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Well inside ETh you have tons of dApps and L2 networks like MATIC & LRC etc. But they're still running on ETHs network [COSMOS has another approach where it's a "Hub" like the sun.]( Projects can launch their own independent L1 blockchain, and connect it to the COSMOS via the IBC protocol. Since they are interoperable and connected to the "COSMOS" these networks can remain independant yet connected. They can also share validation security / decentralization through ICS or Mesh Security. >Interchain Security is the Cosmos-specific category of Shared Security that uses IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication). Cross Chain Validation. Cross Chain Validation is the specific IBC-level protocol that enables Interchain Security. Then with chains like Axelar, EVMOS, CANTO etc, you can bridge in other non IBC networks. ETH and Polygon are already decently interoperable with the COSMOS. However DYDX and SushiSwap are the first big apps to directly move TO their own chains on the COSMOS rather than EVM it. The COSMOS internet of Blockchains is the future in my eyes.

* Mid to Long term: The stuff people use: eth + sol (+ various NFT's/ecosystem coins) * Short to Mid term: wholesome memeable stuff like BONK, CANTO, and also CANTO ecosystem coins as they start to pop up. * Stuff I'm holding and still somewhat like but am losing confidence in and will hopefully hold until next bullrun to sell at a profit: FTM, ALGO, XNO,

Anyone holding CANTO here? Intrigued a bit by it.


I find quite a few on Twitter, nothing here. I honestly can't even imagine reading anything actionable or novel in this sub, there is nothing in the way of "alpha" or "research" here. Made a 10x on BONK within a week after I heard about it's launch from tons of people within the SOL twittersphere. I also made a 5x on flipping a FFF (Famous Fox Federation) after a lead of an NFT project listed a few of his favorite projects under 5 SOL. Saw how much infra that team had built under what was seemingly just a cute pfp project and chose that one. Right now it seems like CANTO is the play based on all the twitter buzz. Seems like a good option as it has a strong narrative, "public goods" and anti-vc, and good community support. It also has a barrier to entry in the form of bridging and lack of exchange support, which makes the but then again it just 2x'd so maybe not the greatest spot for an entry unless you're thinking long term. Although it's market cap isn't that big for an L1 with actual retail/user interest. It's weird, it seems like the obvious play, but *too* obvious.

Someone shilled me $8 ATOM before the OSMO airdrop in this very daily...They are a god to me now... INJ has the new 150m DEFI fund that was announced yesterday. CANTO is flying too, WYND airdrop paid off quite a bit here...SHADE PROTOCOL dropping Public Testnet in 24 hrs, mainnet on Feb 7th... Once people realize the "I" in the COSMOS IBC is for Interoperability between blockchains... [They will truly understand...](