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Injective Protocol announces INJ burn auction launch, price jumps 35%


Akash Network -AKT Artificial Liquid Intelligence -ALI Parsiq- PRQ Injective -INJ

*Injective (INJ) staking is now supported. Stake your coins with up to 17% APY.* What could possibly go wrong?


There is still some time to buy the INJ may be little high but not that much


Missed the perfect buying opportunity w INJ🤦‍♂️


I'm mostly interested in DCA for now. ORE, VRA, INJ, and MPL are what I have eyes on.

Project's real cool. I love Cosmos stuff and they've legitimately got one of the most novel crypto projects around but the current price action is a really weird swing where INJ and AKT have gotten sucked into some AI hype despite being very disconnected from it. There's been tokenomic revamps lately but I doubt that's causing the price action.


INJ looks like a good play. The same with ORE, VRA, and MPL.

More reasons to keep DCAing into your bags, holding those tokens with good fundamentals and potentials, I keep DCAing into ARPA, KAVA, SYLO, IMX, and INJ

This is why it's important to keep holding or accumulating more of the tokens/coins that have utilities, there is no way you will miss out on the bull run with coins like ETH, BTC, MATIC, BNB as large caps and SYLO, VR, ONT, INJ as low caps.

In my opinion, it's important to consistently invest in selected projects like BTC, ETH, MATIC, ARB, and top oracles such as INJ, DIA, LINK, TRB, and more. Many analysts predict both bull and bear markets when the market is halfway into those seasons, but not everyone has caught on yet. So, it's best to only invest what you can afford to lose and use a dollar-cost averaging strategy. Of course, I could be wrong too.

Just for fun. Bought $50 worth of one of these three. INJ, XRP, or FET. First right answer gets a Snek.


Your avatar is a ninja, you need to dump your JUNO for INJ.


Not feeling so stupid for buying INJ anymore.


AI tokens like FET, DID like ORE, and a few others like INJ and MPL.

I always take my memecoin profit to actual projects if I'm not taking them out of crypto. I have DCA into ORE, VRA, INJ, and MPL.

Looking at some “newer” alts that get a lot of attention and wondered people’s thoughts on some of the following; ARB, INJ, RNDR


There is just a whole lot of low and mid caps to watch out for and I will continue to DCA. ORE, TSUKA, VRA, INJ, and MPL are a few I am holding at the moment.

Gotta copy n paste your addy into mintscan. I have a modest chunk of airdrop crypto to swap and as you might’ve guessed I’m predominantly cosmos based. I can’t decide what to grab everything looks out of order. Thinking SCRT, OSMO (?), ATOM duh. Haven’t really looked at INJ

I'm currently holding ETH, BTC, LINK, DIA, INJ, MATIC, ARB, UNI, LIDO, and a few others, but I'm not staking them. The last time I checked, they were up by around 45%. However, the market has dropped a bit since then, so I'm probably not too far off from that.

I know I'm not the biggest moon bull out there but I will always be thankful to MOONs for providing the initial capital for my Injective bag. Sold at 25c and got INJ below $5. One of my better trades, probably the only one to be honest.


Everyone is here to make money but you are responsible for getting rekt. The more reason I play responsible with these memecoisn while I load my long-term bag of VRA, INJ, ORE, and MPL with the profit.

At the moment I'm 100% in the cosmos ecosystem. Around 60% in INJ then smaller allocations of ATOM, OSMO, LUNA, and other cosmos coins.

Just don't invest in them at all. Stick to BTC or ETH to be safe. Diversify in the top 100-200 coins (LINK, CTSI, INJ, etc) for higher ROI.

Could have added more to my INJ bag when it went below $6, but instead I sold some. I'm not really good at this crypto thing.


>I re-bought INJ at a lower price and resold again for a profit. Wow, you flew very close to the sun. Congrats!


"I took that USDT and bought 125 INJ. " This story could've easily ended here. Feels like you would be more tempted to try this again, but with a different outcome.


I try to invest what will give me a good return and it's all my personal decision. I mostly DCA part of my pay check into ORE, VRA, METIS, and INJ while I have a small portion to gamble meme coins.

OK guys what coins were hot last cycle but are now going to barely move? I have no definition of cycle exactly, but can see already there are some things that are just hot when things get moving, and others that are barely getting out of bed. I'm slowly moving over to these from the old shit RNDR, CFX, INJ, LDO seem like some movers, though the first 2 more than the last one. Seeing stuff like NEAR which used to be hot just has barely moved. Likewise the obvious one LINK, ATOM, RUNE, ALGO these are spending a lot of time under 200D MA.

I had a tiny bag of INJ I bought at the lows, I managed to get myself to sell into the glorious pump for around $8.3. I found myself struggling to not buy back after a few bounces so I had to remove it from my watch list. I stumbled on it today to see it trading for $6. Did I just make a great trade without realizing it? did I learn from my mistakes?!! what has the world come to?!!


Now money can start flowing into actual projects. DCA into and solid mid-caps like VRA, INJ, and ORE.

Rose - privacy TRAC - Data Raca - Metaverse Looking to stack some Rio, NXRA, and INJ aswell soon

PSA for ATOM stakers not tracking, 1st ICS chain (Neutron) went live two days ago and is making blocks. That one will be a bit like JUNO/EVMOS as a general purpose smart contract layer. Next ICS chain which has passed a signaling proposal and is being developed now is Stride, a liquid staking chain. This means native staking ATOM will pay out in liquid staked tokens for the chains Stride supports. (e.g. ATOM itself, OSMO, JUNO, INJ, etc.) Rewards will be small but still a really cool practice.

2nd ICS chain for ATOM vote going on. This time for Stride, which focuses on liquid staking a number of Cosmos chain assets, so staking ATOM natively would get you liquid staked ATOM, along with OSMO, JUNO, INJ, etc. Highly advise voting on it for active stakers due to the airdrop "waves" they're doing.

Kicking myself for not buying INJ end of last year/start of this year as its been on my shortlist for a long time. If it pulls back more I'm jumping in.


I will find something else to buy once I meet my accumulation goals on a particular coin. Done that with ORE, INJ, VRA, and METIS. I'm looking to get some on SUI and ARB if they continue to dip.

The revised Cosmos Gang of Four: $ATOM, $STRIDE, $INJ, $KUJI.

The AI tool can be helpful, but I don't believe you should rely solely on its recommendations. I used it to analyze some assets I am interested in, such as LINK, ETH, DIA, and INJ. While it was mostly accurate, I think it missed out on many opportunities, and in the long run, you may not be profitable or only make small profits that are not worth it. I believe that AI is still in its early stages.

It depends on what exchange the token is going to be launched on. For most major tokens, I use [tokenmetrics]( to create a watchlist to track my preferred next token buy, either by using its risk analysis, sentiments factor, or rating to aid me leverage on analytics. This strategy helped me get in on INJ, WOO, and FET shorts with of course a low leverage.


Maybe after the next big dump. Notice how the market dumps in June? So be prepared. I'm looking to bag more ETH, ORE, INJ, and VRA.

Indeed. It's very risky. I missed the run & I'm totally fine with it. I will continue to accumulate ETH, CTSI & INJ while their price is still cheap. Fundamentals always thrive in the end.


WOJAK would be that meme coin. Second to PEPE. But I'm more interested in low caps at this time. It's still a good time to accumulate. The likes of ORE, VRA, METIS, and INJ.

$ICP Internet computer! What are your thoughts? And also INJECTIVE INJ


You might still find solid projects with utility that will give some max return. I think 50x for VRA, INJ and HBAR is possible. Memecoins are a high risk just so you know.


Smart decision. A lot of people get trapped in the memecoin chase and all capital being taken from them. There's no need to join if you are not early. I picked a few projects and will continue to DCA. METIS, HBAR, VRA, ORE and INJ.

I missed investing in Volt, but I might invest during this dip. I made a 5x profit from Pepe launch but sold to avoid losing gains. I believe that investing some of these gains in stable cryptocurrencies like ETH, LINK, DIA, INJ, etc. will be profitable in the long term. Let's see how it goes.

At the moment I am leveraged long on BNB and BTC , but on last dip, i played a bit INJ but I stopped at the moment , XLM is also probably a swinging one. So now that I told it I guess BTC and BNB will collapse:) BNB also has good funding fee on Long at the moment, this can vallée a source of profit or loss, also something I learned

I'm setting my orders for INJ to retest $7.10. Fingers crossed.


INJ • ⁠One of the fastest L1’s on the market (1.1 second block time, faster than AVAX, ALGO, MATIC, ADA, etc). • ⁠10,000+ tps • ⁠< $0.01 average transaction cost • ⁠80% of max supply already in circulation • ⁠Deflationary tokenomics with unique burn auction feature (60% of transaction fees are burned) • ⁠Build with Cosmos SDK so interoperable with IBC ecosystem • ⁠Some of the best dApps in the Cosmos ecosystem (Astroport, Helix DEX, Frontrunner, etc) • ⁠16% staking APY with one of the highest real yields in the market • ⁠One of the largest ecosystem development funds available today ($150M), yet to be deployed • ⁠Backed by Pantera Capital, Binance, Mark Cuban. …I could go on.

I bought a big bag of INJ the days following FTX.. up like 6x or something already. I think it's gonna be a rocket next bull run.


INJ. Please research yourself.


Don't forget you can visit the website and check out the INJ mentions over the last year! 👀


INJ mirroring the BTC chart minute by minute


What is anyone’s thoughts on INJ?


What does INJ have to do with AI?


Calling it right now. With the way AI is going, coins like INJ FET AGIX GRT will see major price discovery

What goes up will always come down. INJ is a perfect example. Time to deploy🔜


INJ approaching my buy price. Almost time to deploy🤞


$ZCX $RUNE $INJ $BAX For an early af hardworking project, that no one had really heard of yet; $RBX

Metis , Joe, RNDR , and INJ( I haven't done enough research on the last one though, but it seems promising).


Need ICP and INJ to drop some more then I’m going balls deep


What about INJ?


I fucked up and staked all my INJ and didn’t leave any for gas like a dummy Anyone can spare some gas and I’ll trade ya a moon ?


INJ ❤️


This INJ dip didn’t last long


Someone mentioned INJ and i checked the chart for the last few weeks. It was on my watchlist for a while. Why did it pump so much lately?


Stride ($STRD) and Migaloo/ White Whale ($WHALE) following $INJ -- needs correction


INJ only down 3 % and here i am waiting for a good entry…….unreal


I want to buy the dip but INJ is not even 5% down. Not yet, may go down further. Any recos from my cosmos brothers? Something within the ecosystem if possible.


Moon me! On a serious note, I was thinking about INJ today -- it's a defi focussed blockchain that's worth a look. Possibly better to wait for it to go down in price a bit it's super pumped. I am also a big fan of Bonk on Solana and am an early backer of Dual, which are another Solana defi project with interesting ideas: []( Arbitrum if you prefer eth projects. Most of my money is in btc though!


Injective $INJ looks like it's consolidated and ready to run again. How far this thing gonna go?


I'm still accumulating to be honest. So I need more time to load up. Some of my current holdings include ETH, VRA, INJ, and I have ADE on watchlist (launching in Q2). We'd definitely see BTC at a new ATH again, probably in late 2024.

I've got some Osmo due to unbond in 2 days and eyeing in INJ


INJ and AVAX appear to be popular as they are pumping


Where tf did INJ come from? I know it's been out but whats with the pump


Don't forget INJ - []( Had quite the nice pump over the last month.


INJ/SOL/FTM all up? 👀 i hope we’re all paying attention


INJ/SOL/ATOM are all correlated. This bull run will be huge man


Bought INJ at 6,8$ with 100 bucks …. Daaaamn why i didnt invested more? However - Profit is profit


INJ seems to be doing alright


Patiently waiting for a nice entry for INJ. won’t fomo at top 🤞


How high will INJ go? Asking for a friend.


Is INJ coming to Ledger any time soon?


Pretty stoked I traded all my BNB for INJ about 5 days ago to add to my INJ stack. Feeling like I should go all in INJ with my alts


BNB will soon make a push. INJ is on fucking crack. We’re at the start of a reversal and things are headed in the right direction. I hope we’re all accumulating 🤞


SOL and INJ:


It's INJ isnt it?


To INJ or not to INJ. I just have a feeling it'll perform well next bullrun. I want a nice entry price though. Any holders expecting a correction, or is this long pump sustainable?


Currently fighting the urge not to fomo into INJ


INJ getting noticed by the (unpinned) daily


Can INJ chill for fucks sake. I’m praying for a pull back right now


Next INJ pullback i see I’m buying


Bought my 1st INJ after it has already pumped 100%. I'm now up 100% on that buy. Sometimes there may be a reason why some coins go up only 🤷‍♂️


Man I don't know, you just can't understand this market. Been expecting a pullback for a week but it just keeps going up. I've started swapping my yields to stables instead of adding to my INJ position, just to de-risk a bit. Maybe you can consider swapping just your ATOM/OSMO yields to INJ to have exposure, that's how I started.

What would you consider a good entry price? I was looking at it about a week ago before it pumped another 50%, and now I'm just putting off buying because I'm annoyed I didn't buy last week. Thinking of moving some ATOM/Osmo into INJ on Osmosis.


How can I shill INJ to my brothers when the daily is not pinned


No - different Helix. Helix Markets is in Alpha. INJ/Helix cannot directly sign transactions on other chains which Helix Markets will do with chain key cryptography.


Soooooo, that's part of the reason for the spike in $INJ price among other factors. Helix utilizes $INJ for it's speed of transactions. Thanks for the info. That deserves a tip.