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A little bit of technical analysis and my view of the market

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My meta mask have been hacked

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$Daxe - The next 12,000% HEX version| Strong Use Case that rewards holders | Big Launch | -2 DAYS 🚀 |100% Sustainable APY | Just buy, hodl and watch your portfolio grow!

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The Dragon flys into The Avalanche.

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Anyone here trading with SynFutures?

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What do you guys think of VLX Velas? Here is a ' behind the scenes '

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Ferrari And Velas ($VLX): Multiyear Partnership Announced Between Ferrari's Racing Division and Velas Networks

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VELAS ($VLX) ad in the main road of Dubai


I hope the momentum stays with the pumps and that its not a dead cat bounce. If it started to go into the bull more i think that it will be interesting to see some of the green chains as institutions are eying them. Thinking about VLX ADA XLM in the area..Esp bullish on the first, fastest EVM chain and getting a ton of money flow (gem,grant program)

Buying thru the whole bear. I hope that the bull returns soon tho..I think that carbon neutral cryptos like VLX(fastest EVM) will have an amazing ride in the next cycle..Also ALGO and ADA. Boy did Cardano pumped today..Its nice seeing green on the charts again after a while

there is already a service where you can search for information on the cryptocurrencies you are interested in, and it is crypto panic for example i'm interested in VLX, SAND and CHZ because they are the best projects in their fields and i'm looking for the latest information on crypto panic For example Chilliz will be listing a new fan token, Velas got a $135 million investment from GEM Digital to develop the ecosystem, SandBox launched eVault So you can see all the information about the projects on this site

DCA and staking..Doing it like that with ETH VLX and ADA..tho i need to level up the investment on VLX, from the looks of it that thing will catapult to the top in the next bull run. Ecosystem expanding tremendously, institutions eyeing it, rumors circle about them building a Ferrari NFT marketplace.


That's why i think that use cases of VLX in the DeFi area will change the crypto game, fast,secure,scalable af,super safe and coming in with needed solutions. No wonder projects are migrating to their ecosystem. Funds flowing in big and also their grants program has went up to a staggering $100M..pretty big considered their mktcap size.


Remember MATIC at the start of the last bull run, lol who would have thought that it would come higher. But new tech will run over the old like it does in every bull run. I think ppl could be suprised from VLX when it jumps to the top, just see their tech, its the fastest EVM chain on the planet. Now going to the ISS (International Space Station) to test the chain, NASA authorized it and gave them green light.

I think something big is cooking with VLX , they are getting new projects onboarded around the clock. Also big amout of funds flowing in there, most recent is a sum of $135M from GEM digital..Worth to mention is also they have expanded their grants for projects, from $5M of funds to a whooping $100M. All that happening in the middle of the bear to me indicates something delicious could be served from the fastest EVM chain in the next bull run.


I am buying, not as much as in bull ofc., low price levels in a bear are what makes you bloom in a bull. In on green tech like VLX, ADA, SOL, ALGO cuz it seems like institutions will turn in that direction. Bullish the most on the first one, velas is getting in big players in times like these, most recent one is gem digital. SOL and ADA are getting a lot of fud lately but ppl forget they're putting in one FUD's on BNB tho for the hack of half a $Billion, how come? I am also exploring heavy the fields of zero knowledge proofs..privacy will be a big thing in the future with everything revolving around it as we speak.

ALGO just smells bullish, green chains will be wanted in the next run, esp now with all the fiasco revolving around energy prices. Eyeing XLM (could bring a nice roi) ADA (fudsters fud but they're evolving) VLX (Fastest EVM chain, institutionally bullish) and SOL (fud it all you want but its on WEF list). Hope that the bull run returns soon..this crab is boring

Well maybe they should have considered using VLX for the tech..Faster than DOGE and almost no fees. But the dude holds DOGE, parody. Imagine being charged for tweeting with DOGE in the future, crazy. Elon even said that he wants to make Twitter to be something like Wechat is in China..That is just so freaking limitating.


ALGO is firmly bullish, even backed up by the WEF like ADA and CELO. I think that we should have our eyes on PoS, green chains will be wanted imo. Eyeing also VLX and XLM in the area, esp bullish on the first since its the fastest evm chain, highly undervalued imo. These low prices that we are witnessing in crypto will not stay so low for long, make good use of them.

I keep seeing Warren Buffet in these titles, which is kinda funny since he doesnt care for crypto or owning any A lot of people take his vision on crypto entirely wrong though, he doesn't care to OWN any himself, it is not an ASSET THAT MAKES INCOME, it is just a coin/token/currency, he does NOT do forex, he invest in company that make money, doesn't matter if its from crypto or not as long as they constant revenue and growth, why would he own VLX and wait when he can buy into Travala which does facilitate crypto access and make a constant income that does not depend on the price of tokens

MATIC is a strong one but large caps can hardly go for 100x. Focus on small caps with good growth potentials like VLX, DAFI, or PUMLX if you are into fitness. The interest rate for it on Gate is 200%

I am sure that ETH will not fall below $1000, I am also sure that VLX will not fall below 0.38 and SOL will not fall below $20 So now is a great time to buy because we are on the threshold of a bull run


I sure hope not, tho if that would happen it would suprise a lot of people. Bear can be harsh but at least we are getting into projects at such low price levels. EWT VLX ADA EGLD all prime for a 10x imo. Esp bullish on VLX since there is a loooot going on with their growth,massive funding from big players..The chain has amazing tech and i would not be suprised to se it in the tops of the first page of Coingecko. EWT also looks sharp, mentioned even in the WEF ..if u like u can check out a few videos about it on chicho crypto channel to get more insight where i am going. And ADA is like allredy so low its ridiculous, good ROI also imo.

Hello VLX Marketing team


The cryptocurrency is at the bottom and now we should buy, not sell, judging by statistics the whales are actively buying BTC from these levels and the outflow of BTC from exchanges increases, and this means that we are on the threshold of a bull run Also institutional investors continue to invest in cryptocurrencies, for example GEM Digital had recently invested in Velas 135 mln. for ecosystem development and they increased their grants program from 5 to 100 mln. I personally buy such coins as BTC, VLX, CRO, CHZ because they are connected to real world somehow and what is connected to real world in my opinion will grow So thanks to all who sell me so cheap haha

The U.S. has a fairly high inflation rate and they print a lot of dollars, and no one can prohibit it, so this will happen with CBDC, which may increase inflation, because it will be an additional flow of money only on the Internet, the governments of different countries see the popularity of blockchain and want to regulate it, but because they can not do that they invent digital money, which will accelerate inflation even more in my opinion but I like that there are crypto projects which can be used in some way, for example with CHZ you can buy merchandise, Velas gives you the opportunity to buy Ferrari with VLX because they are premium partners and soon will launch Velas Account which will enable other brands to use VLX as a payment means So I think CBDC will cause more outrage than real benefit


Starting from your last sentence, the government would not want to use any existing crypto because of their mischievous and corrupt act. The government is only interested in itself. XRP is a great buy so is XLM but they would not want to go for it so no one would look into what they do with it. I also think VLX is a good buy too especially as it is a premium partner of Ferrari and it is carbon neutral. something the government would not do. They don't really care about projects. That's the fact.


In the crypto winter just try to see where big money in flowing. It could get u in a nice lead for the future bull run as intitutional players and whales move in the winter, drip by drip. My recent finds with big money flow coming at them is VLX ($135M invested in it) and UNI (also over $100M invested in dev), esp Velas as the value is bigger than its mktcap hmm..probably nothing kek. Be extra careful in the bera era, as we all probably know that this is a time which is going to shake up a lot of the current 'top projects' and send them to the last pages of coingecko, while the usefull shiney stuff will stay and be promoted to the top.


In the crypto winter just try to see where big money in flowing. It could get u in a nice lead for the future bull run as intitutional players and whales move in the winter, drip by drip. My recent good finds are VLX and UNI with huge funding coming in their way. Be extra careful, as we all know that the future is going to shake up a lot of the current 'top projects' and send them to the last pages of coingecko, while the usefull shiney stuff will stay and be promoted to the top. My two cents.


Crypto is the future, such downside that is currently happening is only because of the economic situation that is in play all over the world. But the institutions and big players that are locked and loaded use these times for even greater future gains while the bears sell. After the markets get refreshed and when we go back to positive the crytpo scene will explode with gains as there are a lot more people and institutions aware of it and willing to invest when it starts to move. Signals with institutional bullishness are showing themselves everywhere,from Google accepting crypto,UNI getting $100M+ for their development, VLX funded with $135M(GEM Digital), Crypto. com investing $150M in Paris HQ, MATIC on the grayscale list and lets not forget Musk's secret plan to tackle the bot madness on Twitter with DOGE (lol actually really funny shit)..I really doubt the smart heads would be throwing money around in stuff they don't feel secure on.

Nice to see money flowing into the ecosystem..A lot is going on with funding recently..VLX also got a massive funding from GEM in a value of $135M , quite bullish when u see their mktcap is just over $100M and UNI also got like what, around $140M for development? Future will be pump, but no one knows wen


It all depends on what are u searching for.. I look if its innovative and if it could have a massive use case in the future. I think that u can't go wrong with PoS bluechips like ADA SOL XLM...They will probably go thru ATH in the future..Also bullish on a DPoS VLX, that blockchain got a investment from GEM in a bigger value than their mktcap, probably nothing right? Also EGLD looks like it could get higher in the next bull run

Nice go DOT. Development is growing massively in crypto for some projects..VLX ecosystem is growing big, got even boosted by GEM in a value bigger than their fdv. MATIC also buidl it big with so many projects over there its tough to count..

VLX is still growing. More people and investors are running to it maybe because it is Ferrari's premium partner. It has partnered with some projects too. I'm sure that it will grow effortlessly with all of its achievements.


For me, it is unrealistic that the BTC fell to $ 10,000 so $ 30,000 is a more realistic option i am also sure that BNB will not go lower than $200, iOTA will not go lower than 0.23, VLX will not go lower than $0.4, by the way recently VLX showed great growth after GEM Digital had invested 135 millions dollars in it so i'm more bullish on it

Everything sure seems to go in that direction..This surely must be an accumulation phase with all the recent big news. Google accepting cryptos, GEM investing 135M into the fastest EVM chain VLX, []( putting around $150M for their HQ in Paris, Binance also putting 100M in France... This bear might last for a bit more time but such news are bullish as they can be for times like these and shows us that big players are setting up the grounds for the future pamp.


One of my first coins i got when i entered the crypto area. But idk whats up with it, it looks like its in the shade, not making much noise tbh. Who knows maybe see some nice moves from it in the future or will it LTC become a dinosaur (extinct)? There is a lot more light shining on carbon neutral projects like VLX, XLM, ADA ..esp the first one is particularly bullish , GEM deal shows that and the rapidly growing ecosystem also. Wonder what's up with Cardano in the recent days tho, taking heavy hits..

I don't care to tell anyone I invest in anything lol, DYOR and buy that is all I do, everyone else are basically leftovers not worthy of my time and research Not many know I own any or even what I own, I do not care to tell people about VLX unless they ask me explicitly even if I like it, I won't go around telling people I like it, it also gets annoying for them Keep it to yourself, you're working for yourself and putting in effort for yourself not for them


Yes, I also saw that SP 500 set a new low, while BTC did not do that and bounced, so the crypto market is now showing great behavior against the background of what is happening in the world VLX also showed great growth after GEM Digitals investment I think cryptocurrency is even a safer option than stocks right now, at these levels


Its a no brainer that metaverse is the future building block for the future..F1 is crazy money, nice to see them getting into the new tech..Saw recently that even Ferrari is getting into crypto, building a NFT marketplace with their partner VLX..maybe soon some in game integration..With the ammount of addoption coming in crypto it looks like the next bullrun will be massive


Cardano will be fine, as well as other usefull cryptos..Just gotta bear thru this phase of dumps and crabing..I think that green projects like ADA,XLM,SOL,VLX will all do well in the next cycle..esp bullish on the last one since its the fastest evm compatible chain and its getting a massive amount of funding in these bearish times

Lol It's all fine then... Time to accumulate more VLX so I can gain more. I just hope the chief of global cryptocurrencies is kind enough to hold the market down for me too.


That's not what they are referring to lol, its not like in the 70's you took gold with you at the shop to pay, you pay by dollar still, nothing stops the government from inflating the dollar anyway, this argument is kinda stupid to make in this thread, they can still change the exchange rate of the dollar to gold, even if there is or not enough gold or such Unlike most blockchain, like Btc being stuck at xx amount per block or VLX being set at 10% inflation an year at the moment and set lowering it until it reaches 2%, the government can always choose to get more debt and bonds, with or without gold


Are people still hoping on this gold standard bullshit lol? It doesn't do nothing, it would purely hold up mercantilism, hoarding as much gold as possible instead of investing and growing the economy using Fiat, which is just a unit of measurement Fiat is good as it is now, crypto has just as much backing as fiat, inflation and deflation still happens in crypto, thats not a fiat characteristic the Dynamic of exchange between crypto, basically swapping between currencies like VLX to others like ALGO are just like the forex market, if VLX and it's creator do something good and it becomes popular, it blows up like it did a couple of weeks ago when they got a big pledge Bitcoin does that too but its very simplistic


The truth remains that losers will always lose and it would not stop investors from releasing funds. All one needs to do is always be careful so as not to invest in the wrong project. There are sustainable projects out there just as you have mentioned Velas. There is much hope for the blockchain and crypto market. I hold VLX and UFO. The bear market should rather influence and not prevent.


Many people understand that this market is a great investment opportunity, and those who are buying now, will sell to those who will buy at FOMO on ATH so it seems to me if you want to invest, you should do it now It is also interesting that Velas at capitalization of 105 million dollars received investments in the amount of 135 million dollars, as far as I see GEM Digitals is actively engaged in investments in different projects now By the way, I also keep in my portfolio coins VLX and CRO


Hmmm... Another Volatility? When I thought the bear season is almost over. Well, I hope not but if it happens to be so, no problem. No matter what, I am not going to sell my VLX or UFO cryptocurrencies. No investor will benefit from me cos I am not panic-selling.


We never know what can happen, it's crypto but everything is possible. If my bags either VLX token from the carbon neutral chain reach $5 I will retired, same as if my EWT another carbon neutral chain reach $100. We never know the future but the focus is now on layers 1 anyway...


VLX is a great choice for investment, I also keep this coin in my portfolio They are Ferrari's premium partner, fastest blockchain and fastest cars, a very symbolic partnership if you ask me


FTX has been buying a lot of projects actually, well companies, for a long time, they know how to solidify and run a great company long term-ish Google news is great actually, thats very big also bringing Coinbase into the mix, opening up to Ethereum decentralized networks and such VLX has gotten a lot of capital out of this, makes me wonder what is next for them, They can be part of that google trend as well since they are EVM compatible anyway. Not sure about Matic, I am not that much in L2 on ethereum but any news is great


Investing in coins that are yet to be launched seems risky to me. Currently, I am holding VLX, MX, UST, and KCS. Reason? They are already launched and they have a strong foundation. That alone gives me peace. Most especially, VLX and KCS


Sounds bullish for XRP, now all we need is that court case to get solved in the next year...Bullish partnerships happening everywhere with Google entering the crypto space, MATIC getting on grayscale list, VLX funded in a sum well over the size of their mktcap, LINK getting the SWIFT deal, FTX getting into VISA (could they be the next binance in the making?)

The silence before the storm. One just needs to see how much of money is flowing into crypto to see that the markets have entered into accumulation phase. Just look at the recent news, Google getting into crypto, Matic added to grayscale list, VLX got funded in a value bigger than its mktcap, FTX wants to buy a lot of projects...This crab could take a while but after that its back to mooning


The funny thing is that this bear is different from the others, really a huge amount of institutions and investment companies are getting in rn. Imagine when the bear gets away and the bull returns, i think we will be seeing such a huge run that none of us can imagine..Google now into crypto, VLX getting funded in a value bigger than the projects fdv,MATIC on the grayscale list, UNI got a huge amout of money for developmennt...Its all being cooked up for a great future bull meal heh

Everything is moving into the crypto payment direction..VLX is also developing a massive payment options for big players and LINK got really bullish as well with SWIFT embracing it..I hope we will se chainlink doing a lot more in the future gains, last bull i was expecting that the oracle king will come near to $150-$200 levels..looks like it will be going there in the next bull run..?

I think that the mooning would continue if the economy was not down..But just see how much addoption crypto is getting in this bear. Heck if we would have heard that google is adopting crypto in the last bull run it would pump up the prices more than elon tweets on doge hah..Even big players like Ferrari are teaming up with blockchains, they're building with VLX and starbucks getting in NFTs with MATIC, the space is evolving on a massive scale behind the bearish curtain.


Great info. I think that it will get really competitive with so much projects offering solutions in the area, eyeing VLX as it could compete with all the major L1's and L2's..Its the fastest evm chain out. No brainer they got funded in a sum bigger than their mktcap. But i need to get it more at these levels..currently balls deep into Polygon and Loopring


There are a lot of alternatives out there. Upwork and Fiver is not the only platform to work and earn cryptocurrencies as a freelancer. You could apply for ambassadorship roles. Many projects are out there that need skilled freelancers and they will be paid in cryptocurrencies. I know of some platforms that pay in VLX and USDT. Never be limited to Upwork and Fiver. There's more for you out there in the cryptocurrencies space.


That dude lost more in BTC than this dude had $ in his whole portfolio, but also I doubt someone with so much BTC in Celsius put a big part of his stuff in there That dude must be a billionaire and had a small part of his portfolio in BTC and a yet smaller part in Celsius lending If you are a billionaire, you will spread your wealth around for your own safety and precaution, Even I do that and im barely a thousandaire smh I am glad Celsius didnt accept VLX or ALGO though, the high transfer fees gave me the iffy so I didnt wanna transfer my ETH or BTC

These platforms were the worst, Combined the worst of the CeFi and the worst of DeFi, predatory lending and borrowing with the unpredictability of crypto The beauty of CeFi is the reversible nature and safety with insurances and the networks themvelves from scammers and such The beauty of DeFi is the irreversible nature, automation and safety from monetary policy and independence from the government But somehow they skipped over all of that. I am glad I have seen it before many, stayed with my BTC in my wallet, glad they didnt have VLX and ALGO, with the low fees I might have actually lend them. I am full DeFi from now


Whales are getting into crypto, institutions also..So looks like we are in a almost official accumulation crab phase. There is a lot of funding going on,the fastest evm chain VLX got $135 million from GEM, MATIC got on the grayscale lise(well done) and UNI also got a big funding for its future, around 100M...This phase is the most boring one, but if played right it can be a time when u plant the future gains.

Everything is getting slowly ready for the next bull run. Institutions are gettin in as we speak..MATIC got a place at grayscale, VLX the fastest EVM got funded $135M from GEM, UNI got a sum of around $100M for development also..Crypto will pump back, just don't expect that some of the 12.000 projects that have stoped trading to come back. Just follow the big money.

Looks like institutions don't care about the bear, they accumulate in it..Its not Greyscale but VLX got funded in an amount of $135M recently for development and also UNI got around $100M for their dev labs..Times are going to be bullish again but this crabin is for buying stuff that are institutionally bullish.


There is also SOL that is fast and VLX with 75kTps and 1.2 second tx finality time..I think that 'at the end of the day' we will see a lot of sucessfull chains integrated in the world of web3. Its all about interoperability.


Well to make it easier I guess I can give an example, Instead of trying to find Velas on some exchange/broker and going through hoops to get my Velas on my private wallet, since it is relatively small and unlisted But they have a Simplex partnership which you can just command to buy a certain amount of VLX and you get it directly in your wallet, no need for 10 different transfers and confirmations and safety mechanism Less moves, less complexity


Here is my list of best cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on during the bear market: SOL - mainstay in the DeFi space, Solana. While ETH has a plan in place to reduce transaction fees, SOL enjoys fees that are already dirt cheap. ATOM - the native token of the Cosmos Hub blockchain. A top-25 cryptocurrency by market cap, described as “Blockchain 3.0". FIL - decentralized storage system that aims to “store humanity’s most important information.”. The system also makes data easy to retrieve, making it an ideal way to document alleged war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine in real time, as Stanford's Starling Lab is currently doing APE - an ERC-20 governance and utility token used within the APE Ecosystem to empower and incentivize a decentralized community building at the forefront of web3 VLX - the world's fastest EVM Blockchain enabling up to 75 000 tx/s, processed instantly, with highest security out there, at almost for free. Its ecosystem consists of decentralised products built on top of its chain to present the ease of user experience of decentralised, open-source products.

As for me, DCA is the best strategy. Actually, it is a good strategy for investors with lower risk tolerance. If you have a lump sum of money to invest and you put it into the market all at once, then you run the risk of buying at a peak, which can be unsettling if prices fall. The potential for this price drop is called a timing risk. Also, I'm looking for projects that really have something to do with the real world, like Velas. It's a premium partner of Ferrari, and I can already buy Ferrari cars with VLX, it will be launching the NFT marketplace soon and such topics like this one can be hot and massive in future and will bring you a profit.


Looks like Italy my neighbouring country is allways one step ahead of the others. I see that not only McDonald's over there accepts payements with crypto,cuz u can also buy a Ferrari with VLX a chain of their premium partner.Soon NFTs in colab?


Meme coins will die out due to regulations, DeFi will flourish but with stricter rules,green cryptos like XLM ALGO VLX could do very well also. Bullish on Velas the most, cuz its a power chain, fastest evm compatible one.


Its like saying only 1 company will produce televisions or only one company will be a provider of social media etc. Its sounds like dictatorship for shits sake. I think that we will see green tech cryptos to be on the pick lists of major investors, i am eyeing XLM ADA SOL VLX ALGO...I think that velas will pack the biggest punch from them all, fastest evm chain ;). And fudders of SOL could also get a reversal of their thoughts in the future, just see the backing of solana.

I know about L1 that can compete in all angles of crypto and its hugely undervalued rn..VLX is better than MATIC from every viewpoint and direction. With 1.2 sec finality time and being the fastest EVM compatible chain it will cause a lot of jaws to drop in the next bull run. They have recently got $135Mill from gem digital,bigger worth than their FDV. Bullish also on GRT in the data area, fallen massively, also a nice ROI oportunity, my two cents.

Another powerplant is VLX, they recently got funded in a sum bigger than their market cap. Their account also looks great,institutionaly bullish. Wonder how will the price of XRP react in winning the case vs. the SEC in the longterm..I really hope all the HODL time will be worth it at the end.


Solana is quite young compared to Ethereum. And ETH was not perfect from the start. But the high gas fees that all of us paid during the bull were sure worth it smh..SOL can pack a punch by being higher in the next bull run if they get their shizz together. I think that ETH ADA SOL and all the rest bluechips on the institutional lists of investments will do great in the future run, they're the bluechips. XLM ALGO VLX will also bang imo, esp. the last one could bring a massive ROI, got funding from GEM worth more then their FDV

Well looks like the markets are in crab cleanup mode..But some of the projects who get big sums money flow into them as such times are bullish..UNI dev lab got funded with around $100M recently. VLX got even more,they got a sum of well over $130M from GEM, a bigger value than their mktcap.


Yep Forza that would bang,don't forget on Gran Turismo tho. Imo. all the paths lead in that direction with NFTs, deep dive into gaming incoming..Wonder if Ferrari will enter the area with NFT cars the first..Afterall they're building the NFT marketplace together with VLX,probably something big is brewing behind the curtains


Everything is getting hit so its tough to keep the head up.. But i feel u on the LTC tho, like what is that even doing on the first page of coingecko lol. I would not write off NEO from the future afterall its quite powerfull, did u know some call Neo the chinese Ethereum? I think that LINK is going to be a nice play in the next bull imo.(SWIFT) and VLX the fastest EVM chain look really promising esp. with the funding they got(135M from GEM). Some of the bluechips with solid fundamentals will def. stay and go thru their ATH like every bull run...But gotta dig into the juicy stuff. Just don't get any LUNC lol

That's wild yes ..more pain on our cuts that the bear made heh. But hey, in every new bull run there are opportunities. What u plant in the cold bear will later show in the summer of the bull..People got a ton of money for being early in SOL MATIC DOGE BNB (etc.) DeFi craze and NFTs were pamping..Next bull run i think we will see a massive money flow in the green tech. area of crypto VLX XLM HBAR are my greens. The first from the three got funded by GEM in a sum bigger than its marketcap value..probably nothing haha

I completely agree, when everyone is talking about growth, the market is falling, when everyone is waiting for a fall, the market is growing, it has always been and always will be so it's a great time to buy because it's better to buy now than later on the FOMO VLX, IOTA, BAT all these coins should show great growth


VLX and BAT are at the bottom and look very good indeed I think the abnormal volumes at VLX are due to the $135 million partnership with GEM Digitals but it's still cool because it means the project has to grow looking forward to the next bull run


I think these coins can give some X's, and the fact that BTC broke the downtrend line is also a good sign IOTA and VLX are also in my portfolio, hope everything happens as you wrote


DOT and COSMOS are all good but people sleeping on VLX will get their jaws dropped in the future imo, fastest EVM compatible L1 chain making so much magic they got an investment comitment bigger than their mktcap and in the middle of d bearmarket, probably nothing


BTC is gold and its just getting started..if the banks get into it with a bigger ammount we are seeing few Trillions pamp only in BTC in not so distant future..ADA is also good for the next bull run, these levels are cheap af for it..Also I think VLX will come as a suprise to all, fastest L1 that is EVM compatable will cause a lot of gray hair to the current blue chips. My two cents tho..Good and needed innovation allways gets addopted

I would replace SOL with VLX in this list, it is a fork from SOL which is very well proven and I use this blockchain, they also partner with Ferrari by the way a great project that will bring the X's


I don't know if this is a bull run or not, but still, I think it's time to buy the coins because I doubt we will go even lower, even if the price drops even lower by 10-20%, I would rather wait and then sell more expensive than miss the opportunity to get my Ixes VLX, IOTA, LINK these coins are looking very bullish and volumes are starting to grow, I think it's a sign of big players buying not financial advice,everyone has to make his own decisions

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agree on that 100%, next bull run will bang like never before..also i belive there will be a great time for green cryptos like ALGO XLM VLX ADA...carbon neutral is the next hype of the future bull run

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it is a scam company lol, they made a chain, they sold the rights to it to second hand companies to make hardware and then those companies took 20$ routers and adapted them to Helium and sold at 10x prices for people A legit company/organization(preferably) could have done this on a normal running blockchain, if they thought ETH was too expensive they could have done it on something like Velas and make it permisionless and 5G, so you end up paying VLX for internet at a very cheap rate( more or less) which would have helped people in poor parts of the planet whatever they did was done to scam idiots in richer parts, 200$ for a router won't go in africa, it can barely go in eastern Europe

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Its not necessary that crypto will follow the same pattern, afterall adoption is way higher in these times compared to the past. A lot of projects that were at the top went straight to the last pages of coingecko lol. So I think that capitulation is here or really near for BTC and crypto in general..This are more of a crabbing times imo. and perfect for accumulation. I'm getting more VLX, ALGO, AVAX, CELO..but bullish the most on the first since its the fastest EVM chain out there and got funded in bearish times in a sum bigger than its mktcap. Times are rough for crypto rn i know, also with stocks, paper money,gold... But getting in at the bottom is priceless for the future bull run pamps.

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Aren't we all stacking and waiting? haha, though I agree with Gensler most of the time, a lot of L1's are basically securities, but most are commodities, like VLX is used as a resource while a token from a dex like Uni is a security since it is just an investment not a resource But progress is being made, unfortunately because of the US judicial system, the SEC is basically forced to take stuff to the courts to clear up stuff whether they want it or now

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Yep, small hiccups keep the big crashes away, its normal and a self reinforcing system, you can't prevent shit, only delay it, small shit maybe leaves some scars, big shit kills people That is not understood in today's economy because it doesnt look good to vote for that, which is sad, but without those things we wouldnt have neither BTC as a currency neither VLX as a smart chain developed to create Web3

r/CryptoMarketsSee Comment

Agreed, while Bitcoin is great as cash, and Eth is useful as onboarding onto smart chains, it is old and kinda redundant right now, its a good back up and connective layer for keep everything running on the same page, but using it as an L1 is costly as heck, VLX with its EVM compatibility can do a much better job for daily use And with their new Velas account feature, you got one click check-out and basically a real account that interacts without the need of the continuous wallet acceptance since that can get annoying when you wanna do things quick online

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Indeed. I also thing so while BTC the King of crypto, ETH is the King of DeFi and they both a great for investing. As for the strategy, personally, I bought at ATH and sold at the bottom, and thanks to this I came to the DCA strategy and that I will just invest in projects for the long term, as do other big investors, perhaps this will help me to become successful. Now, I'm trying to invest in projects that really have something to do with the real world, for example Velas is a premium partner of Ferrari, and I can already buy Ferrari cars with VLX, I will be launching the NFT marketplace soon, so it will be a hot topic I am sure.

r/CryptoCurrencySee Comment

Totally agree with the post. We are here for the long-term and this is why I do not panic, just keep calm and wait. Moreover, I think this bear market is the best time for investing. Here is the list of coins that was recently added to my portfolio: VLX - the native token of the fastest EVM blockchain, with rapidly evolving ecosystem SAND - the best metaverse project YFI - strong upward momentum moving into 2022

r/CryptoCurrencySee Comment

It's a well known fact that crypto is a casino and you never know for sure. So, do not invest money if you are not ready to lost it. Also, you should remember that not coins are connected with BTC. I mean the growth of some coins do not depend on BTC. If we take for example VLX, this coin grew in the price for 30% for the last two weeks despite the market. So, once again, you never know for sure

r/CryptoMarketsSee Comment

I am just staking VLX and waiting for the next bull run,puttin them holdings to work. Carbon negative and the speeds it is reaching its ridiculous,faster than SOL and stability is his middle name. Big option that it will jump to the top of CMC one day. ETH is in funny waters rn imo., mining stopage hit the culture/community pretty bad i think..I hope it does not become just like Versace, that was first known as a premium top shelf material brand, now u just get useless overpriced jeans made with materials from china.. with the d1rty gary gensler making such idiocratic claims about ethereum making a hodlr nervous

r/CryptoMarketsSee Comment

Personally I use Velas, which is a Solana fork, so pretty close I guess, it is fast cheap and reliable so why the heck not Pretty chill i would say, I try to avoid really unstable things lie Solana, which falls if you breath its way or Eth which often gets expensive and stuff when theres high traffic Though ETH is useful for other things like funding and onboarding, I personally prefer VLX for daily use

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I dont think it is per se obsolete, but at the same time, if you want privacy XMR does it better, if you want a proper chain BTC does it better it is a mediocre chain at best basically the moment you make a chain PriFi you have to put trust in the tech that was supposed to be trustless, you dont know who owns what, how much they own, what they own, a whale can own 50% of XMR waiting to dump on you and you wouldnt even know why it crashed for smart chains also, it doesnt have smart features like Algo or VLX with smart contracts, fast cheap transfers or such, it has no real partnerships, it is basically, again, a mediocre chain at best unsupported by the majority

r/CryptoCurrencySee Comment

there goes the "immutable" part lmfao, welp ETH is dead, long like ALGO ( I am gonna get chimp shit thrown at me for mentioning it hehe) I am sorry but if you accept that, even with court proceedings, youre screwed, who is to decide the transaction? the US court? they don't have the majority of the stake, though it is a big part, the Chinese court? we know how that will go let the chain take care of itself, ALGO and VLX can, and they are smoothly running both with cool partnerships if you take the one good thing ETH has, that being it is self reinforcement, youre basically just killing it completely

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Gas fees are not revenue so what the fuck are you talking about lol, revenue is made by selling a product or service, FOUNDATIONS DO NOT SEELL THE CHAIN, the fees paid for transfers are BURNT (unless youre Algorand, which I hate for not burning part of the transactions atleast) why can VLX burn the tokens while keeping dPos going with low fees while Algo needs to keep it? I actively use both but the Algo fees are my pet peeve Anyway why the fuck are people agreeing with you?

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Haha, let's be honest Nexo was just a bank for crypto, It indeed was pretty good and something people with a lot of crypto could use but it still acted as a bank through and through If you'd want not to have that problem for returns you'd probably stake ETH or delegate VLX for ROI, since they are PoS Or get some miners for Bitcoin but PoS works a bit better for upkeep rather than PoW Nexo had other advantages, without the risk of collapse like Cel or such

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It is not necessary to be crazy, you just need to assess the situation well and study the projects, for example I bought at ATH and sold at the bottom, and thanks to this I came to the DCA strategy and that I will just invest in projects for the long term, as do other big investors, perhaps this will help me to become successful For now I'm looking for projects that really have something to do with the real world, for example Velas is a premium partner of Ferrari, and I can already buy Ferrari cars with VLX, I will be launching the NFT marketplace soon, so it will be a hot topic I am sure. And usually the word of mouth is a great growth and I think it will be this time too, let's see what happens next But i don't intend to sell the coins, I just buy for at least 2 or 3 years, I am 100% sure about that

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Long term investing hasn't let anyone down yet. So, invest in VLX, CHZ, DOT, DAI for now. As for me, these are the best projects for long-term holding. I use DCA and invest 10% of my monthly earnings so I am willing to hold these coins for a few years.

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Here is my list SAND - the best metaverse project DOT - the best ecosystem that is constantly evolving YFI - strong upward momentum moving into 2022 VLX - the native token of the fastest EVM blockchain, it's very cheap and highly secured. It's ecosystem is also rapidly evolving, and this will lead to the coin's growth. I really bullish on each coin above.

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I also buy more and more crypto and do not sell them For example, for now I hold the following: BTC - the king of crypto ETH - the king of DeFi SAND - the best metaverse project YFI - strong upward momentum moving into 2022 DOT - the best ecosystem that is constantly evolving VLX - the fastest EVM blockchain, with the lowest fees and high security And I keeping to add more and more coins, especially now, during the bear market. And I'm not afraid for their future. Once, the market recovers, I will use these coins.

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Serious question: Do you think institutions would be buying BTC and entering the blockchain space from all sides if BTC would not be bullish to them? I just continue to get what i like ETH SOL BNB (holding better than ETH in % drop from ATH) ADA (going slow with dev. but its going) VLX (cuz of the Ferrari NFTs incoming with em,fastest EVM) LINK (seriously undervalued)...We are in a mid of a recession so its normal for everything to drop, stocks are getting hit too, even the currencies like EUR and GBP are getting hit massively..When the shizzstorm ends the bluechips and innovative projects will moon back

r/CryptoCurrencySee Comment

Well if it were the end in that case large institutions would not invest into crypto tech. We see them accumulating and we are told that crypto is dying...yea its dying so they can accumulate more of it before the big bang of upside in the future..Heck even Ferrari is incoming into the blockcahin area with VLX building the NFT marketplace for them..And starbucks building their loyalty program with MATIC..its a no brainer the adoption is here..signs are everywhere

r/CryptoCurrencySee Comment

Prob the bluechips will do allright and the innovative stuff..My money is on SOL and some of its ecosystem projects (esp like VLX, fastest EVM ) BNB (holding the drop from ATH better than ETH) LINK and ALGO (Bullesh)..I think we can speculate on when the bull cycle will come back and thats it, no one knows..only thing that is certain these price levels are for accumulation for sure

r/SatoshiStreetBetsSee Comment

Missing SOL , their ecosystem is pamping with developlent and yes people be fudin it a lot but i don't see innovative projects like VLX (fastest EVM out there) being built on the rest of the bluechip class projects..

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One could say plant great seeds in the bear to get the most sweet fruit in the bull ..Agree on the cleaning part of the bear, its needed to get the lame 4ss projects to the last pages of coingecko heh. But most of the bluechips are pretty solid to get in at such lows. SOL LINK DOT HBAR ALGO all in the buy zone for me..Esp SOL i speculate it will bang heavy in the future, and some projects from its ecosystem are looking nice also, like VLX built on it, fastest EVM chain..I just hope that in the next bull run regulations will kick in and we won't be seeing meme coins poping out everyday and doing damage to the crypto space. Crypto should all be about tech and innovation that is helpfull , but those memes are not helping at that..