing less price volatility. Diversifying my bag has helped me in the past and in the current bear. I'm also a big fan of the Cosmos ecosystem, where I hold and stake projects like NGM, ATOM, OSMO, EVMOS, and JUNO.

Staking is the best way to earn passive income in the best market and there are many platforms available for that. I’m earning decent yields by staking BNB, ATOM, OCEAN, CTSI, and EVMOS. Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done about the downtrend of the market than to be patient and wait for recovery.

Cosmos has been getting a lot of love recently and it's not surprising considering all the developments going on in the ecosystem. My current Cosmos bags include ATOM, NGM, EVMOS, JUNO, OSMO, CMDX and many other smaller bags. The best part of Cosmos is that these tokens can be staked for passive income.

According to the article: ATOM EVMOS SCRT OSMO KAVA BAND JUNO. Me: list.append(NGM)

The best one for me is staking. I have been staking ATOM, JUNO, EVMOS, NGM, BUSD and so many other tokens since last year and I have enjoyed every bit of the rewards. Staking ATOM, JUNO, EVMOS, NGM and other Cosmos tokens qualifys you for airdrops which makes it even much better.

The rapid, easy deployment a native EVM compatible chain is the sell when compared to polkadot and cosmos. I know someone could fork EVMOS chain and polkadot has moonbeam, etc. But it's a bit more work by comparison.


Top 6 1. ATOM 2. EVMOS 3. NGM 4. SCRT 5. JUNO 6. SCRT

I'm big in Cosmos ecosystem. Many of these people have not heard of because they're smaller cap for now, but they're part of my portfolio and doing well. REGEN - Regen Network - sells carbon credits AKT - Akash Network - distributed computing STARS - Stargaze - NFT marketplace EVMOS - Evmos - EVM chain built on Cosmos SDK SCRT - Secret Network (people here have definitely heard of that one) - privacy chain, sort of like Monero but compliant because it's not blanked anonymous like Monero Just to name a few

Stake with any cosmos projects. EVMOS, ATOM, JUNO, and dare I say KUJI

The Cosmos coins I hold are: ATOM, JUNO, OSMO, EVMOS, STARS, SCRT, KUJI. and a little bit of the meme coin HUAHUA

Atom, EVMOS, Secret, Osmosis, Kava, Band, Juno


ATOM JUNO OSMO EVMOS are solid airdrop magnets if you have a decent holding of each. Some airdrops have minimum and maximum staked limits to qualify. I am a huge fan of SCRT (Secret Network) and it is also decent for drop qualifications. It has earned me Shade Protocol, Jackal, some NFTs and other projects still coming (I hope...this isn't my first bear) ION is set to become a DAO and launch a COSMOS index token soon, I imagine some drop snapshots for $IBC are coming.

I'd prefer a portfolio of altcoins, they will provide better returns. And my portfolio of altcoins will inlcude ATOM, EVMOS, BNB, MATIC and NGM.

I'm not a fan of memecoins but Ethereum is a good project to have in one's bag. There are other projects with massive rewards to keep an eye on such as ATOM, EVMOS, NGM and JUNO.

I'm getting ~14 EVMOS and ~1.5 JUNO (will be ~.75 soon) per day atm, using them to accumulate other bags now that I've reached my targets in terms of holdings. Any recommendations on what I should look into? Been in the space for a bit now, and I know I'm not interested in ALGO, SOL, ONE, DOGE, ADA. Other Cosmos coins I hold are kuji, bld, and ATOM of course.

Not all holders. Someone like me prefer Decentralized exchange and I have my NGM, ATOM, JUNO, and EVMOS on Keplr wallet and my MATIC on Atomic wallet. The only thing I do on CEX is trading and on-ramp and off-ramp.

I'm not familiar with these coins. My plan is to continue to DCA and stake known projects like OCEAN, ATOM, NGM, JUNO and EVMOS until the next bull run.

My personal selection would be the holy trinity of "A"... ATOM, ALGO and ADA I feel very strongly about ATOM and would recommend many other alts within the ecosystem (JUNO, EVMOS) but they're slightly riskier plays Don't really feel as strongly about ALGO and ADA but they're both sovereign blockchains doing their own thing and neither of them is going anywhere. They're also among the project's that will recover the hardest in the next run imo But there are many other quality projects out there!

>Participated in airdrops got lucky only once got pennies You nees to check out r/CosmosAirdrops my man There were people who made over 100k in airdrops last year. Some us even got the NETA airdrop which was 30k by itself. If you include the other massive drops (OSMO, JUNO, EVMOS) then it certainly all adds up But Moons are dope too!

I'm mostly staking ATOM, EVMOS, NGM and JUNO to earn more tokens. I'm also DCAing and converting some my staking rewards to other tokens.

I always said Cosmos $ATOM >>>>> I believe that it will take 1-2 years max for people to realize its true potential and because of the Ethereum merge the adoption should be just around the corner. Big tech (just like Blomberg) are already talking about Cosmos for a couple of months now. Now with EVMOS and the usage of the EVM it's easier than ever to get your ETH over to the Cosmos chain and start making money! We also have bridged BTC available to trade/LP but native BTC on Cosmos is already in the making and launching soon™! You will get free BTC for staking Nomic! *^((Project name: NOMIC $NOM / leaded by one of the creators of Cosmos))* We even got liquid staking so you can still move around your assets or put them in a LP pool at the same time while earning high staking APR both at the same time! And I didn't even mention free airdrops yet ... 😉